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  1. K1 - Usually Bastila and Jolee, then once Bastila , I used Jolee and Juhani. K2 - I never didn't have Kreia in my party (for the extra XP and her brilliant remarks), and then I usually switched between Bao Dur and Atton for the other spot.
  2. Having the ability to put my weapons on my belt would be a nice add-on. I'd like to use my hands for... other things every once in a while.
  3. Dear God, no. Please, stick to making the TV series good, George. No more movies.
  4. In his old age, George Lucas couldn't recognize good acting if it was served to him on a platter with a side of cheese fries. However much I love Star Wars, I don't think I could tolerate seeing another 3 movies full of sucky actors.
  5. Episode III is probably my favorite, with Episode V close behind. While Hayden was still pretty awful, he did improve a little. By far the best action and special effects, and it actually had some emotionally powerful scenes, at least, up to Star Wars standard.
  6. These are awesome. I actually use a picture of Manaan (my picture is actually the exact same as yours) as my desktop currently. I think I'll start using one of your Dantooine ones now.
  7. Maybe because each Jedi left a record in the Jedi Temple of where they were going. It does seem a bit strange that they would leave something like that behind, since they are trying to hide and all. I would assume Atris would keep it to either a) know where to find them so she could get help to stop the Sith, or b) know where to find them so she could eventually kill them.
  8. Dual sabers (for my character, my own personal preference is a standard one-handed saber) Blue Light I have a many - the PCs (of course ), Kreia, Jolee, HK-47, Atton, Bastila, Canderous, T3-M4, and Bao Dur Onderon, Korriban, Nar Shaddaa 8/10 (TSLRP will make that a 10/10)
  9. 1. It's part of the never-ending cut content. The doors cannot be opened. 2. More cut content. I think it had something to do with the Genoharaden, but I'm not positive. 3. Yes, there is something you can do to it. But first, you have to go to the Flophouse, equip a stealth field generator, activate it, and walk through the very first door you come to. A couple of aliens will be talking and they will mention that Juma Juice puts Kath Hounds to sleep. 4. Yes, but you have to do what I said in number 3. Then go to the Cantina, talk to the bartender, and buy some Juma Juice from him. You can pour the Juma Juice in the Kath Hounds bowl, and they will go to sleep. None of this matters though unless you get Vogga to sleep as well. So talk to the blue Twi'lek in the cantina, and tell him that either the Handmaiden (if you are male) or you (if you are female) will dance for him. Once you dance for him and put the Juma Juice in the bowl, you can go open the horde. 5.
  10. I voted for KotOR II. KotOR I was very fun, but the more maturely-oriented and unique story, better gameplay, and Kreia makes TSL better.
  11. Big Letdown Acting/writing/directing - The horrible Anakin/Padme love story is what decides this for me. The lines couldn't have been worse and the acting of those lines couldn't have been worse. Most everyone in the whole trilogy seemed so monotone and bored. Worst Performance Hayden Christensen - Although Jake Lloyd (little Anakin) was far worse in my opinion. Hayden got a little better in RotS, but he still could've stood for quite a bit of improvement. Worst Ideas Story Setup - Having Anakin be so much younger than Padme, having an entire plane elect a 14 year old as their queen, and as I have said, the horrible love story setup makes for a seriously dysfunctional story.
  12. I doubt KotOR III is in development currently. LA is way too busy with Force Unleashed right now, but that definitely doesn't mean that it won't ever be made. I won't give up hope until they actually come out and say "There will be no more KotORs."
  13. I'm pretty disappointed that FU isn't coming out for PC. In fact with a few exceptions, most of LA's games have disappointed me in the past few years.
  14. Well, Architect, I don't have 400 words, but you took them all out of my mouth and said them for me. :tongue: I agree, even with all the cut content, TSL is better in my opinion.
  15. I like Shii-Cho, but TSL is so easy, it really doesn't matter what form you use. You end up being able to plow through all enemies in one blow anyway. :tongue:
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