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  1. I wish there were a better way to display buffs and debuffs during combat. They too easily stack up to the point where you can't see all of them, the UI blocks them or they're simply off the screen, see screenshot. Now here I could go into the character screen to see them all, but that doesn't work when you're trying to inspect an enemy. There are plenty of times where I can't tell if an enemy is debuffed and if so for how long so I can plan my next attack. Maybe let us "freeze" the UI so that the stat window stays up and we can scroll through it. And then there's the fact that many enemy effects don't have any description. What exactly is Apex Predator on the Porokoa? Who knows. During the battle, which you only fight once, you have no idea what it or its other abilities do. And even afterwards in the bestiary, you can look it up and see a list of its abilities but you can't hover over them or right click to get more information so even in your next playthrough you don't know any more. Maybe I'm beating a dead horse here, but why is "Weakness: Electricity" listed as a "Weakness" while "Weakness: Frost" is listed as an "Ability", is there a difference, if so what? Which is more important to interrupt, Imperious Roar or Ancient Bellow? RPGs like POE are games of information and planning not reflexes like a shooter, withholding information from the player seems counter to that. Also it would be nice if we could see enemy stats before entering combat, make it easier to plan our attack, who's strong, who's weak, what to, etc. If it's too much visual clutter to have it always up, put it on a modifier key, hold shift to see stats or something. This at least seems like a fairly easy thing to do, while admittedly revamping the UI is a more serious endeavour. I do think it would be worthwhile however.
  2. While sailing, if I try to select a point that is too far away, I get the red cancel cursor and it won't let me move. I can always select any port no matter where I am, but if I'm trying to sail to a patch of ocean, it fails to register and doesn't do anything. The limit seems to be about half the size of the map, from Dunnage I can select a point almost but not quite all the way to Berkana's Observatory. If I want to go farther than that I have to wait until my ship has moved a ways before it will let me pick a farther point. Maybe this a computational issue with the pathfinding, but then why can I select and sail directly to a port on the other side of the world?
  3. So sometimes while casting a spell, it will somehow transfer to another party member who then keep trying and failing to cast it. See screenshot. D'arkteryx, my cipher/paladin watcher, seems to trying to cast the chill fog that Tekehu was casting. This causes her to repeatedly abandon casting shared flames and gets her stuck in an infinite loop. I can't cancel the cast or issue her new orders, she just keeps failing over and over again until the end of combat. Even if I were prepared to continue the fight essentially down a member, it also makes things harder by continually spamming my combat log with multiple lines per second, even while paused, making it impossible to see anything else. I'm not sure what causes it to happen, might have something to do with repeatedly pausing, this was a hectic fight, but it's fairly rare, only the third time I've seen it in my playthrough. It does not reoccur in the same fight if I quit and reload, no obvious trigger that caused it. So probably hard to track down but I thought I'd report it anyway.
  4. Blunderbusses are kind of hilariously OP. I feel like they just break the game with so many different builds (heart of fury, whispers of the wind, resonance, avenging storm, etc). When I realized it, I used monk xoti to tear a new hole through some fights but eventually stopped when I realized I had reduced the rest of my party to bystanders to just keep the mobs' attention while she destroyed them all. I'm generally all for breaking things but it was too much even for me (not that I'm calling for a nerf, just use them responsibly).
  5. Spirit tornado is an aoe around you at the time of cast, doesn't really do that much for a caster per se. What Boeroer is mentioning is really the stagger effect from Spirit Frenzy, the mid level upgrade, which apparently works on spell targets (I didn't know that). So you could save an ability point and only upgrade once though the terrified effect could be a nice 'oh ****' button if something does make it to your backline, depends how good you are at managing adds and how tight you are for points I guess. Edit: Sniped.
  6. Changing classes is extremely easy with the unity mod, no a high priority to change the base game. Download the mod and drag your deadfire.exe file onto the unity IPA file to mod it. Now in game open up the character screen on whomever you want to mod and press ctrl-f8 to bring up the console if it isn't up already. Then just use the change class scroll bars in the console window. It will revert your character to level 1 so you have to level them up again. The only weird thing is that since it starts you at level 1 (probably a game engine restriction) you don't get to pick a level 1 talent like normal so you can just use the 'add ability' feature to fix that (remember to pick one for each class if multiclass). This also lets you change subclasses though sometimes passives or special abilities will get left over, like if you change from a berserker to a base barbarian you might still have the berserker frenzy skill instead of the regular one. Again just use the 'add ability' and 'remove ability' features to fix this. Most of my companions are modified this way, played with some of their stats too. I like to have choices but still want the lore/banter from real companions instead of hired ones. But hey, if people want to stick to canon choices, that's cool too.
  7. They should probably check everything. It's quite possible non-unique loot is also being lost as well (though who really cares), seemed like my loot window was much fuller when I sank it, more than just Akola's being added, but I forgot to get a screenshot. I can confirm I recently got Wicked Beast and Gipon Prudensco to drop from boarding (consoled my rep down with all factions to get the revenge ships to spawn). Akola's was the only one that didn't drop. The RDC ship didn't drop anything either but I don't think it's supposed to. Edit: Meant RDC not Huana in last line.
  8. if you are playing on potd, you will lose out on accuracy which is very important so that's a trade-off. Accuracy for what? One handed doesn't affect your spells and the bonus action speed from two weapons outweighs it while autoattacking as my testing showed. Even in some extreme case where the bonus accuracy is necessary (say a megaboss or something where you're barely hitting otherwise, most encounter even on potd won't matter), you'd probably only get a minor dps boost. And you should be casting most of the time anyway, during which one-handed gives you zero benefit whereas an offhand shield gives you deflect and reflex without affecting you spell accuracy since it's a small shield. Quick and dirty math: to balance a 35% speed bonus, you need to do roughly 50% more damage per hit. Normalizing everything, we can say that attacking when your accuracy matched the opponents deflection you do 25*0 (misses) + 25*.5 (grazes) + 50*1 (hits) = 62.5 damage. Now with +12 accuracy this goes up to 25*.5 + 50 + 12*1.5 = 80.5 or a ~29% bonus. As your relative accuracy increases, the relative damage bonus from additional accuracy decreases (imagine your accuracy is way higher to begin with, you'll be critting most of the time anyway so extra accuracy doesn't help you). So it's only when your accuracy is below their deflection that we can reach that 50% damage increase. Specifically when your accuracy is 40 below, you'll do 25*5 + 10 = 22.5 while at 40-12=28 below you'll do 25*5 + 22 = 34.5 or roughly 50% more. Of course this skips over other damage boost or other speed buffs but is a reasonable approximation. TLDR: As long as your accuracy is within 40 points of the opponent's deflection (i.e. most of the time even in potd), the speed boost from an offhand weapon shield outweighs the accuracy buff from one-handing while also boosting your defenses.
  9. Presumably the same bug as this https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106338-kapana-taga-wont-drop-after-killing-fyrgist-the-guy-near-volcanic-island-south-of-tikawara/?do=findComment&comment=2139060, just wanted to make sure it also got fixed. If I sink Whenena Eel's Kiss I get the shield to drop but if I board I don't.
  10. This may be common knowledge, but I just realized it and thought I'd share. I had been running my Aloth with Whale of a Wand one handed just for the accuracy bonus (I know it only applies to weapon attacks not spells) when I tried giving him Tuotilo's Palm, the small shield that also counts as an off hand weapon. This means it benefits from two weapon style and weapon and shield style. Normally I don't like offhand weapon shields because in melee they decrease your dps since their damage is so much lower than your main hand weapon would be, but at range you only attack with the wand anyway. Testing dps, he can now kill a dummy rotghast in 1:10 as opposed to 1:30 before, so not only has his dps increased ~20% but he also gains +16 deflection and +16 reflex. Not bad. Now his autoattack damage is still pretty bad (my watcher can do it in 25 seconds) and he should be casting most of the time anyway, but still you lose nothing since small shields don't have an accuracy penalty. I would even say it helps him weave in autoattacks with his spells since the faster speed means you'll be less likely to be stuck in recovery when you want to cast a spell. I feel like real ranged dps like rangers or rogues would rather be dual wielding or else two-handing something like the red hand, but for casters who only sparingly use their weapon this seems like the best setup.
  11. Can we get confirmation if this is indeed a bug or intended?
  12. Looks like Ngati's Tusk is per rest, as is Boar's Charge. Boar's Endurance is per encounter but again is a passive not active skill. Your links are broken btw, I think the apostrophe is throwing off the link syntax, but then I didn't have links at all so who am I to complain.
  13. You already can do this in RTwP, should work the same way in TB. Can also use shift to queue up abilities, useful for all those .4 second cast time buffs.
  14. I definitely appreciate being able to use abilities instantly in TB mode but spamming the same ability over and over again (see also barbarian spirit tornado or ranger evasive roll) seems against the spirit of the rules. Would support limiting each ability to once per turn.
  15. Another upvote for this idea, forcing turns to happen once/round seems artificial and overly beholden to an anachronistic system. This would also fix a lot of the issues with action speed and duration in the current TB mode.
  16. I agree that forcing turn-based into discrete rounds is super clunky and that moving to an initiative based system seems like it would solve many of the current complaints with TB. Historical reasons aside, DnD used rounds because it was pencil and paper, anything else would have required too much bookkeeping, but let's use the new medium of computers to the fullest and make things smoother.
  17. I must have still been thinking about the cloak when I typed that, fixed. There's a lot of other items that trigger passively once per encounter, mainly when you're bloodied/near death or else on combat start, but I'm more looking for active abilities. I've been trying to update the wiki with per rest/per encounter tags but a lot of things are still blank. And yeah, Rakhan boots are great, I use them on my cipher/bleak walker MC since she wouldn't have any mobility otherwise. Before I got them I used the leap boots and just rotated between several pairs to have enough uses but that's a hassle. I feel like there was an item that gives you a random scroll every combat, like the potion belt, but now I can't remember what it was.
  18. Do you get the same 50 ms/frame microstutters every second or so? I get them every so often even with the console disabled, maybe once every 10 or 15 seconds, but with it enabled they occur like clockwork every second, see every spike but the second (which is the 300 ms spike) in the second screenshot. Do you have the unity console installed at all? Or just hidden?
  19. I'm one of those people that hates to use per rest items since "I might need it more later". So I'm looking for all the items that have or can have per encounter active abilities. Does anyone have a list? Otherwise let's see if we can't put one together here. Ball and Chain: Chain Breaker Kitchen Stove: Thunderous Report (one of my favorites) Modwyr: Bottom's Up Pale Hide: Dread Howl Sasha's Singing Scimitar: Refreshing Finale (not technically a separate ability but lets you use your empower every encounter) Spider Silk Robes: Dripping Fangs, Binding Web Whispers of the Endless Paths: Run Through or Blade Form Instant Potion Belt: same basic idea Magnificent Escape Cloak Rakhan Field Boots: No Quarter Any more that I'm missing?
  20. A question for you and others: are you using the unity console? I am and based on someone else's recommendation I tried disabling it, which seemed to fix the problem. In fact it seems like even just hiding it (ctrl-f8) fixes my stuttering. A screenshot without the unity console running: https://pasteboard.co/I081wIm.png Framerate is smooth and consistent at 13 ms/frame or roughly 80 frames/sec. Screenshot with console minimized but running: https://pasteboard.co/I07V51Wb.png Same 13 ms/frame base but spikes to 45 ms/frame regularly roughly every second, while roughly every ten seconds I get a much more noticeable spike up to ~300 ms/frame, the second spike in this graph. I tried installing specialK to see if it helped, doesn't seem to make any difference (I'm on an older i5-3570 so only 4 cores anyway), just using it here since it displays the framerate nicely. I still get the occasional spike or stutter even with the console hidden but not nearly as often or as regularly as with it visible even minimized. Now of course if this problem can be traced back to the unity console it's not Obsidian's responsibility to fix it but it is interesting that something they changed in the patch may have made it worse.
  21. With High Resolve / Healing only Bonus (not Might), I expect the healing done to be a bit more on the plus side. But constitution afflictions will be detrimental. By the way, speaing about new sublclasses, was Arcane Archer fixed at some point ? What was wrong with arcane archer? Something broken or you just think it's underpowered?
  22. Thanks for looking into it. Don't worry about fixing my save game for me, I'm at max xp anyway, don't need it for anything. You may have noticed I put in a couple other bug reports recently (and have a few more things I'm trying to nail down before I submit). I'm just reporting to help improve the game, trying to prevent someone else from having a problem.
  23. Yeah I assumed it was the game not the mod. I know I've heard people complaining that Fyrgrist doesn't drop Kapana Taga, probably the same thing. Makes me suspicious though that the Rauatai ship doesn't drop anything, wonder if there's something else we're not getting. Akola's was easy to fix since I knew what I was supposed to get but I don't even know what would come from the Rauatai if anything is supposed to.
  24. Anyone else having problems getting Whenena Eel's Kiss to drop Akola's Apex Ward? I can see it on her during the fight but don't get it as loot afterwards. Just consoled it to myself after but that feels like cheating...
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