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  1. Both of the looter and the drake fights are avoidable. The difficulty seems fine to me, especially when alternative story progression exists. FYI, to avoid the looter fight, enter the street from the west side, then sneak north to their leader. For the drake fight, sneak into the drake pit from the east, then enter the dig site.
  2. The difficulty indicators show up for me, on both quests and mobs, with scaling enabled only upwards.
  3. I'm running the game on Arch with Nvidia driver. The workaround works fine before and after this beta patch. So the problem might be specific to your system environment.
  4. I created my character with 3 resolve, and still managed to lift up the mace, with the help of drug, blessing, gear, etc. Here's a breakdown: +2 from Berath's Blessing - Champion Stats +2 from Kābara Reku Shrine (next to Poko Kohara Ruins) +2 from Boots of the Stone (feet) +1 from Badrwn's Cover (cape) +4 from Ripple Sponge (drug) +1 from Stinky Pete (pet) The list is nowhere exhaustive, as for example, the neck Token of Faith can provide another +2 resolve.
  5. See if this helps: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97385-linux-unable-to-start-game-hangs-on-black-screen/
  6. I can actively cast this spell with no problem. What's not working is the auto-activation mechanism, implied from the spell description, quoted below. Also, the description is unclear about the behaviour if the caster remains Bloodied or lower, and still has resource points. Should it auto cast this spell a second time? Another situation we may ask is what if the Bloodied or lower state is achieved by raising the maximum HP of the caster, for example, via Monk's Duality of Mortal Presence modal.
  7. That works well with a single character, but might not use Frenzy due to might inspiration acquired from other sources.
  8. Its ability description says "gain a small chance to completely avoid any attack [...]". So I assume it is an extra roll check in the attack resolution. What I don't know is if it checks before or after accuracy, which would affect the value of this passive, though 5% chance is rather negligible if not stacking with other similar effect.
  9. I have seen several times that suolenet is spelt as suolenent. One instance is shown in the following image.
  10. I have a pollaxe described as "superb" in its name but with legendary quality. I got it from defeating Rock-Stomper Rodul via ship combat, but I didn't leave a save file, and so can't check if the issue is reproducible. Could this have anything to do with level scaling? My scaling is set to all but only upwards, and the game version is (1153).
  11. They did while I was playing over the weekend, and I would expect they continue to do so.
  12. My understanding is that Bull's Will is a passive shared among classes, which appears on both skill trees, but you only spent 1 skill point to get that.
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