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  1. I would like the option to become a God. I chose the option of having a leader among the Gods, just to see if that would lead to something like that. If they do not implement it, an option of whether Eora needs the Gods or not would also be nice. There was also a hint on Eder's ending slides about a war with the Gods.
  2. in my opinion: 1) Eder: Seems to be in character most of the time, (when he is not bugged) and I liked his jokes and the fact that when the watcher tries to make a joke he is the first to laugh or play along. I think he needs a bit more dialogue options on what he did before you meet him in the Deadfire. Also, at the end of the game when he sees Eothas in Ukaizo he should say a single comment in a dialogue but at least in my play through he did not. 2) Aloth: Mostly the same applies here. His quest is well portrayed. I feel the relationship with his parents and his time in Aedyr could use an extra dialogue option or two. Great inclusion to add opinions on the different Powers in the Deadfire. Maybe it is something to consider for the other companions as well? 3) Xoti: She is well written, and has some fun nightmares. I like that her faith in Eothas is so strong no matter what he does she just continues believing in him. Her and Pallegina's bickering almost drove me crazy but fortunately it only escalated in Ukaizo. Her romance is a bit too easy to trigger but i am sure that it will be fixed. 4) Pallegina: Just thumbs up for her anti-God Attitude. This game needed it and I can see where she is coming from. It's a nice touch with her relation to the Animancer professor. 5) Tekehu is probably the best written character. Someone please burst that Fish's pride and make Ondra stop sending me visions and comments. By the way, that was a nice touch by the writer of the character. It's also funny how you get different reactions if you walk in Neketaka with him (Bathhouse and Wild Mare) 6) Serafen: It's good to get a background on Pirate life. I still feel I got a lot more info on Remaro than Serafen himself. He feels a bit lacking. 7) Maia: She is written pretty well, as a tough assassin soldier. She could use a few dialogues to further the Rauataian cause. Also Ishiza.... Eder? Don't you want to pet her?
  3. I have this bug where I can’t go from abovedeck to the world map. I’m avoiding visiting it but some quests require it to start. Can I do anything to fix it? Also is the engwithan digsite bug solved? I used console command to go inside because I couldn’t Also another bug I have is that I sometimes plant bombs with reverse pickpocket on enemy NPCs and they do no harm
  4. As stated before, I think the game lacks a few multi level interesting dungeons. I can only think of two that actually caught my attention. Open world exploration is fine with me. I didn't have any problem figuring out where to go next as the main story pushes you to do quests/side quests around that area. If you go too far away, you encounter islands that are above your level. However, the act of exploring is lacking. It would be cool to be able to walk in each island with your party, not walking in the world map, and discover hidden pirate treasures, maps to other treasures etc (instead of having the dialogue option that tells you how much time has passed and what you discovered). In a sentence, something more like Skyrim, where you can explore each cave, each dungeon has a different story, different books and loot to collect, some reason to care about what I find in these random gravesites... The main story is okay but as stated before, it could use a bit more urgency (finding burned villages, and ashen corpses througout the archipelago), maybe visions from the Gods, losing your consciousness as Eothas moves further away from you (they used that only once). On the plus side, I like the voice over, the fact that dialogues can potentially form the character of a companion and the fact that your place of origin is recognized in the game (my character is a pale elf from white that wends).
  5. I was just wondering if there is a console command to increase morale of the crew. Even though I feed them with fresh fruit and alcohol (grog, fine quality mead, sometimes rum) morale drops pretty fast because of travelling with injured crew or not getting into too many ship fights to share the spoils. Now I'm at 1/100 morale for the second time. I've had no mutinies yet, not counting an incident where already unhappy Eld Engrim died after a fight amongst the crew (probably doing me a favor).
  6. It worked for me too. You are a miracle worker! Thank you so much! Hopefully I can still get achievements if I re-type iroll20s and disable cheats
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