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  1. Guns definitely feel incredibly strong. Especially from enemies. When surrounded by gunners, typically I would have 3 or so melee swings by the time they shoot twice. Now they get to do those big powerful shots every single time and it is paaaaaainful. Ditto for my characters. Taking the strongest and slowest guns still means I get to shoot every turn.
  2. The pathfinding in turn-based is really terrible. The pushing of characters out of the way helps, but not always. There needs to be pathfinding calculations that know that you cannot actually pathfind to a location, or you can't shove anything out of the way. The work has to be pre-calculated. Right now half the time characters get stuck and walk back-and-forth in weird situations, or just get stuck behind a wall of characters with no indication that it'll do that. Things that'll help: - A floor indicator that this will push someone out of the way. - Pathfinding should walk around units in turnbased. Too often I see characters just shoved across the map. - Pathfinding should show red dots if trying to get passed a wall of units with no clear way to get there.
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