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  1. please refrain from mentioning costs/expenses of VO, D:OS2 was fully voiced and with notable voice actors (every peasant/guard had a different voice, an immense work) all while costing overall less than half than deadfire (2M for D:OS2 vs 4,3M Deadfire), take into the account that developing in unity is considerably less expensive than Larian's own engine and you'll start wondering why Eder isn't voiced by Chris Pratt
  2. this means that either their script calculating it's wrong or they should've worded it 'Aura Size/Area', range should only bereferred to radius or diameter
  3. you need to have the off-hand free, not even a buckler all in all i think single weapon is especially good with the pistol modal that halves your reload but gives you -15acc, with single weapon's +12acc and the style you basically nullify the malus... pew pew semi-auto pistol!
  4. i assume it's due to the +5 acc, does it influence that much? what about the spear then?
  5. Oh, there be sea shanties if by chance they've put the sea shanty 'drunken sailor' i'll stay still in the sea waiting for the shanty to finish btw, inb4 annoying town cryer or annoying trader
  6. i love it, i'm an avid rpg player, played bg, iwd and others with vancian casting, in no circumstances i found vancian casting to be a good choice you can avoid rest-spamming or spell hoarding only from the second playthrough since by then you know where big fights are vancian casting works for tabletop because the dungeon master decides when the party can rest and can balance the fights on the go to avoid ending a campaign prematurely (there's no save/load in real life, duh) vancian casting was brought in videogames just because those games were actually video game editions of tabletop games and changing AD&D from 'vancian' to 'per encounter' or 'cooldown' was too much of a hassle
  7. maybe you're gonna inflict yourself damage since gold is a good conductor... or you can't attack due to being a permanent lightning rod
  8. what about a Ghost Heart/Enchanter? ghost heart doesn't get mad sniping like the Sharpshooter nor the Stalker tankyness so i wanted to bolster his capabilities with instant buffs would i be better single-classing him? maybe changing the wiz subclass? changing second class altogether? (altho all classes are 'taken' in my future party except monk, barb, wiz and druid
  9. "You know that unmarked island in the far NW is going to have some crazy sh*t." to me the top-right island (the one between the 's' of rikuhu islands and the 'o' of ofecchia channel) seems like the stereotypical 'evil nest with tons of ships stranded in the shores' island
  10. cool, i was worried for greatswords and longswords since they have only 6 pen while estoc and mace have 9, do you think hammer is much worse than longsword? (13-19 6pen slash/pierce vs 11-15 8pen crush/pierce)
  11. Ashley voiced Ellie from The Last Of Us, comparing Ellie to how Ydwin seems to be, makes me think she's a very versatile voice actress
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