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  1. I have the game on XBOX, and don't have live.
  2. Bith is growing on me to be the worst name.
  3. Don't you remember at the end of the first game he ruled the sith there?
  4. Yeah I know, me and my cousin both noticed that our first go around.
  5. Korriban was cool until Revan ruled it, I love Revan and all but he destroyed Korriban.
  6. I see. OT- I also hate that when I go to the light side everytime i talk to her I loose influence, because shes so bad.
  7. I'm sure that this has been done before just the fact that you changed the wording to "Girl" Now seriousl a beautiful girl? sounds like some sick thinking here <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Eh, we all have are own fantasies
  8. He may have made a mistake but all-in-all he made star wars, hes great.
  9. When I go darkside I like to kill them all and get all there force points.
  10. There was never any Kreia in the first game that knw Revan how in a couple years does she know him so well?
  11. I don't think so, there isn't anything in the book that says you can.
  12. I know, I didn't save in the longest time, I hope the last auto save wasn't far behind.
  13. I normally choose the dark side, but I chose the light this time and I like it a lot.
  14. See I didn't like that idea because he came back really young but Obi and Yoda showed up still old and the way they died. It was a dumb idea, but they did it.
  15. Yeah, a third game could really tie up loose ends.
  16. Killing Juhani and Jolee sicked, also killing mission and Zallbarr, I really grown close to them.
  17. Yeah well me too, I hate that I got real far in my game and the thing froze.
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