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  1. I agree with @prestidigitator. I adore romances that affect gameplay/and or dialogue choices. I'm also speaking solely as a western RPG player, I'm not a fan of JRPGs, so most of my "romance" content has come from Bioware. I'm still a fan of Bioware, however, my enthusiasm and support for them have greatly diminished after Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Probably one of their best romances paths was Bastila in KOTOR because it legitimately altered the main story line and wasn't a collectible side quest (sadly it didn't apply to all of the KOTOR romances). Then Dragon Age Origins is still one of my favorite games ever and it applies to the romances as well. I greatly enjoy the progression of it. It wasn't *BOOM* we love each other now just cuz I said the right thing and talked to you a lot. You had to give gifts, take interest in subjects they liked and bring them to events that the player would think they'd enjoy. It felt natural and thrilling in the relationship's development: first it started out as admiration, then crushes, then love and each stage had unique dialogue. There also was this source of tension in DA:O (SPOILERS) because there was a chance you could die or a romanced SO would override your choice and your love would sacrifice themselves before you could. I very much liked that idea of romance also being a detriment in games. If you get hurt in battle, your SO might become distracted OR fight even harder OR even become bloodthirsty and merciless OR become a little suicidal and charge in blindly causing them to have a permanent injury debuff for the rest of the game. It'd be an interesting strategetic moment where you'd have to take in consideration who you should bring to the party because of relationships. Maybe you're trying to negotiate a sensitive alliance with a group that hates you and the leader insults the player thus triggering a unique event where your romanced companion will snap back at the group thus severing your parley with them. Or if you're going on a very dangerous mission your romanced companion will INSIST that they come with you or they might REFUSE because they don't want to be there if you die. Also little things are important maybe your SO tries to make you a gift and it comes out horribly or they tried to buy you something but it turns out they were conned and now your party has lost a lot of money. Of course, there'd be benfits to romancing someone but there should be cons too (just like irl relationships). And tbh I don't even need the sex scenes, gimme that fade to black and then humorous post coital pillow talk, my brain can fill in what happened in between. TL;DR: I'm all for/ want more romances in video games, but they definitely need to be refined and implemented better. However, I'm also aware it's a lot of work for developers to insert them and there's a lot of wires that can go wrong, plus the fact that the developers are working hard on a subplot that the player might not even trigger.
  2. This is good idea, also because you could make this playable. Different characters could be useful in every time period (for example: the weapons of the soldaera are powerful in the middle ages, but she has to save her ammunition and to be protected by the more meele-savy Samurai) and maybe somebody could add a mechanic, were some characters get back home, but then you lost them (Pyre did this in an interesting way. Your characters are useful, but if you love them, you let them go back and they never return). The Aliens could also use different kind of technology, so there is enough varriety in combat. This is fun. I want this^^. Honestly, I've been thinking a lot about this post during lunch. Soldadera: The Medic. Soldaderas during the revolution were mainly nurses weapon: long-barrel six-shot revolver, machete for melee Perk: Ralling Cry - allows group members to feel invigorated and ignore wounds for a time and sometimes grants an extra move Union Soldier: The Sniper weapon: long range gunpowder rifle, bayonet at end of rifle for melee Perk: The Gunsmith - because the Union soldier is used to having his gun jam in battle he's perfected the art of fixing it. He's the only character that can fix any and everyone's weapon besides his own as well as help with upkeep or upgrade The Samurai The Swordsman weapon: katanna, bow and arrow for range Perk: Disciplinary- as a man of discipline the samurai can help the other companions train, allowing them a damage perk or accuracy perk. The Zulu Warrior The Strategist weapon: iklwa stabbing spear (medium range and can be thrown and retrieved again) and oval cow hide shield (making him a tanky character) Perk: Bullhorn - as a devout follower of Shaka Zulu, the Zulu warrior is very familiar with Shaka's Bullhorn formation that crushed the British. This allows him to know each companions' most effective formation and grants a defense perk or intimidate buff. The Chinese Philosopher The Conscience weapon: dense wooden staff (medium-close range) and flying knives (long range, low damage) Perk: Meditation - Acting as the emotional core of the group the Chinese Philosopher implores companions to meditate when not fighting. This allows companions to be less likely to go into a panic during battle or allows razor sharp focus which can grant more critical hits. The Scholar from Athens The Poet weapon: curved kopis, stones/sling (low damage but high chance of stun) Perk: Ballard - While most women in Athens were subjected to "woman's work" and few rights, the Scholar's husband saw potential in his beloved wife and sent her to the School of Alexandria in Egypt. She learned many things while abroad and has had debates with the likes of Socrates. However, undoubtedly she's a spectacular singer. As if a daughter of Orpheus, the Scholar and her lyre can distract the enemy with her lovely song, allowing an Enraptured debuff or Lulled debuff on the enemy. The Noblewoman from 1700s Revolutionary France The Socialite weapon: Instead of waiting around for her head to get chopped off by an angry mob, the Socialite became proficient in weapons for self-defense such as fencing with a duelist sword (short-medium range) and flintlock pistol (medium range) Perk: (I'm actually having trouble coming up with a perk for her, please help!!)
  3. Anyone up for a Slaughterhouse Five scenario for a cRPG? Where aliens abduct humans and put them in "people zoos" to observe them, and the main quest is to escape. However, I want to step it up a notch and have them abduct humans from different time periods and put them together. Like an African American Union soldier, a samurai, a French noblewoman from the French revolution, a Chinese philosopher, a Zulu warrior, a woman from Sparta (or any woman from ancient Greece perhaps a poet if she's from Athens), and Soldadera (Mexican female soldier) from the Mexican Revolution. Of course, alien technology would have a translator so that everyone could understand and speak their native language. It'd be really fun as a writer to write the fish-out-water hijinks and cultural confusion the characters might face. However, since they're in a dire situation, all the characters put their differences aside (perhaps the French woman wouldn't be too happy to see the Zulu warrior. Or the samurai wouldn't consider the Soldadera a real soldier because she's a woman) to escape from the alien base and get back home to their respective time period. And perhaps they'll bond too! I think the Zulu warrior and the Samurai would get along with their love of battle and sense of loyalty and discipline. The Soldadera and the black Union soldier would become friends because they know what it's like to fight against discrimination and for the right to live. While the French and Greek woman would bond over their share of the arts and influence of feminity. Meanwhile, the Chinese Philosopher is a student of Confucius and is cool with pretty much everyone. I really like this idea. Hey, everyone! Please tell me what time periods you'd pluck people out of in this scenario? Naming historical figures are fine also long as all the people you choose are named historical figures (Not like: Ghengis Khan, then a random nameless person from Victorian times).
  4. That awkward moment when you just started Witcher 1 three days ago but then CDPR releases a 10-year Anniversary video for the Witcher series and all the Youtube comments & forums are talking about they're tearing up and feel like they just had a family reunion. I hate to bring back an old meme, but I honestly feel like I showed up to the party 10 years late with Starbucks. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR WITCHER 1 GAME Okay so I finished Chapter 2: Lambert has been de-throned, Zoltan Chivay is now my favorite character. He's a true bro. Amnesia? **** it, we're still best friends. It is now my goal in life to get that man laid. Tbh all the dwarves I've met have been bros. Golan Vivaldi has put up with so much crap from my Geralt aka every time I show up drunk at Shani's house and Granny kicks me out I crash at his pad. Also, I love how full of crap Geralt is when he wants to get laid. Druids only have sex when they want to procreate. Meanwhile, Geralt's like: "Ok, my swimmers are duds but hear me out...my d*** will make you super relaxed which will make your reflexes super quick so you can better protect your homeland." God, you can tell this story was written by men but you have to laugh at the immaturity of it. Then there's the elf Yaevinn (who also was right across from Geralt and the Druid having sex so he got an eyeful. I think Geralt has a public sex fetish), who is my bad influence bro. He's also a dead man walking. Every time I talk to him, he's sprouting philosophic stuff so I know he's gonna die somewhere in the game. Then there's my betrayal-bro: Kalkstien. I liked him so much, but it turns out he's one of the baddies. I also have a fav not-important NPC. There's a bug where a 'poor old woman's dialogue keeps overlapping with a hooker's. So every time I run past her, she simultaneously complains about her old bones, while also soliciting me for sex. Which tbh my Geralt would be down for; take them dentures out granny and pop your hip back into place cuz this Witcher is about to rock your world. Then there's Shanni. One of the problems about getting into this series late is I know the two main love interests that Geralt can end up with: Triss or Yennifer. So I know Shanni is gonna die. But even if I didn't know about the other love interests, the writers make it so blatant. She's practically a saint; a beautiful young nurse who tends to plague victims while simultaneously taking care of her old lady roommate (also Grandma is the best. When the cutscene pans down that shows her listening to Shanni and Geralt bumping uglies is priceless). Still, her coitus-card is hilarious. "~Oh Geralt, lemme just whip out my medical anatomy book, which also doubles as my Kama Sutra~" Wrapping up, Chapter 2 was still little weak for me. It was honestly just a 4 hour long Sherlock Holmes story (which makes sense since Raymond Maarloeve is Sherlock of the Witcher universe) However, I do have to give kudos to CDPR with subtle hints on Maarloeve's twist. My wolf pendant kept shaking every time I was with Maarloeve after he "went into hiding" and at first I thought he was a werewolf, but the surprise was better than I thought. Unto Chapter 3!
  5. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR WITCHER 1 GAME So I finished Chapter 1 of Witcher 1. My favorite character so far is definitely Lambert, DID HE GET HIS LOBSTER SOUP?!?! @Starwars was right, Chapter 1 is pretty dry, lots of fetch quests, but it still held my attention a bit. As a feminist, the post-coital collectible art cards are blatantly objectifying and make me roll my eyes, however as a bisexual gal; I am uh...really intrigued. My favorite "card" is the Witch lady outside Vizima, mhmmm...blood-covered titties. Also, did we have sex in front of kidnapped/traumatized children? Girl, you nasty... I'm not a huge fan of the reliance on potions, but I guess it adds a strategetic edge to it. Also, the name of the city 'Vizima' makes me giggle. Makes me think of 'emphysema', so I imagine everyone in the city is coughing.
  6. I kinda what this thread to resurge again, I love the topic. Anyway, I'm really into theatre and I went to Indonesian shadow puppet play and I thought it would really be beautiful/amazing to see an RPG set in that setting/art style! Ex. Darkest Dungeon has proven that 2D art RPGs can be as captivating and atmospheric as any 3D graphic RPG. I think a "shadow play" themed RPG would be brilliant.
  7. I pretty much agree with everyone in this thread. I definitely look forward to PoE II more than D:OS II. In my sense, I have three completed playthroughs of PoE, while I've restarted D:OS at the beginning at least three times. For some reason, D:OS loses me somewhere around the middle. I will admit the environment and gameplay are engaging, fun and makes you think outside the box to get around certain problems, but (like most people in this thread have mentioned) it doesn't take itself seriously and the character development is about an inch deep. the story is a big factor for me, tbh I'm not a huge fan of PoE's gameplay mechanic but it's the story and love for the companions that keep me going. One of these days I'll probably finish D:OS (maybe the sequel coming out will motivate me) and buy D:OS II because I support Larain's work ethic, respect for the customer, and their passion to try new things and put the effort in to do it. I think PoE II and D:OS II have a nice friendly rivalry going on and co-exist in harmony. PoE takes care of the storytelling-oriented gamers and D:OS takes care of the gameplay-oriented gamers, meanwhile, both fandoms can rave about how great the game is and recommend it to fanboys on both sides. TL;DR: More excited for PoE 2, but hope D:OS 2 all the best and hope they continue to set a bar of quality for other indie RPG developers to follow.
  8. The Iron Oath is a game that I hope will surprise me, it feels like it has potential. However, it also looks like it can be done very poorly. I hope they steal take notes from Obsidian and put a lot of effort in the story and the relationship to the protagonist with the characters.
  9. Okay here we go! LGBT and voodoo, WHOOO!! Apologies that these are mostly Wiki pages but I was just doing a quick search, I also read them over and they're legit. Anywho, Baron Samedi is the leader of the Ghedes and Barons and is bisexual and can be portrayed as trans or either cross dressing. I also have to mention the Loas or "deities" of voodoo have two sides of them. Kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Ghedes = Jekyll, you pray to that version of the Loa when you want comfort, protection, and love. Barons = Hyde, you pray to that version of the Loa when you want revenge, justice, truth, and vindication. Some Loas like being Baron or Ghedes more (Baron Samedi enjoys being a trickster and is often up to no good) but they often will switch genders depending if they're Baron or a Ghedes! Erzulie is the Loa associated with love, sensuality, and beauty. They're also the protector of gay men (while in form of a woman aka Erzulie Freda) while lesbians are their proteges and followers (when they're in form of a man aka Erzulie Dantor.) They will often possess a person that asks for them and person will crave pleasure from all sexes regardless of their sexuality before possession. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/irene-monroe/vodous-acceptance-of-gays_b_821215.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_themes_in_African_diasporic_mythologies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haitian_Vodou_and_sexual_orientation There's more but I gotta get to class!!
  10. Hello, fellow Obsidianites! I'd really like to know everyone's thoughts on how multiplayer functions are seemingly being implemented into every game nowadays. Now I will be frank, I'm not a fan of multiplayer in my games, which also doubles as irony because one of my favorite games at the moment is 'Overwatch.' However, what separates Overwatch for me from other games is multiplayer is ALL that Overwatch is in a gameplay and sometimes story sense. Blizzard spit-shined that game's gameplay until it was sparkling. There's no single player and all of the modes multiplayer based; when Blizzard launched their games they had 3 modes with a good n' solid core and have just kept adding to it ever since, making Overwatch shine on like a crazy diamond. So I guess what I trying to say, I'm tired of having video games divert and fraction their energy and resources regarding single player campaign mode and multiplayer. So far there doesn't seem to be a content, healthy middle. It's an 'either or' scenario, either single player is great and the multiplayer is crap: Spec Ops the Line dev called its multiplayer a cancerous growth Or the multiplayer is killer, but the single player campaign isn't even worth touching AKA see every Call of Duty game, Titan Fall (to a degree, the 2nd was ok), Destiny (sorry even with the DLC, I don't like the story). I stare longingly out the windowsill, wondering when my precious single player RPGs will come back from the war. I was delighted and cheered when Obsidian told journalists, there'd be no multiplayer in PoE, and it looks like it paid off. Although before the game was released, saying there's no multiplayer was and continues to be a controversial choice among fans aka potential customers I understand from a financial stand point that multiplayer games have more longevity and growth potential than a single-player game does, which means more money for publishers. So sometimes you get the sense that developers didn't want to add multiplayer and were "encouraged" to do so *cough* Bioware during and after ME3 *cough*. Or developers and publishers are totally cool with it and it still comes out mediocre *cough* Elder Scrolls Online *cough* Look, I understand that developers and publishers do what they gotta do to get some cash flow going so they can have enough to fund their other projects. But nowadays their other projects just seems to be more MMO lite. What do you guys think? Agree or do you think I'm missing something? TL;DR: Multiplayer games are okay as long as they're refined and honed like Overwatch (basically putting all their effort into one basket) or like Divinity Original Sin 2 contribute extensively to story and gameplay (and still have restraint like 4 players Co-Op.) But would like signature single-player series or campaigns to forgo multiplayer altogether.
  11. Speaking of which, ... I claimed twice that adressing charname in descriptive texts as "them" or whatever would suffice. As I am not affected by this whole matter, it was rather presumptuous of me. What do you think about it? This two-spirited-thing seems to be a rather modern invention. I'm not very interested in that as I find the current activites of any LGBT or whatever community rather boring. I'm more interested from a historical/traditional point of view. Inuraj claimed that a transgender person in certain native american tribes would have been expected to be a shaman. On the "transgender people and religion" wikipedia article I found nothing about that, also other cultures had similar ideas. Googling only brought me back to that two-spirited-stuff. EbonyBetty said that in nigeria transgender persons are called "Zuru oni okè". Googling that I only found bull**** and this thread. Yikes! What was the bull**** you found? I know that stuff from the African studies professor Karenga and one of his books: Kawaida and questions of life and struggle: African American, Pan-African, and global issues. On a separate note and not necessarily about trans people in Nigeria in itself but about how Nigerians view gender roles can be seen in their mascarade dances such as this (esp. 1:30 and 2:00 minute mark: This is specific to the Igbo Tribe. It happens once or twice year around harvest season or 'New Yam.' It's usually men that wear the costumes and do the dancing, while women and children watch. The men can wear masks that have feminine features and “…highly caricatural dances underline this male/female duality.” White is often seen a feminine color in the Igbo community and even though patrilineage is the ruling structure, the importance of women is amplified in the masked dances of the ‘Agbo mmaung’, or maiden spirit mask. I'm sorry you didn't find much about the Zuru oni okè, maybe try just Ori? When can mean spirits and soul in Yourba language. Also, there are nonbinary or intersex spirits in Hatian vodun that I forgot to mention! Which is really sad because most of my family from my paternal side is from Grenada and Haiti. I'll come back about it, with actual sources and stuff you can actually look up this time. Karenga's book looks to be out of print and might be hard to verify.
  12. I just finished 'Inside' whooooo, that was ending alright! I'm going to start the Witcher series, this is my first time too. Gonna do Witcher 1! If anyone has any tips, lemme know! <3
  13. For me on the subject, I am an African American cis-female. I will and have bought any game with a fixed black female protagonist, regardless if it's gold or crap because there's just so few of them. Even weird obscure stuff, if you have a hidden gem black woman protag that you think I haven't heard about me lemme know. And if there's character customization I'll usually have at least one playthrough with a black woman. As for the game industry's generic "cookie cutter" protag which is usually: white, male, assumed straight. And if the fixed protag is female it's usually a white woman (blond or brunette) or Asian in-game model with white female voice actress. For me, I find it grating. Granted games are becoming more diverse nowadays but primarily in side characters, not the protag or face/mascot of the series, such as: Naughty Dog game titles, Bioshock series, Far Cry series, Resident Evil series, majority of Assasian Creed games, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Arkham Asylum, the majority of GTA protags, and etc. And also if the protags in the games are customizable the white male model is usually shown in the advertisement to sell you the game such as: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Destiny, all the Bethesda RPGs, Far Cry 5, and etc. I like to call this Barbie Doll Marketing Syndrome. Barbie can have all the diverse friends under the sea, to disabled friends, ethnically diverse friends, and gender diverse friends, but Barbie's name and face are still on the packaging and she's still the leader. If the game companies are feeling particularly "diverse friendly" they'll add a black male protag. Which trust me, I prefer more than a white male one and sometimes a white female, but still no love for black women. Uh...I think I rambled a bit. So TL;DR: yeah I think it's very important. **Also Edit: I don't engage in many JRPGs, not my squeeze. However please list me the amount of dark-skin AND female Asian protags there are, such as East Indian or Southern Asian. Also I've already gotten a message about this post being racial and yes, race is very much interwoven with gender**
  14. Life is Strange? You have to deal with the protagonist's stereotypical teen girl talk that the French male adult devs expect of a an American female teen? I mean, no body talks that way. I don't think so at least. I think that was kind of the point? I mean her surname was Caulfield as in Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye AKA the gateway drug to hipsterism and teenage rebellion.
  15. Shadowrun Hong Kong is your game. (Sinking Ship side quest) Cool! I haven't played that Shadowrun yet. But which creature are you referring to? The Rat King or the South American demon child?
  16. Ooooh this is a cool thread. For me, the Rat King (I ain't talking' bout the cutesy Rat King in the Nutcracker Ballet) scares the hell out me. *shudders* Egh! I nearly gagged having to look that up. Apparently they were a real thing during Black Plague ravaged Europe. Hygiene was so bad back in that time when the streets were filled with rotting bodies, fecal matter, trash, and sludge multiple rats would get tangled and stuck together at the tails. So basically Europe was dealing with chaotic and skittering hive mind entities long before Lovecraft was born *shudders again* I haven't seen one in a video game yet (thank goodness) but this one's on the house Obsidian. Another great "monster" is a demon from South America. I can't remember the name or the country of origin, but basically this demon looks like an innocent human child around 8-10 years old and has human mouths in the middle of it's palms which they cover up with clay. The demon preys on lost wanderers and poses and a child claiming they can lead them back to a road or town. Once the demon takes the persons' hand (like a child would to a parent/adult), the mouths on the hands start chompin'. The only way to identify them from actual benevolent child is that the demon casts no shadow and when walking they don't crunch the leaves beneath their feet. That always spooked me as a kid.
  17. Good point. Perhaps I should have specified what book/author would you like a video game to be influenced by. Because if the video game is based off the book word by word, the gamer who has read the book would know all the answers and ur rite some thing in a book can't be translated to video games just like the silver screen. However there have being video games that have followed the book's timeline while still been flexible with the source materials like Pillars of the Earth, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and to a lesser extant Shadow of Mordor (aka you can very much walk into Mordor).
  18. And even if a kid was in here, they're simply learning more knowledge and information about gender/identity. Whether they believe it or do something with said knowledge is up to them, but it never hurts to see what both sides are saying. btw, im agreeing with you smjjames I hope I didn't come across as self righteous
  19. @injurai Okay , so if I'm understanding this correctly a trans female Native American during a pre-Europe America who is destined to be a Shaman and/or Seer aka one of the leaders of the community and a highly respectable position isn't considered blessed? Meanwhile in Nigeria a trans female or trans male are considered "Zuru oni okè" or "perfect soul" because in Nigerian beliefs a human being posses both masculine and feminine characteristics which represents balance, a man cannot live without woman and vice versa, but a zuru oni okè possesses that balance in one body. I'm not trying to "stroke" my ego, I'm just saying that gender is often looked between European lens and it doesn't hurt to stray away from that. But you're absolutely right, I should have been more specific and now I have.
  20. Hello some people expressed interest in reading the article and here it is, Fostering Intrinsic Motivation through Avatar Identification in Digital Games. I also have done a little bit of coding and making they/them pronouns lock in during text conversations aren't that hard, I did it when I had to do a virtual choose your own adventure novel for a class. All you have to do NAME = name$ (conform), if I can do it, I'm pretty sure Obsidian can do it too. Also video games don't have to conform to euro-centeric ideals even if it takes place in "medieval times." The years of "medieval" were not concentrated around Europe. In specific Native American tribes and Nigerian culture a person who is born a biological male but has feminie qualities is a complete other gender and is considered blessed. Even in patricarchal societies such as the Middle East and India where sons are held in a higher regard than daughters. If the daughter has done something to make her family proud of her, the father will now address her as his "son" (even when she herself still uses female pronouns), it's seen a great respect. Obsidian has said may times before that they've borrowed ideas from other cultures when writing their games.
  21. I think trans or non-binary options should be implemented. Representation is important, it's a reflection of how society sees you; which can be a good or a bad thing. If there's little to no representation of your identity then what does that tell a person? For me, I often look at how a video game represents black people or WoC and I also wonder if I can play as a black female. Scientific studies have proved that a player is much likely to empathize with an avatar that allies with their identity (lemme know if you want a link to the study.) I don't think OP is asking for much tbh, I mean Sims 4 was able to do it and so did Saints Row 3.
  22. I wonder if a video game can be made for the book: Like Water for Chocolate. It's a wonderful book about a young Mexican woman trapped by her overbearing mother and the only way she can escape is through cooking. Her cooking is so good she can influence people's emotions who eat it or send them on almost a LSD type trip through her memories. I think that would make a great point-n-click story driven puzzle game.
  23. I'd love to see this. Heck, an RPG setting based on a collection of grotesque fairy tales and folk stories the likes of this or, for example, Giambattista Basile's Pentamerone as well. Oh man, yes! I was thinking about this yesterday! I really want an RPG in a mythological setting with unconventional mythical creatures. No elves, dwarves, or wizards but rather: centaurs, tengus, selkies, banshees, popobawas, and vejigantes! I like the idea of a reverse Secret World and Fables series type scenario. Where the mythological and folklore creatures all aware of each other and try to keep their world hidden from modern day humans.
  24. Is this thing on? *tap* *tap*

  25. We all have read a book and thought "Man this would make a great video game!" And most video game developers would agree with you too! (*cough * almost every fantasy game is on Tolkien's jock *cough*) So here's the place to share it! For the rules of this thread list a book or book series: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc OR An author: Lovecraft, Tolkien, etc. Then describe what type of genre the game would be (point-n-click, RPG, FPS shooter)! and maybe give a little description or maybe a reason why it'd be a great video game. You can list multiple books/authors as well. Even if none of these get made at least we'd get some awesome book recommendations! Here's mine: I'd love an RPG set in the world of 'Speech Sounds' from Octavia Butler's book Blood Child. It's a universe where everyone's Broca's area of the brain has been damaged due to an airborne virus so everyone in the world cannot read or speak. The virus also irritates the amygdala of the brain as well so it also makes people aggressive. I'd love to see an action-adventure game based off The Odyssey, but only the journey not the setting of Ancient Greece. Kind of like The Warriors or Brother Where Art Thou. Or another RPG based off the universe of the Crystal Rain series! Crystal Rain is kinda of like 'Futuristic Caribbean Steampunk' with pirates of flying ships. Hey, it aint Shakespeare but it is very enjoyable. And then I'd love to have a video game based on anything by Gene Wolf or Harlen Ellison (yes I've played 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream')
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