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  1. I would argue that you don't need Deep Pockets ever, even when soloing on an Ultimate run. I can't remember ever having used more then 2 or three slots. Even if you argue you don't know what you're going to need and should best be prepared, I had scrolls of Moonwell and figurines in there - and that's it.
  2. Odd I must have got both pulls at the same time then lol IIRC there's one mob with three Broodmothers on non-scaled PotD.
  3. Thank you very much, i think i will start today my Dwarf Druid with Boar-form! Name: Boaroar Borskyr :D :D :D :D I felt the one thing Druids lacked a bit for a straight TCS run was Accuracy (or self-buffs in general). Shouldn't be that much of a problem in PotD Solo, though. Have fun (storming the castle)!
  4. I would recommend Wizard and Druid. Wizard for versatility/CC/debuffs/AoE damage/selfbuffs and Chill Fog early on. Druid for the Storms and generally even more CC/debuffs/AoE damage. Rogue doesn't have to be melee BTW.
  5. I don't think this is the case, because that also happens between e.g. Classic and Veteran. The specific difference in PotD is the enemy stats. No he is correct. Since Patch 1.1 POTD has enemies added. And some of the early game encounters are brutal. (Im looking at the boars + drake + panthers in particular... you know which ones.) (probably have to start a new game so they show up^) I wasn't claiming that PotD didn't add enemies, I claimed that this also happens when you transition from Classic to Veteran, so if additional enemies were the reason for the lock, the same logic would have to be applied to Veteran (but it isn't). And that was the case also before the Patch, which only changed the additional enemies that show up.
  6. Why so? What does Int accomplish for the martial MC? Durations of self-buffs? By the time you get it you have enough resources to just renew them. AoE size matters! (for martial MCs, too) There are special AoE weapons, AoE weapon modals, abilities like Barbaric Shout, Heart of Fury, Whirling Strike, (not sure if7how it affects Carnage), then there's Paladins. I think the list goes on.
  7. I don't think this is the case, because that also happens between e.g. Classic and Veteran. The specific difference in PotD is the enemy stats.
  8. Why not play an Assassin (for the +25 Accuracy boost from Stealth) with Rapier (for the +20 Accuracy Modal) and have a Priest add another +20 Accuracy at the start of combat and wear gloves of accuracy ... Agreed, it will always be worse than without the Shield, but all is not lost, and it's always a trade off.
  9. Did Fighter's Power Strike change? Or did I misread "the only class that can do it"?
  10. Sneak attack, soul whip: Yes Status Effect: Yes Generate Focus: Yes Carnage: Not sure; I guess Yes Other Weapons: I'm not aware of any that work just like it; I know that the Rod Modal doesn't - I guess the damage does not count as direct weapon damage In this case the weapon seems to be very useful when fighting several enemies. So if you have a char who uses 2h weapons and several enemies stand close to each other you use WotEP and you switch to another 2h weapon when fighting only a single enemy. I switch between WotEP and dual-wielding (Rapier or Sword in the main hand, Dagger in the Off Hand). I open dual-wielding from stealth (Lover's Embrace adds a nice bonus there) to generate Focus and make use of the Full Attack with Crippling Strike. To be clear (Boeroer mentioned this above), Backstab is only applied once, but that goes for dual-wielding as well. I guess the rationale is that you really only strike from stealth once.
  11. Sneak attack, soul whip: Yes Status Effect: Yes Generate Focus: Yes Carnage: Not sure; I guess Yes Other Weapons: I'm not aware of any that work just like it; I know that the Rod Modal doesn't - I guess the damage does not count as direct weapon damage
  12. I think they would have mentioned that in the Release Notes, because they mention some Fighter Abilities that were nerfed that way: Cleaving Stance - Only strikes a single enemy per kill. Mob Stance - Only strikes a single enemy per kill. But in other respects, the Release Notes seem to be incomplete, so in-game verification is required, I guess.
  13. Set to Their Purpose was changed from Brilliant to Smart. Basically Chanters had an Inspiration that was the only source of resource regeneration for multiclass characters. You could make some pretty damn cool Chanter/caster builds around that, for example. Yes, there is a PL 9 invocation with a similar effect.. which you can't get as a multiclass, so you have to restart. But to be honest, that should have never made it to the original game. +10 Class Resources for the entire Party. How did that slip QA? It's so clearly game breaking (the fact that there is a much weaker PL IX version should be a pointer), and we're lucky that no content was created to match this level of overpoweredness, otherwise it would be unplayable for everyone else. And to be honest, they fixed their mistake as soon as possible. My point was it doesn't change the support role of the Chanter in general, it makes a particular build most would consider cheesy - rightfully so, if you ask me - not work anymore. While the PoE 1 Defender nerf, combined the Perception change, turned Fighter from probably the best tank there was into not-really-fit to tank (yes, it's viable, but that's about it), as compared to paladins, for example (IIRC Josh also claimed he wanted to have people tank less). So it hit the core character concept, in a sense, and that after the game had been out for a year. Most of the characters I wanted to take into White March were not up for the task anymore. Looking back, I think they still did the right thing for the entire game, even if that meant fighters fared far worse as tanks. And obviously, I think they do the absolutely right thing now considering the long run, even if that hurts some players (and I can certainly understand how it can be upsetting, see above).
  14. Release Notes: Whispers of the Endless Paths Heavy Blade 20% Crush Proc -> 15%. Two-hander - Cone attack is now set to Hostile only. Offensive Parry +5 Deflection -> +4. Offensive Parry 12 to 14 Base Damage -> 8 to 12. Spinning Assault 2/Encounter -> 1/Encounter. So Foe AoE now, but still 2 attacks (at least not mentioned in the notes, but that needs to be verified in-game). And they made Spinning assault 1/Encounter. For Soul Annihilation however: Soul Annihilation Focus -> Raw Damage ratio halved and Raw Damage only applies on first hit in an AOE.So everything DOES seem to be how I remember from my current playthrough, except SA only proc on first hit in an AoE - maybe that refers to Rod Modal, that's what I noticed, but for WotEP, it still got applied to every hit. Might be that it resolves to individual Attacks to everything in an AoE?
  15. Because content is tailored to average power level. You have to minimize standard deviation of power level to be able to target as many play styles and tastes as possible.
  16. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they completely removed a Chanter mechanic. Not nerfed, balanced or whatever, just straight out deleted it. I think that's a bit more important than Defender giving negative Deflection. Could you please be specific? You can't be talking about Beckoner's Abjuration Immunity, it must have to do with refilling class resources, right? Is it that? There's a less powerful verion on PL IX.
  17. I'll verify that and update this thread accordingly. I'm not a console/Irole20s aficionado, so it might take a while. I wondered why it works like before, but I guess under the hood they created a new item with a new identifier to be able to separate code paths more easily. That would mean that through the console, the old version would still be available, let's see.
  18. I think it's kinda fair that you can get some more mileage out of additional micro. I don't think it works for everyone, and to get the most out of it, you need proper attributes, the right active abilities, some passives, additional items that boost your attributes even more, optionally drugs, need to prep the targets (maybe even for Deathblows), invisibility, positioning, all the while ensuring you stay invisible and don't hit your companions when you strike, turn on the "crummy greatsword modal" for even more damage The accuracy boost from assassinate more than make up for the -10, so convert acc to dmg. for maximum effect, don't forget to Empower, ... So yes, that becomes kind of a mini game, but the rewards a worth it if you like that kind of maneuvering. If you do, you are also willing to sacrifice a little DPS for the fun. If you don't, obviously, just ignore it. Not everything in this game is for everyone, be it classes, races, items, companions, ... , and I don't think it has to be. Point is, this Sword has its uses.
  19. You can already re-spec and hopefully they will allow stat re-speccing eventually as well. I find it very hard to imagine that your character was irreparably made unplayable. Not sure where PoE nerfs were already mentioned (Perception not contributing to Deflection, but Accuracy (which was overdue), and Defender going from +15 Deflection to -5). Even then, had you built an extremely tanky fighter, that would still have been playable afterwards, it would just have nothing to do with what you had in mind when you created the character in the first place. I don't see anything in 1.1 that's comparable or even close. If I'm wrong, I'd like to see a concrete example of a character that is either unplayable or doesn't match the original concept anymore. Or am I missing the point, after 8 pages of discussion?
  20. * The cone is not foe-only (or did that change in 1.1?). * If you attack only one foe, you hit twice (that was supposed to go away with 1.1, but for me, it still does - maybe that's different in a new playthrough?) hang on hang on your saying the cone attack hits friends and foes? and If you hit one person it hits them twice??? how does this work? friend and foe: as I said, before 1.1, it was AoE, not Foe AoE and hit companions as well. Have to verify with 1.1 for the current status. if they changed it, that would make up for some of the lost power, at least from a handling perspective. Attacking twice: If there was only one target in the cone, a single attack attacked twice (and for me, it still does, but that might be different in fresh playthrough),
  21. You can change the loot detection radius in the settings (default 4m), that should fix it in most cases.
  22. I do. It allows me to use Empowered Soul Annihilation, Backstab, Sneak Attack, & Savage Attack on 4-5 targets in one strike. Or use the spinning attack and get to 100% focus or above in one spin. High INT helps to hit as many as possible in both cases.
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