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  1. Not a fan of attrition-based gameplay myself. Remember all those classic JRPGs from the 90s where you do not heal to full health after every battle? Players would have to stock up on 98372 healing potions just to keep their health topped up. For rest-based abilities to work in POE, there would have to be limitations on how often you can replenish its use. Using that one Fireball of Awesome Explosions in one fight isn't really a test of strategy and skill if you can use it every fight by resting before-hand. In order for it to be a meaningful restriction, you would have to limi
  2. Regarding Devil of Caroc Breastplate, what do you get in Deadfire if she walked into the sea?
  3. 3)You could need to pay an NPC to refill them or use the crafting system so it actually costs you resources (filling it with adra stones or soul residue and gold) I like the idea of using the existing crafting system. Makes it more consistent with other items.
  4. Sense of entitlement is really strong these days. This company went from dealing with retrenchment, to being on the verge of bankruptcy, to raising enough money for their first IP on kickstarter. It's not some devil publisher out to suck your money. You may not like that their are working on DLCs instead of fixing bugs. But guess what, if the DLCs are part of stretch goals, then they are also an obligation because people already paid money for it. It sucks that we can't play the game the way we want it to on launch, but this is a far cry from something like Mass Effect Andromed
  5. The latest replies mention that the Eder save state has been resolved. Any confirmation about the Blade of Endless Path fragments?
  6. The ADAM series is done by Oats Studios, from the director that did District 9. Everything from them is supposed to be some sort of short film to gauge audience reaction to see if they can be made into full movies. To be honest I'm excited for any of their stuff to be made into a movie (check out Rekka, Firebase or Zygote on youtube). Would be cool if a developer wants to take a shot at making a game.
  7. Wow this looks legit. The terms have proper context to minimise things getting lost in translation. I like how their explanation of Durgan's Battery has parenthesis (not an electric battery)
  8. What about a system where abilities have additional effects if the target has certain conditions on them? eg. "Shove" does damage and Staggers a target. "Ram" does damage, but Staggered targets get knocked Prone. "Impale" does damage, but if target is already Prone, then do more damage. "Pommel Strike" Staggers a target, but if already Staggered then becomes Stunned. "Head Smash" does damage, but if target is Stunned, then gets Confused. This way there is some team dynamics where you configure your party to synergise with each other. Intelligence also becomes important for c
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