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  1. A mobile base makes more sense storywise, especially in an archipelago. The keep was ok, but oh so static, the keep in NWN II was more fleshed out, you had actual choices what to build. And since there will be expansions its even more sensible to open up a more or less far away part and take your "keep" with you. For PoE III maybe an airship?
  2. And here I thought "Manifest" was a hint what the codes actually are for. But... what if it actually is anyway? Codes for "special" sailors/shipload?
  3. Thanks for the info. Though too bad, especially as they are independent. Would have been interesting to see them without the existential pressure.
  4. Oh my. I suspected there would always be at least a 4 week span. Pleasent surprise. Btw. I just recently discoverd this (loved it) even it is already a year old: Hope there will be another for PoE2.
  5. Well, you're right. But since you are the one who rebuilt Caed Nua, regular folks in the Dyrwood will probably blame the gigantic adra statue destroying everything in its path on you. Maybe there would even be a trial if you are guilty or not, but I guess it might go as well as the last trial you were attending.
  6. I wouldn't mind reusing some dungeons for different quests, with some new secrets to uncover if you have substantially higher level.
  7. Having Lagufaeth as enemies for a start, well, there is a reason I hated them the most (well, and the perma-paralyzing ghosts), they have ridiculous speed. But I do like complexity, I'm blaming the underequippedness and those tremendously bad rolled mercenaries (all single class!!). Everytime I try to roll my own group the game somehow crashes.
  8. Well, anyone found a good way to multiclass with a wizard? And I mean for the spellcasting aspect, not the conventional damage one. It seems anyway you do it you lose more than you get. There are so many synergies for conventional damage classes that you'd be stupid not to multiclass, but alas nothing for a classic old mage.
  9. It's an original mechanic so I'm all for it even if it becomes a bit tedious later on. A ship fighting a ship is/was often a predetermined matter depending only on speed and cannons, there is no sneaking up/spells/abilities (although, maybe unique ship items?) on an enemy. Best way for the player to win against a superior enemy seems to get into boarding where you can use all those things you'll probably stand out for with a better equipped team. If the enemy is vastly superior he should be able to sink you with ease and rightly so. But I seriously hope there will be some room to wiggle with tactical choices where you can make an impossible fight into a only nearly deadly one (also the other way around: easy fight but with already damaged ship into a very hard one) The only thing I would seriously recommend is a flee button for at least some (random encounter) fights. I seriously hope they don't water it down, especially the ship demands that does so much for immersion (maybe make it easier on lower difficulty levels? or even better yet, two difficulty sliders: one for regular fights and one for naval realism)
  10. Really liking it, and very surprised that ship combat is that detailed. I guess there will be some unique encounters as unique equipment/decisions too.
  11. Whats up with that code in the picture? Reminds me of the elven witcher runes reveals...
  12. I do like the new food-resting stuff which is ultimately the same "save the good ones for the big encounters" that you wanted to get rid of so desperately by making everything else "per encounter". But I don't like the new health system, not because it is bad but because the old one was simply better although weird. It is an abstract mechanic that made sense gameplay wise even if it wasnt very realistic (though auto-heal is even less realistic). It was certainly unique and I can't even begin to understand why someone wouldn't "get" it, I always thought it obvious, 0 health= you die. Couldn't you please rethink your decision and stay unique?
  13. Kotls (Keeper of the Light/Dota2) ability to make an illusion of oneself that keeps casting the actual spell (long casting time) while the original is gone doing something else. Sending an enemy fighter back to the point where he was when the fight started. An area spell that stops any melee leaving a certain area for a short time with. Actually a lot of Moba abilities would be nice, though some hard to implement or too OP.
  14. Maybe there will be some sort of crafting possibility with limited ressource to change grimoires, or some sort of improving them, maybe even some gameplay choices for a reward or some (evil) choices a la Skaen. "Skaen: Would you sacrifice the sould of a beloved companion to improve your magical power beyond your dreams? Watcher: Well I can dream pretty big, so I'll take 4 times magical power beyond my dreams, and what do i get for like 2 dozens of crewmen?"
  15. I'm guessing here, but I'd say eothas not just kills you but smashes you that hard that your soul is flung in a random (!) body that is a few kilometres away, as awakened soul. There you go, lvl 1 char with different race/sex/skills.
  16. Actually, I think those subclasses are not that a bad idea, since you can have only two spells per level to select it makes sense to pick spells of that specialization to use that have improved power and feel a difference between specialized wizards moreso than what is provided by those extras abilities. Though it doesn't feel like a "usual" wizard anymore, more like a sorcerer with even less spells using D&D comparison. Another thing is, if you play for example an envoker, and get an envoker specialized grimoire (even with other bonuses) chances are that there are spells in it that you have already chosen, since there are not that many spells to choose from when 2 schools are already forbidden (can we have more spells please? since PoE2 is bigger and better). That means you'll reroll character at tavern (if that is still possible) to choose others. And that will happen quite often since grimoires at early and midgame probably wont go up to lvl 9 spells. Furthermore, I don't think rerolling a char that often was intended to be part of usual gameplay mechanic. Btw. since max level is 20, doesn't that mean there will be lvl 10 spells/skills? Lvl 3: 2nd, L5: 3rd, L7: 4th and so on to L17: 9th, and presumably L19: 10th? And if there are no Lvl 10 spells, what is there to do from 18-20 if you can only choose spells?
  17. Perception seems the most important stat now for mages, especially since debuffs (for defenses) also depend on it, forget intelligence for an evoker who does only single time damage. A fireball with 6 sec casting time at 20 might does nothing if it missed. (happened) Melee and ranged chars have a lot of attacks to balance accuracy vs deflection, and they get weapons with higher enchantments which increase accuracy. But where is the staff/wand that increases accuracy for spells? (also dearly missed in PoE1) The empower - Skill does increase a skill by 3(?) power levels yet it doesn't show what that means(damagemultiplier/penetration/duration)? I'll hope/expect this will be improved along with the tooltips for damage ranges. Also why would I empower a single spell if you especially later you can get like 9 additional spells later, or for a multiclass up to 2x8 or 2x7 skills/spells? (not sure which max power level is possible for multiclass) The familiar spell is crap, either make it not random, or not taking up a lvl 1 spell. The evoker special I didn't even notice. Would it be possible to change it to something else? Illusion spell at start is nice to have, transmutation I didn't use, but all of them seem not very viable at later levels. And no talents for mages? None at all? Why? No casting speed vs damage increase vs penetration? Would seem so obvious to me to let a player choose. About grimoire: What is the point of static spell selection? Do I have to reroll my character at the tavern again the moment I find a better/higher spell selection because some of it I chose myself? Why can't I change the spells (at least with some sort of crafting material (maybe that is already intended)) in a book when I'm becoming a big and powerful mage at some point? Lorewise: who is writing those books anyway if a dragon killing, god-offing being can't do it?
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