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  1. Just to add to this pretty exhaustive bug list, chanter phrase gain seems to be fundamentally bugged on PS4. Phrases are gained at twice the rate, which becomes even crazier with Brisk Recitation. On top of this phrases only increase in multiples of two, effectively quadrupling the rate at which phrases are gained. Phrase count is replenished in a matter of seconds (or less with Brisk Recitation). Tool tips still indicate it should be 6s/3s per phrase. The chant speed is so fast I had 3-4 phrase effects maintained constantly, even with Brisk Recitation active. Aefyllath Uses Mith Fyr also
  2. The abilities from items are under the quickslot icon where you’d find potions etc
  3. PS4 version here, Heart of Fury is still per encounter unlike PC and is as a result a pretty trash ability. Also, it seems Ancient Memory and both Grimoire Imprints do nothing. Are there any fixes planned?
  4. I’ve got both the PC and PS4 versions. Only on the PC version have I seen Ancient Memory triggered and present in the combat logs. I’m pretty sure it’s bugged, among many other skills, on console anyway.
  5. Soulbound and summoned weapons are considered “universal” and are affected by all weapon focuses. I’m pretty sure it’s intentional.
  6. This happened on my save. The helmet needs to be unequipped in the inventory to save you.
  7. Soulbound and other items that confer effects abilities don’t apppear in abilities but in the quick items slot. Pretty sure it doesn’t tell you that anywhere though.
  8. Can you see the full breakdown of how the damage is calculated by hovering over the damage in the combat log? I’m on PS4 so can only see numbers.
  9. I’m fairly certain the wild strike talents apply, I’ve seen my numbers go up since taking them. The Wildstrike Belt however is a different story. The damage boost (which is confusingly called Wildstrike Burn but isn’t the talent) is essentially a buff that is cast when you shift hence why you can see it. It works like this because when you shift equipment bonuses aren’t considered.
  10. Did the devs ever comment on whether the change to multiple backlashes per encounter was intentional or is it still technically a bug?
  11. So Minor Grimoire Imprint does absolutely nothing? Heard about this spell in one of the updates and after finally getting its totally broken. The spell hits, the enemy UI reflects they've been affected but no spells are added. Tested against enemy wizards, priests and druids. No effect whatsoever. Please fix this!
  12. So it seems that whenever the mail coif is equipped on a male character it simply disappears leaving a floating face. No issues with any female character, but puts me off using Azalin’s Helm on my rogue. Is there any chance this will get patched? I’m playing on PS4
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