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  1. I had the same problem. it seems like it had something to do with the release of AD5. I submitted a ticket, and that needed my iOS and my game ID, and my paypal receipt. I had to submit the ticket through obsidian support. The technical part of this... as in, not these forums, which are more the pathfinder side. They fixed it very quickly, but I did not get my card back. BUT FAIR WARNING! When AD6 came out, EVERYTHING was restored. My old cards and dice, everything. BUT i LOST all the new stuff I had gained... it was like my account was rolled back. I was given 5 chests as a "sorry" when that happened... in my opinion, it was a win.
  2. Divine attack spells.... holylight. Sunburst. Sign of Wrath. Holy light is really only good up to AD4, granted.
  3. Honestly, I had the best results running it with 2 characters. legendary, you go with 6, it adds 12 cards. Who wants to explore a 22 card deck with the same card? You don't need all those extra blessings, you just need 1 good attacker, and 1 good buffer, or two decent attackers. Lini + amiri. Lem + sajan. Harsk and selah together. Valeros and ezren. If you want to risk spells, use seoni as the attacker. The hardest character to use is meriseil here, since she is meant for soloing. Unless you want to solo the deck, then she might do ok. But if you do that, and have the resistance items, you don't even need heals. And sajan is a star here. He shines. HE can likely even solo this deck very easily. My sajan has 6 or 7 blessings of erastil... the one that adds two dice to combat dexterity checks.
  4. I sure am! When are you doing the AD6 playthrough? Kinda interested to see how you tackle 6-5. I had to cut it down to 2 chars, and I was able to take that all the way through legendary... the rune wardens just add up too fast.
  5. It's not like I had perma death on. I just wasn't paying attention =P It's all just math... until AD 5 and 6... then the numbers aren't so pretty...
  6. Yeah, I didn't realize it at the time, wasn't organic enough for me. I'd just go through the regular henchmen if they came up. It would have saved me alot of heart ache with the barriers.
  7. Yeah, I play fairly aggressively. With my A team (Ezren/Selah/Valeros/Kyra/meriseil/seoni) each one can typically solo their own location, or they could up to AD 5. SO I never really thought about putting anything on the bottom... rather, I always put them right on the top and chewed through locations as fast as I could. The weakest would be merisel most of the time... but free evade at all times, sooo... yeah. I think that's why 6.5 threw me so hard... it's a completely different play style to get through. I like it.
  8. IT draws them 3 in a row more often than you give it credit for. Seriously, try it with 2 characters, you will see the difference. MUCH easier. And the point is, it takes alot of resources to hit the 23. So the first one, yes. The 2nd one, maybe, the third one... eh... And with 6 chars, you have to hit the check 4 more times than with 2. In what world is making the check 5 times easier than making it once? As for everyone taking 10... 23 is high enough that you will not have a 100% chance. So you might roll and miss it by 1. you might roll and miss it by 8. but there is a decent enough chance you will fail, as the success rate is not 100% When it comes to random number generators... if you can fail, you better assume you will fail. Less characters do NOT bury more cards. less characters have a smaller deck to go through. More characters have a bigger deck. IT took about 4 turns to win with 2 characters. As far as blessings for checks... that's why I said, Lem was the buff bot, and Sajan was the attacker. No problem with buffs for checks. I had buffs for days, since it was two chracters and, with less characters, turns came sooner... meaning hands recharged faster. You are right, it IS beatable with 6. But it is easier with 2. Try it. I strongly suggest the Lem/ Sajan combo... Sajan is just a boss here, if you have the power to resist damage outside of combat. And Lem, just recharge your entire hand before it is his turn again... he is not meant to fight... he can help burn through boons, but do not engage any banes with him. Wait, Scrying can put the bane on the bottom? That would make it a different game. To think, I just brute forced everything...
  9. simple math. You face 1 rune warden in the deck, you deal with it 1 time. You face 5 rune wardens in the deck, you deal with it 5 times. so, with 2 characters, it is a 12 card location deck. Revelation quill works on almost 1/2 of the deck. with 6 characters, it is a 16 card deck. quill works on a little less then 1/3 of the deck. Scrying and augury are ok, but they have a MAJOR flaw. if it's not the card type specified, it goes back in the deck. IF it's for villians, and the only one uncovered is karzoug... the rest gets shuffled into the deck, and karzoug goes on top. Oddly enough, harsk's scout ability is decent here. There is also a older ally who reveals the top card on a recharge, and lets you encounter if if you discard. There is also the guy that soawns the sand point devil, hsi ability is very good here. In any case. 1st character goes. encounters rune warden. everyone rolls. some had to recharge to pass, some had resist, some had good enough skills. Now the fight. So the character that drew the rune warden has to beat it. Because, if they don't, EVERYONE takes 10 damage. AND the rune warden goes back. So, 1st character beats it, had to use some resources. 2nd character draws rune warden. Yes, that is kinda how it works when you have a 16 card deck, and 5 of the cards in it are rune wardens. So everyone rolls AGAIN. reources are getting pretty scarce by the end of this second volley. and AGAIN, it HAS to be beaten, or EVERYONE suffers MAJOR damage. The check is 23, so it WILL take resources. Let's say it gets beaten again, and the third character goes... another rune warden. Yes, it has happened 3 times out of 15. How do you think things are looking at that point? Waiting and recovering is a SEMI valid option, but every turn I do, I am losing cards that I won't get back until the scenerio is done. So, yes, individual success/failure does effect everyone else, ESPECIALLY when rune wardens hit everyone if you fail the combat check. And each character that doesn't succeed on their own is also losing cards. and if any use cards and still fail, that's extra cards. It all adds up, and it all adds up VERY quickly. it is MUCH easier (for me and my play style) with 2 characters. The party that did the best so far was Lem/Sajan. Lem played the buff bot... did not explore unless I knew it was not a fight, and sajan just recharged every single one of those blessings that adds two die to dex combat checks. Now the trick is finding a way to get one character to carry a weaker one through. Oh, a side note.... wand of treasure finding rocks your socks here. Great way to whittle down the deck in a non threatening manner.
  10. I found a pretty good method. I was running it with a 6 man team... meaning 1 dargon, karzoug, and 5 rune wardens. Too many rune wardens. Just took too many resources. I ran it with a 2 man team. 1 dragon, karzoug, and 1 rune warden. Cake.
  11. Any tips? Just got caught back up, and I am probing at it. Got there with my B team, I go through with them first and use my A team for the hard setting, then only use one or two for legendary. Lini, Sajan, Selah, Amiri, Lem, Harsk The problem I am running into is that you have to explore all cards out of the location deck, and all the henchmen and the villian all hit the entire party. I am running into empty hands by the 3rd or 4th explore. Any tips?
  12. I'm not worried about it, I'll just redo the scenarios. Ok mean, I got alot of good cards back I had lost. So I consider it a win
  13. They do not have it marked. It looks like it was hit by a rollback, because I don't have any of the cards from it (The first thing I had checked were spells for my disintegrates...) And all of them are not marked as completed. When I log in, my story mode has a exclaimation mark on it. On the plus side.... And this is good news for me... When I first got AD 5, my purchases had been wiped, and all cards I had gotten had removed (like steel ibis llamelers) However, now that I look through the list, yes, they are there again. S it was a rollback for sure. I think I can live with that.
  14. Had the older android issue. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. All the progress I made through AD5 is gone.
  15. Some of us haven't even.had the chance to play yet. Guess I won't get woolens
  16. Thanks for taking the time, Aarik. As thanks.. I wasn't planing to buy anything for the game for a while, but name a pack or whatever and I'll buy it. Gotta support the things you enjoy, right?
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