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  1. I went back in this morning and had my rogue fight 2 xaurip champions. The champions had 20 misses in a row with no riposte attack. My rogue had the defensive staff modal on, so I thought maybe the modal was breaking riposte. I did the fight again without the modal and it also went 20 misses in a row with no riposte. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but the Champions would appear to be making melee attacks targeting deflection, so it seems I should have got at least a few riposte attacks (I am not seeing a "yellow flash" like in POE 1 and the combat log does not name any attack I make a
  2. I have been trying to play a riposte rogue and riposte does not seem to have ever triggered. I don't know if it is supposed to trigger on every miss, but it has never triggered on any miss. Here is a screenshot showing 4 misses in a row on the rogue with no riposte attack. Will the combat log say "riposte" on a riposte attack?
  3. I like the weapon modals, but I think they need to be re-jigged a bit (at least the hatchet, which is what I was using). The hatchet modal is supposed to debuff accuracy on an enemy at the expense of damage output. However, I can activate it, get a 12 second debuff on an enemy, immediately deactive it, still get the 12 second debuff, and also have my damage returned to normal. So, now I have the best of both worlds for basically 10 seconds. I would think the idea behind a modal is choosing between two options with different strengths and weaknesses and not getting all the strengths and no
  4. When your party is offscreen, the little portraits for each character on the edge of the screen just show the picture of the currently selected character (ie. five of the same picture).
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