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  1. That's what I am thinking of doing, is leaving the plant then come back.
  2. <_< ive only been to like level 20 something so that might have something to do with it <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Get more experience then talk to him.
  3. I hope this isn't some type of glitch because defeated all the thugs of my ship on Nar Shadaar, including the Chief. I run into Visas for the first time and all that, but when I get off the ship Atton is supposed to get a hologram stating an invitation I am waiting for. No matter how many time I get on and off the ship the hologram doesn't come. I am very disappointed and don't want to start over. Please if you know how what can I do?
  4. Yeah that is true, those other movie aren't what I would expect Lucas to do.
  5. There is a place called www.wookieepedia.com where you can get info on anything in starwars including this game.
  6. He wasn't in the movie as GOTO, but the same type of droid that looked just like him was in there.
  7. Oh ok, because when you said you picked Bau-dur I was scared.
  8. I guess they weren't made for such a big monitor and the icons are adjusting to the size.
  9. I normally go on the path of the darkside, but this time I am going on the light and I like it.
  10. I have sent you a message concerning this matter, it is getting off topic.
  11. I know this, it is better tough when you have good influence.
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