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  1. So, may I ask some noob questions? Is beckoner better as a tank or as a far-away shooter/caster? Want to try him, it seems he must be durable - if he goes down (by AoE or by enemies if the group formation goes to hell) - summons will disappear, so should I multiclass him with unbroken or paladin, go pure chanter or use him from afar (maybe add ranger or rogue for good missile damage)? What is best if I plan to use summons? Can anyone say anything about beckoner-wizard combo? Lack of summons was the upsetting thing about wizards in POE1, so maybe we can fix it now?
  2. Yeah, technically a newbie is just a newcomer, right? So you stop being a newbie very soon, just as time passes, but you still remain a noob in terms of your skills and your general approach, for there is always someone greater. So my solution to that and my personal point of view on that - it is just a timepoint when some good TASTE for the genre is formed, and universal RPG principles (choice and consequence, factions/forces opposition, a personal role in the greater story) start to take over munchkinism and irrelevant behaviour. There begins the Role. It's like reading to me. Litera
  3. Well, I was a teen and went to school during the Golden Age of CRPGs (Infinity Engine+Fallouts), a lot came from discussions among friends, classmates. I could never master BG or Fallout 2 without sharing tactics. So, I guess firstly RPGs taught me to seek knowledge and experience and use one's good example. At the time Internet was very rare in my region, there were printed magazines with walkthroughs. They helped a lot, I usually followed them directly in my first run, then I tried to do it my way. And finally, the idea of "Roleplaying, not Powerplay", once again from the community, and I st
  4. Well, I know some tricks with a certain civil-grade carbine at the shooting range, but still if they gave me a military-grade sniper rifle, it would indeed have more ACC and more DAM even in my hands, no matter I will take it for the second time in my life. Modals are not about being better in standard usage, they are about unusual usage, as I see them. Anyway, in this game even fighter's or barbarian's abilities are the results of magical soul energy, so you are free to explain almost every aspect via this soul energy usage.
  5. I see modals as results of training, because their effects can be explained using real life physics, weapons don't get supernatural. Like dagger was really used for parrying, mace used against armour, windmill strike being a real thing. Of course some modals can be criticised from the real-world point of view, but in general they can be achieved with real life weaponry without any magic. Soulbound weapon bonuses are magical and based upon weapon being semi-sentient, like in some real-world legends (the Sword-in-the-Stone was able to detect the real throne heir). So, being pro
  6. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice had a surprisingly strong effect on me, both in general and in "peak" moments. The only game of 2017 with any real impact on me.
  7. Is there a full list of weapon modals anywhere? Would be very nice if someone made it.
  8. Good news for you: According to the Beta in POE2: Deadfire (judging from the twitch stream) the situation will in general shift to your preference. Traps can be detected both by skills (so they are highlighted by red) AND by seeing actual details over terrain (cords, wires, plates etc). Traps can (still) be seen an disarmed in combat There is no more need to spend all the time in "sneak mode + fast speed mode" combo. But of course the game is still punishing for blind rushes in terms of mobs (which is ok and realistic tbh). Hope that warms a little bit
  9. Yes, sorry, no perception needed - strictly mechanics And detection in stealth mode is still the best, because outside of it only low-level traps are spotted
  10. Well, traps as a part of a combat encounter or at least as a threat during the fight will come from time to time, but it happens in dungeons, and imho you are usually warned by design, narrative and atmosphere. So the level design itself tells you - it's an old, dangerous place, time to switch to rogue-like tactics. In areas like Scaen cult dungeon, Endless Path, old ruins or bases of half-crazy mages you are supposed to expect traps, do reckon, using a char with high perception, sneak and mechanics ("thief") or a pair of chars, if this skills are distributed among several party members, y
  11. Bad, bad west, oh yes. Africa and Asia had no less empires, genocides and expansionism - if not more. If the nation is not about expansion you need a solid lore reason - why is it so. In any other case there would be expansion wars if they may be profitable.
  12. In this case romans had superior military and economy. This could be if aumaua fought vailians, okay. But Rauatai is 2nd tech civ in the world, after Vailian republics, matching power level with Aedyr (in-game description). Evolution is not about strength, I agree, but about optimal adaptation. So maybe they just didn't have a goal for huge imperial wars, no reason, so no challenge to adopt to, no need to form central government and go militaristic. Historically the main reason for war was slave capture. Maybe it is more effective to keep aumaua slaves than any captured lesser species.
  13. What prevents Aumaua from military dominating the globe? Each time I see them, and now being triggered by the size of their kids (see Josh's tweeter) I always wonder - what is their flaw that prevents them from evolutionary dominating all other races and finally absorbing them? If seen through the modern-day common evolution theory it can be: - slow breeding cycle, difficulties with child birth rates - vulnerability to some disease, framing the total population (child diseases included) - genetic flaws (syndromes) like rapid aging, long brain development or short reproductive age
  14. Wow, that's so detailed, thank you! I basically get the idea now. There are still several weak spots in this story for me, but they are acceptable and not worth further discussion. So now the character makes way more sense. Love this forum.
  15. Have you finished his personal quest? Yes. But I didn't understand his conflict and this 'finish' is basically just my interpretation given to him. Like, I can say that Magran is ok and never abandoned him, or I can say she is a bitch. Or I can say relax, gods always play people like toys. But I don't even know if I said correctly. What is the meaning of all his story? I don't even get why he is mad at Magran for being left alive. Let's say I take a train and the cart goes off-rail. All my co-passengers die. I survive. I start to hate God and curse him/her/it. It seems weird. Then I
  16. Hello! Please help me understand Durance the Priest. I've completed PoE+WM1+WM2 twice, both in Russian and in English, and I understand all my companions, their inner conflicts and usually I am eager to help them to feel better. But I really failed to understand Durance, his inner conflict and his ark in general. The writing for Durance is very strange, being smart enough (I hope so) I completely sink in his speeches and lose all sense of reality And I rage, lose my interest and spend the rest of the game like "Just do your support stuff and shut up, and we'll be fine, okay?" So
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