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  1. I've spent 40 hours finished the first playthrough on potd, main story is about 1 hour long. This game isn't about story, its Role-play of many small events.
  2. Single Class Wizard Evoker, at lvl 8-ish once you get access to tier 4 spell, there this spell call Lloetta*** concussive missle can destroy 3 enemy in 1 cast, the higher level you are the more OP that spell is, only the dragon and final boss can survive 1 hit of this spell. My first playthrough potd pose no challenge whatsoever, boring story, no combat challenge. If u wanna go Melee Wizard, go Enchanting Wizard + any fighting class (ranger,rogue,fighter,bar,monk), the best buff won't come until very very late
  3. Hi OP ! Where do you get the Great Sword, i've only found only 1 unique Great Sword the entire game ,played for 40 hours and clear all map, got something like 20 unique sabers but 2 hander are very limited.
  4. I first used this spell on full health, mouse over tooltip incombat, it remains the same. After trying to use this spell a second time with hp under 50%, same thing happens.
  5. I had the same problem, once it occurs, not only u can't edit spell, but also not able to save the game, it keeps happening the more I play strange
  6. Will be playing Wizard-Conjurer. Start off with self-buff, Parasitic staff then Kalakoth's Minor Blights-Combusting wounds for the most part then finally blackbow for the end game. Wanted to play this once since PoE 1, but the AI option-Sellsword ain't very smart, it keeps spamming Alacrity of Motion until I've no more of that spell available and use random unwanted spell. Now spell can be empowered and use per encounter, also you can set up AI to only use a specific set of spell. This character will only use empowered spell because it last for quite sometimes Hopefully this AI (gambit
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