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  1. A bit of a necro post but: does anyone have a good AI schematic for this build? Looks really cool but I don't have the dexterity to handle both Tekehu and the Watcher at the same time.
  2. It seems that I'm no longer able to use the alpha/color element on sprites in the XML files. Not a super huge deal, as I can work around it - just curious why this happened with the latest patch. This means that instead of using the color tag "within" the sprite tag, I have to wrap it around the sprite instead. Which means that this: <sprite="Inline" color=#80e27eEE name="cs_health" tint=1> ...has to become this: <#80e27eEE><sprite="Inline" name="cs_health" tint=1></color> Any idea why that is, @BMac?
  3. *wakes from his slumber* A new patch is coming?! Guess I better brush up on my XML-skills then! Also: hi everyone, been a while (Ethics! Long time no see! Hope all is well with you!)
  4. It's actually scattered across a few different files. Here's a .7z-file with all my modifications to the Rogue class: https://mega.nz/#!yHYSAIDB!9ZQXjBBwy0YN37sfWZtns3UuGuLkk03iq-ffRoIFQg8 The stuff I've added are fairly self-explanatory but I'll list them here anyway: At level 1 the Rogue will be able to pick a new passive ability called "The Endless Loop", which will rewards 1 Guile per kill. Also at level 1 the Rogue will now have access to the Barbarian ability "Frenzy". When the Rogue reaches a higher level you'll be able to upgrade the ability to increase it's duration every tim
  5. SOLUTION: Managed to get it to work on a character that didn't have the ability already. Gonna try removing and then re-adding the skill using console commands to see if I can get it to work on my current character too Edit: Works on my current character after removing and then re-adding it through console commands.
  6. Welp, spent the entire day rebuilding all my gameplay mods. A lot of new variables was missing so I thought the Rogue mod might be malfunctioning due to that but it still doesn't work. I give up. The game simply doesn't want my character to gain any Guile when killing enemies. Here are the updated files if anyone is interested: https://github.com/Spherikal/PoE2-GameplayMods/tree/master/PoE2-RogueTweaks UPDATE: I finally got it to work, apparently my main character has a faulty version of the ability activated. I need to respec in order for the mod to work properly.
  7. Oh and here are two screenshots showing the ability both in the progression table in-game as well as on the character sheet: Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2
  8. Yeah, it's what I figure as well. Starting the rebuilding right now, let's hope it works better after I'm finished
  9. That is strange! Guess I'm going back to the drawing board to see if I can make it work by rebuilding it from scratch. But yes, the ability shows up fine in the progression table in-game...
  10. Heya Armakoir :D I just realized that I accidentally swapped #3 with #4 - updated my original post to make it clearer what each .gamedatabundle file does. The former #4 (now #3) should be applied whenever I kill an enemy since I'm using: "StatusEffectType": "ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent" And further down in the same file I have: "EventValue": "OnScoringKill" I thought that meant that if the requisite (OnScroingKill) is true then the game should apply the status effect (i.e. status effect ID 1ca9c9d5-3478-4315-b588-0dd167de5f31, which is the status effect that rewards the Guile
  11. Greetings, I've been trying to get this mod to work for a very long time but I can't for the life of me figure out why it wont work. What I'm trying to do is to give my Rogue +1 guile every time he kills an enemy. Setup: When the rogue reaches level 1 he's given a new passive ability called "Endless Loop" (see #1). The new passive ability is created using the GenericAbilityGameData tag (see #2). Scoring a kill triggers a status effect (see #3) that rewards 1 guile (see #4). Code: #1 Progression Table Entry for the New Ability: Rogue_Mod.gamedatabundle #2 Generic Ability Table:
  12. So this is something that I've known about for a while (and corrected in my own mod) but I thought I'd report it here all the same in the hopes that it either gets fixed or we get some clarification on what penalties various injuries actually apply. The injuries in question are: Bruised Ribs, Concussion, Sprained Wrist, Swollen Eye, and Twisted Ankle. These entries can be found in cyclopedia.stringtable and their ID's are: 126, 128, 130, 132, and 134. Example #1 - Bruised Ribs: The cyclopedia entry for Bruised Ribs states: But after looking in the game files (AFF_BruisedRibs i
  13. Any chance you could elaborate on what this means BMac? Does it mean we have access to more UTF-8 supplements? And while we're on the subject of font assets any chance you'll release the codes for some of the alt-symbols used by fonts like Espinosa Nova Titling? If there are any, that is. Looks like a solid patch, although a little sad that we wont be seeing any big new modding features this time around... I'll just keep my fingers crossed in the hopes that we'll see something juicy (mod-wise) in a patch further down the line!
  14. Just wanted to chime in and echo what TT1 said, thank you BMac for figuring it out! <3
  15. Short answer is: you can’t. A mod can break for various reasons when the game gets updated, maybe it breaks because new elements are added to game data objects, maybe an element gets renamed or removed. My pint being that there’s just no way to completely future proof your mods and keeping up with the developers is just part of being a modder. It’s generally considered good practice to delete a mod folder before installing a new version of the same mod, this will decrease the chances that errors will occur and makes sure that you have a pristine mod in your override folder. As to w
  16. Nice :D and yeah, I get that it wouldn't be the highest priority as there aren't that many modders working with stringtables at the moment–although that might change if those features were implemented
  17. Bug: Game v2.1.0.0021 no longer allows you to add new cyclopedia entries.1 It is no longer possible to add new cyclopedia entries through .gamedatabundle-files. The game wont recognize the following GameDataObjects: This GlossaryEntryGameData will no longer works as intended when used in the latest beta patch (v2.1.0.0021). The game still applies the AutomaticallyAddLinks property in a correct manner and highlights the new keyword (both in the cyclopedia and in dialogue text) although you wont be able to click on the link as it doesn't lead to a cyclopedia page, nor will a tooltip
  18. Ran into the following bug when working in stringtable files: As you can see the "Kohopa & Tangaloa" text seem to take priority over the tooltip background which would make the tooltip text very hard to read (if it was just a tad bit longer).
  19. What makes things even stranger is that adding an additional link (without closing it) right at the start of the <DefaultText> tag seems to fix the issue: <Entry> <ID>1104</ID> <DefaultText><link="glossary://GlossaryEntry_Health"><line-height=100%><link="glossary://GlossaryEntry_Health"><#80e27e>{0} Health<space=0.7em><voffset=0.1em><size=80%><sprite="Inline" name="cs_health" tint=1></size></voffset><space=-0.8em><voffset=0.8em><size=45%><#4caf50><sprite="Inline" n
  20. So, I got a issue/question that I was wondering if someone could try to replicate or perhaps even have an answer to... When working in the gui.stringtable file I ran into an issue when altering ID 1104. There seems to be some kind of code "spilling over" to other parts of the gui text that's unintended. This code: <Entry> <ID>1104</ID> <DefaultText><line-height=100%><link="glossary://GlossaryEntry_Health"><#80e27e>{0} Health<space=0.7em><voffset=0.1em><size=80%><sprite="Inline" name="cs_health" tint=1></
  21. Q1: Would it be possible to allow us to separate tooltip entries from cyclopedia entries? In other words: I'd like to be able to tell the game to show a tooltip that is different from it's cyclopedia entry for example. Q2: Would it be possible to set a max amount of characters that a tooltip can display? If a tooltip is long enough it wont fit on the screen and instead get cropped at the screens edge. This image will hopefully demonstrate both inquiries and the issues that arises with the currently implemented system of how the game displays tooltips: Edit: Thank you @BMac fo
  22. I got a request that I thought I'd throw on the pile: is there any chance that we will get access to (and be able to mod) more parts of the UI than what's currently available? The two biggest areas I'd love to have access to would be the Character Sheet and the Combat Log.
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