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  1. If companions really do react to your dispositions (and I was under the impression they do), then part of the problem might be that her dispositions are very easy to hit. Maia likes self-sufficiency and resourcefulness, for example, but virtually everything a player character does is self-sufficient or resourceful in some way, so depending on how generous the developer that tagged the dialogue and CYOA segments was feeling that day you could rack up a ****ton of admiration in five minutes.
  2. They're hidden in the beta to avoid spoilers and because the beta doesn't use them. They'll be easy to find and switch in the full game unless Obsidian deliberately hides them, and there's no reason to do so.
  3. Who knows, she could be Deadfire's Calisca. Seemingly pretty cool companion that gets offed in the introduction Either that, or she'll transition into your first ship crew member. She looks like a sailor to me. In fact, she reminds me of that cut sidekick who drank a lot, but "never at sea".
  4. This. Real-time multiplayer is fine. Turn-based multiplayer is workable. Real-time-with-pause multiplayer sounds like it would induce a stroke.
  5. Why does Cruel not fit? Is he (it) not the merciless winter god? The Cruel dispositio really requires you to be pointlessly vindictive rather than simply ruthless.
  6. I generally never mod games for my first playthrough; however, when Fallout 4 first came out, I knew I had to get the mod for a full dialogue interface. This opened the door for me to download other mods to also help my immersion. This included nude mods; not for titillation, but for realism (I in fact had to go out of my way to get nude female bodies that looked like they fit in the game, or nude male bodies at all). I didn't go out of my way to expose that nude flesh either, so it only came into play on three occasions (minor spoilers for a two-and-a-half-year-old game, I suppose): When I w
  7. I thought I'd be playing the underage girl in the army jacket and engaging in ephebophilial relations with much older men, possibly even incestual. Instead it was about gays, gross
  8. I have a more fearsome prediction: To prevent bugs, pathfinding is unchanged from the original game.
  9. The best part about this approach is that they can make traps much more consistent than in the original game. Now, if you set a trap and an enemy triggers it, it's instant perma death for the character that set it.
  10. Being naturally unfamiliar with the world of Eora, my first character was conservative in concept: a patient, goody-goody human tank, which I figured I couldn't get "wrong". Instead she was so boring I abandoned the game about an hour from the ending. My current character is a orlan cipher because I believed that combo would get the most class- and race-specific conversation topics. It turned out to be much fewer than I thought, but I'm still interested in the fluff I have in my head (former galley slave who sent the crew overboard, endlessly curious to the point of irresponsibility). Ciph
  11. My guess is that, from a player's standpoint, they're likeable in a way that's good in small doses and doesn't wear out its welcome. More is not always better, and sometimes a superficial but charming character can provide a nice counter-balance or even be the most likeable character in their own right.
  12. I'm using this portrait myself, so I thank you for the watercolour! But it also makes me curious: off in what way?
  13. I honestly think that's a bit too pessimistic. While some people definitely will look for any excuse to be angry, I think most players can understand that some party members will always have more content than others. If a player takes a liking to a sidekick and spends the entire game with them in their party, I can see them being disappointed not to get a quest for them, but I doubt there'll be a meaningful outcry over it. Possibly, but I suspect sidekicks are used for concepts that work best in small doses. Some characters are legitimately more likeable as ancillary figures than they
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