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  1. In the meantime, there's a rope between the docks you can use to cross over towards the entrance without fighting the smugglers in the fort. When you head closer to the lift in the Undercroft from there you'll find a pirate who you can actually talk to.
  2. The issue with the Lich is that sometimes he drops a Lich's Grimoire instead of the Brawler's Grimoire, which is what happened to me.
  3. It doesn't matter if you fight your way in, it's solely reliant on what you say to Nemnok when he appears.
  4. I really hope that's not true because there currently seems to be a bug where crewman with multiple talents can't go hire than expert. Or maybe that's by design, I dunno.
  5. You can convince Kaali to leave by volunteering to work for Nemnok once he shows up. He gives you a quest at that point, but there's nothing stopping you from attacking him the moment Kaali leaves the room.
  6. I actually loved the narrator. I found her very pleasant to listen to. The ship combat is fun at first, but it eventually got a little boring. I basically just avoided it until I had a galleon, then I went out with a full roster of guns and I've literally won every single fight since. I've only had a couple ships flee, and when that happens it's easy enough to just catch them again and charge to boarding range instead of shooting it out.
  7. Sorry, just realized it wasn't actually attached because it was too big. Here's a link for dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0s1pt5tbfuusmzx/Abigail%20%28DeadlightDonjon%29%20%28ff069ef8-49e7-4a87-8b22-af92c1bca68f%29%20%28784438650%29.savegame?dl=0
  8. So, I just completed the entire Principi questline up to landing on Ukaizo and I still didn't get the achievement even though that's supposed to be fixed : / EDIT: Loading the autosave from when I reached Ukaizo then gave me the achievement. I'm wondering if when they "fixed" it they just made it check to see if you fulfilled the conditions on load.
  9. I find that this happens literally every time I move between screens, not just random encounters.
  10. Does anyone know if there's a specific sequence of events that have to happen to get the Infamous Captain achievement? I can't tell if I encountered a bug or not. I survived two mutinies by first talking them down, and then attempting to kick the ringleader overboard, failing, and slaughtering the entire crew. But I didn't get the achievement for it. Do I need to make them mutiny again and take the last option, whatever it was? (I honestly can't remember what the last option was even though I just saw it)
  11. I had the same issue with one of mine. Ironically, she was one of my spare crew to begin with, she she was in a resting slot. But every time I looked back to see if she had healed yet, she was still 16 days from being healed. Eventually it resolved itself after another crew member got injured, and then they both started healing.
  12. Simply put: I can't complete A Shrewd Proposition after clearing out Crookspur, and I think it's because I met with Eothas and triggered the meeting where Aeldys storms in, because now all she'll talk about is the Floating Hangman. I have no option to turn in the quest to her. Additionally, after freeing the slaves, it still says they're stuck in their cells. I've attached my save file and left my character right in front of Aeldys so it'll be easy to check my journal and her speech options for confirmation. (name fixed in post, can't edit the title though)
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