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  1. Only one thing does not look good as i expected. Gun shooting. I expect to see excelent gun shooting ,bullet impact on targeted body physics.
  2. GOOD! I hate good story water down with "romance"crap. You want romance? go outside in pub or whatever and romance whoever you want.
  3. I would like to see how far OBS went in gore stuff. I would like to see parts of body chopped off , crticial hits that makes unique gore scene(Fo1 and FO2) etc. I prefer darker,mature approach to the game (with dark humor) rather then mainstream ,tra la la ,"i shoot you die" approach.
  4. I have just finished on Path of damned little over 70h of gameplay. Overall : 9/10 My biggest complain is xp quest ballance and light main story. I prefer darker/sinister tone of the game world. Battle animations,slow motion , graphics, world reactivity ,choice and consequence all are fantastic.
  5. No , i ment soul bounded not yelow unique. I did not come across two handed great sword soul bounded. Did you? does one exists in the game?
  6. I know , but here is a thing. I want to devs do it, to be official. I feel if i am going to do , its going to be like cheating. ( i just feel that way)
  7. I mean c mon! How can you make world with Paladin in it and no unique two handed soul bounded sword ?? i am 95% finished all locations and did not found it, I have dozens of unique sabres !!! but not a single late game unique great sword! really shame...
  8. This is for me the most interesting/sppoky location. I play as Paladin so naturaly my job is obliterate all evil. On my second playthrough i plan to go as evil as Beelzebub. So question is: Will i be able to get those fampyrs on my side to be my allies?maybe some unique quests?
  9. I am at crossroad to choose 1 of the allies or go alone. My thinking is to take Floating Hangman(so i wont need to buy a new ship ,right? ) and go alone! But, is it possible? Does aquiring Floating Hangman sign me up with Principi?
  10. Quests for major factions gives you huge ammount of XP and that allowes you to progress faster lvl up! I leveled up up to level 14 by doing just quests in Nekekataka. i explored just 3 islands !!! 75% of map is still unexplored and i am almost lvl15! with only 20lvl cap thats too much!I started on Veteran now i switched to Path of damned (hope this will slow me down). I think with next patch OBS should rebalanse game XP wise. I play on 3.0 Seeker Slayer Survivor.
  11. Its not because its in Bethesda hands. I think mr Cain was referring to original Fallout
  12. On GSC panel 2017 Tim Cain said this: "if you liked Fallout you ll love this game" Thats enough for me
  13. What makes you think that he is not??
  14. That could work . But ,rumour is mr Cain and mr Boyarsky are are allready working on "Fallout" like game .
  15. In my folder i see manual save files but not autosave?! nor end game save file! Help...
  16. Its going to be 1 AM in Europe but ill try to be there! ( no sleep for Watcher )
  17. Source: https://www.vg247.com/2018/04/21/rpg-players-resistant-to-change-says-obsidian/ “The traditionalists probably get angry about this stuff, but Bethesda’s RPGs are very different from isometric RPGs. “They’re much more action orientated, much more focused on the immersive experience. That shows there’s more room for RPGs to grow than just to be what they were 20 years ago. It’s really a matter of finding an audience that matches up with that,” he added. No ..noono...NOOOOOO!! Dont you think for a second that Bethesda is going right way!I Millions of fans wants you to make next Fallout . why do you think thats the case? You say ""immersive experience"".In Fallout 4 that immerzion is broken very fast.How you might ask? For example you have many many NPCs that are soo annoying and immortal !Cant kill it even with nuke!After 7 days in game same creatures with same weapon magicly respawn on same position you cleared allready.Even when you have main quest to clear Fort Strong from mutants for Brotherhood , you do that ,expecting Brotherhood soldiers to occupay location,nope, after 7 days same mutants are there. Is that immerzion???Choice and consequence?? what choice! what consequence! there are none , just cosmetic. Reactivity?? in traces... At the end , i played 4 times Fallout New vegas with 4 tottaly differant experiences and i enjoy it every single time as it was the first. I finished Fallout 4 1 time and have no desire nor will to try again.Its pointless , what ever you do you will have same outcome same ending regardless what faction you play. No choice in dialogs , what ever option you choose your character will say the same thing. That is ultimate immerzion breaking!
  18. IS OBS attending E3?? Did not see that news..
  19. Any news since Tim announced 6 months ago new game ?
  20. For love of God no . You see i have Pupaphobia - fear of puppets. Josh is my favorite character in gaming industry, personal hero if you wish.And seeing him as puppet is really terrifying for me. (pls dont laugh )
  21. Only if you have saved vitchrak then you can expect it to become crewmember
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