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  1. And now every nolife will be able to brag about soloing "Path of Gimmick" cause theyre absusing game mechanics and thats "real challenge". As many said, time to move to another game.
  2. Swift inspiration is useless, on mage i use fleet fleet for the same buff with a lv3 slot for something useful
  3. GoG Galaxy (and I believe Steam) allow you to revert to a previous build, that I know of. Steam doesnt allow it. When a game can be reverted it is on the "Beta" tab... on beta tab there is only the option to PBE. I was having fun as **** playing the game solo... with this change will become only a grind fest having to slowly metagame the game to progress on hard. If you know any other way to revert to pre changes, let me know. I prefer to play with bugs and a fun game than a bugfree (wich the game isnt even after patch) boring game. Overtunning the game for no reason and destroying lots of fun builds, bleh.
  4. Ok, please next time put the patch notes BEFORE releasing the patch so i can turn off the updates. The game WAS FUN... now again it became gimmick fest to try to solo. "Overbalancing" single player games for the sake of teenagers gimmickers to get their bragging archievments... blah. Time to play something else, it was a fun month anyway.
  5. Gimmickers wanting to gimmick a game, with metaknowledge to call "challenge"... News since speedrunners were created. Wanna challenge? Play ironman without PRIOR knowledge of a game and beat it.
  6. 2 handed is the "advanced" weapon type now. When youre metagaming, for a solo play for example, you can as soon as you live Maje Island get a series of INCREDIBLE 2 handed weapon (one is a soulbound with incredible easy upgrade requeriments, and one of them is REALLY cool, the other bein the sword from caed nua you can reforge in the main island as soon as you arrive for just 3k gold and is the best weapon i seen in the game so far, you can steam roll the game with either weapon solo). There is a very good helmet for 2 handers on crookspurs island that make them almost as fast as dual wielders (specially since both weapons above have some sort of speed bonus). My first try at PotD solo, probably will be a Crusader 2 Hander using the caed nua blade. I dont find much insentive to use 1 handed weapon with nothing to be sincere. The accuracy bonus is overshadowed by many other bonuses in the game.
  7. I have a 12 Lv Monk/Fighter... and even without devoted bonus most of the time i am OVERPEN everything... like 40+ damage on every attack against the living statue... i am playing solo. I've not found any character with more then 11 or 12 armor, and when i do, thunderous blows are enough to do full damage and sometimes crits overpen.
  8. The main problem with DR wasn't that it was hard to figure out, it wast hat it was basically worthless at high levels. -20 from 200 damage attack in exchange for 50% recovery penalty? No thanks. This sounds like it introduces another problem that applies to every character level though. Oh right... and now the dragon breath for 200 damage with 20 pen... The problem with bad number making (like trying to put stupid high damage for no apparent reason on some attacks) will not change. The adra dragon will just have 20 pen in everyattack and everyone will remove armor to face him cause it wont change a thing. To me, PoE 1 had some of the BEST armor mechanics i ever saw in any RPG (including tabletop) and the new pen system was the second biggest letdown i am having with PoE2. (How they are handling power level and talents being the biggest one) To me, mechanicwise, PoE 2 is worse than PoE 1 in every single way (well, one saving grace is now being able to really see how speed impact your actions).
  9. Hello, i was searching the forum but couldnt find any news on the Pen and Paper 33pg booklet that will be released with the game. Being a tabletop player and disliked almost all changes they made in the game rules from PoE1(penetration, "clunky" combat, the UI, everything) i am still excited for the rules booklet cause i really like the world the game takes place. There were any recent news about its development?! Any response would really be appreciated
  10. There are 3 things making multiclass a mess right now, and 2 of them are due to arbitrary changes: 1 - The concept of power level. Power level is a concept that was created form where you could possible have like 10 classes at the same time if you want. Then for design purpose they decided to limit to only 2 clases, but for some reason, instead of creating a fixed rate, they chose to keep this concept. 2 - The lack of neutral talents 3 - The change to armor/protection system. Introduce neutral talents back at 1 every even level(2,4,6...) Create an ability tree based on multiclass of 2 classes, considering "power levels" as they were on PoE1, just delaying aquisition on new abilities. For example, at level 1 you get everything from your first class, at level 2 you get a talent(neutral) and everything of your second class level 1. Then you get first class, second class, both, and repeat, that mean you will access to a new tier of spells/abilities every 3 levels after the second, but since you get most of your abilities at level 1, it will delay a little in the beginning to compensate the plentora of passive abilities. Use amor/protection exaclty as in PoE1... get rid of penetration, FOREVER, never again try to balance for it. Test it out. I am sure there will still be a little power combos here and there, but i doubt there will be nearly as unbalanced as now. (For example, Cypher/Rogue will still have godly damage, but will be king of squish, and a lot more MAD than a rogue and squishier than a cypher, with delayed access to very good high level abilites from both classes). A paladin wizard? Excellent, but you will only get DaoM at level 8 and the paladin AoE at level 20... Suppa AOE Paladin/Chanter? Sorry, Dragon Trashed only at 14 Pal AoE at 20. Seems VERY balanced to me. Sometimes making changes for the sake of change doesnt result in the best experience.
  11. I agree, i noticed just after i posted that there were a specific beta forum.
  12. In my opinion this changes were completely bad. To the point of removing all my hype for the game. They added the multiclass system, but by removing talents and adding all things as class abilities, they simple made the game a lot less customizable than before. They gave 1 thing and removed 10, so all characters will be a lot more identical to one another, just with different names. My opinions they should gave back the talents every 2 levels, exactly like in PoE1 and you gain one ability for every class when you gain a new power level (again, as in PoE1), the only difference is that with multiclass you gain a new power level every 3 levels instead of 2. Simple, works, gives multiclass diversity and singleclass an edge.. everyone gets the same number of talents to work on (including in talents that boost class abilities). Oh, also remove the penetration mechanic altogether... serious... remove it. The only change needed in game mechanics from PoE1 is a much more clear attack speed X recovery explanation. Probably something on the UI showing it (both base and actual values after gear and stats). Short version: Give talents back every 2 levels, 1 class ability for each class at each new power level.
  13. Hello, i just grazed the beta but took most of the time to analyse only the mechanics. The story i know will be great and there are a lot of content missing. Stats: Nothing changed too much, no complain. I am not sure if the dexterity influence on attack speed will be much more correct this time on the tooltip. Skills: I simple disliked this system A LOT. 1 Skill per level is almost a complete jump behind (too great for just a step). The companions "raising" your skill total will completely cripple solo play cause the game will be balanced around it. Please, the old style, with cost increasing based on how high a skill with flag bonuses from class and background is incredible better. Sugestion: Keep active skills apart from "roleplay" skills, but rollback to PoE1 model... you gaining X active and Y roleplay skillpoints with each level with increasing cost (i really liked the model of "add 1 per level" of POE1, balance the game a lot and somewhat "make sense"). Talents: Anothe imense "jump behind". Talents should be talents, classe abilities should be class abilities. Talents everyone should have access to, class abilities only the class have access, simple and easy. Messing the two just made the game even with the multiclass system a LOT less customizable. You could have a +10 Fortitude wizard in PoE1, now you NEED to be a Monk. Another point, some abilities should scale with power levels, but other should scale with flag level to "keep up" (Transcendent Suffering come to mind, since it is supposed to allow unnardmed combat scale like in game weapons you will eventually find.) Sugestion: The power level scaling seems about right and multiclass should work, but make multiclass just for class abilities and keep 1 talent every even level. The system in the beta is so shallow that almost removed all my hype for the game. (But it is what beta is for, i hope) Combat Buff/Debuffs: I liked the idea of some buffs having common names across the classes (Concentration, Focused, so on) and maybe some of them just need to be adjusted to make sense (tenacious giving damage dont seem right), but the overall idea is good and make easier to balance some effects. Combat mechanics: When i first read about penetration i found it ok, when i noticed EVERY effect has penetration it was a little "meh". Making penetration just "reduce DR by X" would be more effective, and i would like the game to mantain X as a very low number. The idea of abilities having cooldown is great for soloplay, but will require a very hard playtest to balance. As long as the game dont become WoW-like ability spam, its ok. Thats my feedback for now, like i said i only grazed the beta, but the change in talents/class abilities was one of the greatest letdowns that i had in my gaming life (with complete 33 years next monday), the other aspects i dont find good or bad, just different.
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