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  1. Thanks! I agree that subclasses have a lot of interesting synergies... althoug that +8 Pen looks nice, I am not sure I want to wait all game for it. Besides, food and buff can provide the +PEN needed. Thanks! I might check out the soulblade /assasin. I really like rogues. That build would be very interesting, and more enjoyable that a single class cipher. Yes, driving echos looks amazing. I can imagine a lot of great synergies, especially for blasting Mega bosses into oblivion. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, This is mjo2138, a forum user who has finally figured out how to change my username! First of all , I really appreciate the advice and discussions here. I've decided to play again (POTD, All upscale), and for this playthrough it is cipher time! I want to focus on debuffing and CC, so I don't want to necessarily multiclass. I can't decide between a multiclass or not. How much of a different will early access to spells really make? Besides, the level 1 spells are pretty good throughout the game. It would be nice to have another useful resource pool to use in fights.
  3. I agree that priests are a strong class, especially for buffs. Overall, I think the best defense is a good offense, so giving your party inspirations is a great strategy, along with boosting their Armor Rating. once an encounter begins. I think druid can provide some very powerful buffs and heals (Form of the Delegman, Woodskin, Nature's Balm, Moonwell). In particular the healing and + defenses from Moonwell is a real boon. I always gravitate towards Heralds because the combination of paladin/chanter has so many support choices, along with passive heals, which make it very versatile for
  4. Thank you for these insights! It sounds like SC Psion would be a fun choice for a SC Cipher. Having constant focus regenerations means have to worry about running out of focus during tough fights where my weapons wouldn't generate enough focus. Lord of the forest buff sounds like a real boon. One last thing I'd ask if how would you choose race/stats for a SC Psion? I would prioritize INT , DEX and PER, keep RES / MIG at 10ish, and then I guess dump CON some. I guess heath orlan would be a good choice, or maybe a nature godlike.
  5. Yes, this is what I was worried about. Even playing an SC ascendant early game it felt so strong. I remember reading this about Kitchen Stove somewhere in the forums, so thanks again for reminding me! Perhaps it was you? You Both have great points, Haplok and Boeroer and thanks for the insights. I like to be strong for boss fights, so I might lean towards a Psion, or heck maybe even a vanilla cipher. I dislike not having focus on hand, so a Psion could be a fun class for that reason. Or perhaps I can play a vanilla cipher and use Kitchen stove, along with some chanter
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I was thinking the same thing actually. A small boost in penetration can mean the difference between avoiding underpenetration esp. on POTD. What's interesting is that the cipher's passive have some boosts to penetration and accuracy across the board, so Imagine that those, along with the +2 PL food item, would negate Ascendant's penalty once mid game starts (maybe even earlier, using BB's 50k). That being said, I can imagine not landing deception spells as easily with the global -PL. Just before I took a nap, I was thinking about this options too. Mainl
  7. Well I am gonna do a new playthrough, and I might try Psion. I tried to do SC Ascendant, but it felt like it was going to be too strong, and reliant on SoT to really make it worthwhile. In my style, I'd rather be able to cast spells once battle starts, and not suffer any minus power level. That being said, I am not sure the -1 PL is that noticable, even on POTD (plus it can be offset through food bonuses from wraps)
  8. I would replace Tekehu or Xoti with a Hearld (Pallegina does the trick). Hearlds can heal, tank, and CC with summons. I think then you need to add a character who can quickly get to the backlines (mages, archers are the really problems in this game) and take them down. The best offense is a good defense! I'd suggest a monk, rogue, barbarian, or whatever you fancy. A large number of sidekicks can fill this role. The MC could play this role as well. Anything that can stun or paralyze is a boon. If you haven't yet, i'd try a SC monk. They are a lot of fun. I try to avoid havin
  9. Do you think there is any reason to choose Eder as a fighter or rogue instead of swashbuckler? I started a run through on POTD (upscaled) but it feels like a vanilla tank does a worse job than an offtank/striker swasbuckler, especially considered the debuffs from persistent distracton. Also, the benefit of having two resource pools is great. The only benefit I see from a pure tank is that you can stack defenses with passives. That being said, I always gravitate towards a paladin/ ______ tank (usually a hearld, but I wanna try a crusader this time for Pallegina)
  10. Furyshaper sounds fun; i havent played that subclass yet. I need to focus on weapon modals to debuff enemy stats more; I haven't been doing that . I might do a beguiler/beckoner for a full support/ CC build Nice. Yeah I think i wanan do a SC cipher to really 'see' what the class offers, before doing a multiclass. Also, the post below mentions that a cipher with kitchen stove can get full focus, so I wonder if a multiclass is even needed. Considering most fights end in 60 seconds or less, I wonder if I really wanna spend my action economy using martial skills and spells. That
  11. So, I am going to to something with a cipher or chanter. I want to focus on CC, defbuff, and a little support. Is there any real reason to SC cipher? It seems most people prefer a martial class+cipher to maximize focus gain. The downside of a multiclass, however, is fewer points to spend on the cipher tree (which is expansive if you consider the passives); also, the powerlevels will suffer, meaning accuracy s Alot of cipher passives are really good, and I like having a large arsenal of cipher skills for given situations (albeit, I tend to take too many skills at times, so I don't want to
  12. Yes, I think cipher looks fun. i haven't run with a cipher yet besides some megaboss fights. I like the subclass aspect; I just played FF and it was so fun! Nice! I didn't know suppress affliction / Paladin's version allows you to spam FF. That being said, I will have to try it in the future. Great strat! Streetfighter sounds very fun. I really like the syngery i've learned about mortars ability to apply an effect to an AOE from reading the forums @Boeroer A lot of people seem to like streetfighter/priest, so this one has some nice variety. !
  13. Thank you! Yes it seems that Ghost heart ascendant is the preferred meta in some other posts. I am a stats nerd, so I like the idea of 192 accuracy . I haven't delved into Ancestor's Memory / SOT much, and I usually do not run with a cipher, so I would like to have one in my party. It seems that multiclassing cipher is better ,since SC cipher spells are not very good on PL 8 and 9. Great ideas! Psion/Troubadour looks fun to play a debuff / CC role. I just did a FF monk, so I feel I want to play a different role besides flanker/off tank/ striker. In particular, I like you
  14. Hello Everyone, I really enjoy the forums. I lurk mostly, but i post sometimes too. Just finished a FF monk run (POTD , 5 man party). I learned a lot about how to play FF from the forums. Now, I want to try a different build. I might do solo bloodmage, but I really like multiclassing. I want to focus on unique builds which are NOT available to companions or sidekicks some ideas: 1) Firebrand warrior: druid/fighter - what subclasses? vanilla/devoted? 2) Bloodmage (maybe try a solo run) 3) Ranger/cipher (Ghost heart for sure, i have pets dying usually, causing bonded grief
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