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  1. Is it just area AoE's? Or is there no afflictions with Three Bells Through either? And what about driving flight? Could mess with Ranger builds as well if that's the case.
  2. I have to say that I really don't know what to make of the per round mechanic either. It either prolongs desired effects or drastically shortens them, when contrasted with a RTwP based system. I played a psyblade and I tried to hit with an eyestrike -- so far so good -- it hit, and my enemy got afflicted with blindess for two rounds. One round of the affliction got taken out of the same round I casted it so I had one round to hit my afflicted enemy until the effect wore off. Contrast that with the three possible hits I could have gotten in on a similarly afflicted enemy in the RTwP system (wit
  3. I think this particular quest annoyed the completionist in me. Now I can't finish all the quests in an agreeable manner, which is why Maia's quest disturbs me as well. Perhaps I can rationalise it to myself in the end, like I can when my goody-two-shoes paladin slaughters her way through any ship-like thing that might bring an extra copper coin or two
  4. If you could reduce casting times to the point of the casting happening in the action phase, most definitely. If you can't, and spells with casting times always gets resolved after you end your turn, then perhaps not so much. It might well be the same issue as with deflection, if you have enough so that no enemies can hit you then one or two points of deflection stacking can matter, but if you can't reach that level then it won't; i.e you will have to stack action speed and reduction to a sufficient point. Also worth pointing out is that more speed stacking might not matter depending on how in
  5. I just tried the turn based version, and I have to say it feels a bit wonky. That might be just coming from RTwP screwing with my senses a bit, but I do have some experience with other turn based systems, and it still feels a bit off. I think the most trouble I had was with casting times. To my recollection in other turn based systems the casting mostly gets done during the action phase, in Deadfire only the quick-fire spells do, so it feels as if my aim is off. In a real time system you can predict -- to some degree -- the movement of all the targets, but since the casting gets resolved after
  6. Thanks, I had to pull out the Necrotelecomnicon search function for this one. But I just encountered the quest and after having tried a few solutions found that it irritated me more and more. I don't find it very mature mostly because I don't find the depictions of the societies, or the psychology of the characters, in the books of George Martin, or in Pillars of Eternity, that convincing. I can accept the greyness of the world but the absence of colour and sloppy shading doesn't make for a very good picture. I can usually smooth over the odd glitch and irrationality to keep
  7. I just had to blow some life into this thread to air my intense dissatisfaction with this quest/task (plucked Fruit). I hate these faux moral choices that 1, isn't really a choice and 2, isn't moral - it's just stupid. I blame George Martin (RR) for this s**t. Stop trying to break the role-play, and basic logic, by making me choose who has to die when any rational being should be able to figure out a better solution than what is on offer. If you don't care what the moral option is then fine, argue that the a**hole has it coming. But ponder this: anyone who makes that argument seems like an
  8. This might be obvious to others, but anyway, pets seem to be equipment so they stack - yes? That goes for Edér's pet as well, so there should be a bit more recovery stacking with that. Nalvi for the group, Cosmo for the watcher, or the other way around of course. I haven't tested the pet-splitter properly yet so I don't know if you can create two Nalvis or not, or whether that would stack if you could (you doctor Moreau wannabee, you ) Also @grasida if you take requests: I wonder how the damage reductions stack. Like the ones from Nerian's Ward and the Undying Burden. Would I be correct i
  9. Just like to say that I'm also a hideous save-scummer. I'm trying to get over it. Not because of some weird anti-cheating scruples, but because it actually takes some enjoyment out of my gaming. Since enjoyment is why I play games it is a bit stupid to do stuff to diminish that enjoyment to the point of tedium. And, that is the actual reason why it might be a good idea to use consumables: it might make the game a bit more fun and spontaneous. To be quite serious though, it might also be a good idea to not go to wiki's and forums, because figuring stuff out for yourself really is more fun.
  10. I keep telling myself that consumables are a part of the game mechanic, and that I should at least use them in Boss fights, but somehow I never seem to get in the habit. So things pile up, but I still keep scrounging. I look in every container, steal anything I can get away with, and I keep hoarding supplies to the point where had there been a weight mechanic in this game I would have rendered my party immovable with paper weight alone (you can never get enough scrolls). I plan my equipment to reduce unnecessary enchantment expenditure. I plan my character builds to be efficient enough to
  11. True, i guess. Well, but i hope now that Obsidian will be satisfyed. They get to play with ships and big bad pirates, in a setting that strongly remind us of " Pirates of the Carribean ". (We only need Jack Sparrow and his ship...) That said, now that Obsidian is satisfyed, i strongly hope that in the future things will be more classic. I do really hope a PoE 3 closer to its roots. More similar to Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, Pillars of Eternity 1. Let's leave these strange settings and mechanics (like moving around various isles on a ship, for a whole game) for another
  12. Since you didn't address your question to anyone, I guess it was to the OP, but since I had similar ideas I feel no real compunction answering your post. Also your post kind of bummed me out being essentially one long whine about not liking change. I get that, which is why I proposed any changes to the resting mechanic be included as a challenge (which could be includes as a difficulty setting). Changes to resting wouldn't change the battle mechanics much as it would only make it a bit more difficult being an all-powerful immortal. If you think that you're not all-powerful, or immortal, it
  13. Fair point, I guess, but shouldn't the Deadfire telemetry tell a tale of innumerable hordes of immortal insomniacs by now? Proposing a change to resting is more a suggestion so that breaking the game by using an inherent feature would be more difficult. No wrenches need to be thrown, nor is there really a suggestion that any have been, but some kind of tool to tighten the games mechanics could be used to great effect. Also, if tedium is the concern then add proposed changes to resting, or anyones Obsidian actually would like, as a challenge feature, a triple crown merit badge is not won by
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