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  1. Hey I've just recently started playing pillars of eternity,but I'm no stranger to the infinity engine games,I know what to do and how to position generally. I'm having 2 issues mainly though: 1. I really don't know what talents and abilities I should be building on my party,I only really need to find some links to up to date builds on all classes,cheat sheets maybe? Also what should my party consist of,right now I have: Rogue,Fighter,Paladin,Priest,Druid,Cipher How good is that?Do i need more supports,damage,tankiness? What's good in the latest version of the game? 2.And lastly I'm following this build here for my PC rogue: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79744-tcs-rogue-dw-sabre-4-shot-thaos-1-bs-1- cs/ I have roughly the same items as the guide suggests,roughly the same talents and abilities as well,and my rogue can't even 4 shot an adragan lmao... Any help would be really appreciated,I'll try to find a way to upload my save too since it's too big for the forum to upload...thanks in advance! P.S. I'm playing on hard difficulty on the latest version of the game.Telling me what's good in the game would also greatly help me.
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