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  1. Na, the play isn’t a simple jealously drama. Büchner, the author, was a hard leftist and believed people to be heavily influenced by society. His aim for Woyzeck was, as I recall, to create a piece in which one can argue for Woyzecks innocence. And what I am trying to say is that no one simply “is” evil. Every act of evil, or good, has traceable causes in the actors psychology, his social condition, etc. If a society produced gun shootings Oma regular basis, saying there might be a problem with the society doesn’t seem like too far of a fetch.
  2. Me personally, I am somewhat teaching myself how to learn for its own sake. Having some degree of success with it, so I’m genuinely happy in school. At times, anyway.
  3. I haven’t visited school in the US, but I have spend some time in the UK (which I’ve heard has a similar climate) and, of course, Germany. So I might as well rant a bit about the flaws of schooling. There is a special kind of tragedy surrounding school work. The subjects tackled are all important, have the potential to spark our interests or even touch us deeply. The people sitting in a classroom will, in all likelihood, never again spend this much time understanding literature, philosophy, history, the sciences, etc. And this makes sense - adolescence is an extremely important time, as
  4. We eat horse though. The horse-meat scandal 2013 is one of those events that really stuck with me,
  5. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/opinion/my_view/what-are-commonsense-gun-laws/article_426e1958-3e0b-534b-b539-3403e4ae0816.html "Common sense means quit attacking the gun, which is just a tool, and go after the person (or people) responsible for the violence. Enforce the laws that already exist. Lock up the felons in possession of firearms for life with no parole. Elect judges who aren’t soft on criminals and are willing to punish the perpetrators harshly and with lengthy prison sentences. Bring back the death penalty and execute the worthless scum plaguing our streets. Quit giving them
  6. Honestly, I feel like car free inner cities is a great idea, even if difficult to implement at first
  7. Well I am officially allowed to drive cars now. To be honest, I feel like the existence of my drivers license is a pro libertarian argument
  8. I propose we try a little something: falsely attributed quotes. „If you’re not a communist at the age of 20, you haven’t got a heart. If you’re still a communist at the age of 40, you haven’t got a brain.“ -Joseph Stalin
  9. Suicide Guns Degree of technological development in the economy, lets say
  10. I'd question the structuring of that second map a bit because it makes a huge jump in category for number of suicides, rather than incrementing, it jumps right to 122 from 17. https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/statistics/suicide.shtml They have a more sensible map in that sense (last category is up to 20), averaged by state rather than location, though it end up looking similar. I’d assume the 17-122 is used because there are a few single places with disproportionately high numbers
  11. How is the story with gun deaths rather than suicides. More specifically, (how) does gun ownership correlate with suicide? Cause there seems to be a correlation... Here’s gun ownership Here’s suicide Afterthoughts: If there is such a stark correlation between the two (which seems intuitive, since guns male suicide easy), and if preventing people from owning guns proves too difficult, we have to wonder how to lower suicide rates. Which I genuinely don’t know how to do, but free for all, easy access psychological and psychiatrical help seems like a logical first step
  12. How I am understanding it, guns are a problem, but taking them away an even bigger one and anything else useless?
  13. LOL. I posted this months ago. Made by IPN (Institute of National Remembrance). Here is the full video with narration (yes it is Sean Bean): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q88AkN1hNYM&t=1s ah wow... I actually forgot that. Anyway, at least it wasn’t an ad on YT back then. Also, regarding to the “fake news glorifying the hellspawn”, BBC is British
  14. What is this propaganda which starts to play before videos? Seriously, this looks like some sort of video game ad. It is despicable how the polish government handles history and treats it like some sort of adventurestory. No facts, no sources, no proper historical work. Instead, mere emotion. Especially with a topic such as the Holocaust, one might expect governments to hadle it with some sort of professionalism. This, however, is laughable.If this was indeed a videogame ad, we should expect some criticism for the poor handling of the subject, and rightfully so. The fact that it is a gover
  15. Honestly, I’d expect there to be a clear correlation between race and intelligence, especially in the US. Even more so world wide. Now, we have to remember that intelligence is, essentially, the degree of the capacity of the brain to do something (at least that’s the most basic definition I can come up with). Thus, it is essential that the brain of a baby, and later as a child, develops well. If it cannot, then a lack of intelligence is to be the expected outcome. We should ask ourselves: what is central to the development of a child’s brain? As far as my admittedly limited (but I do beli
  16. “As a convinced Bolshevik, it goes against my beliefs to serve bourgeois scum.” I bet you that store would be shut down.
  17. Did you equaled an epidemic in prison with Nazi death camps? You did, didn't you?Is that something you picked in school or read some low quality website? no, I pointed out the issues with making “polish death camp” a legal term. I don’t seem to deny, dismiss or relativise the Holocaust. But we are in a discussion about a law. And if we are doing that, I think it is perfectly reasonable to consider just how much history can or could be denied when forbidding the term “polish death camp”. Essentially, I was talking about terminology. Granted though, I should’ve made that clearer. I’m sorry if
  18. I think an important question is to determine what “polish death camps” means. I might as well argue it refers to any polish death camp, not just the ones which the Nazis build. And honestly, that doesn’t seem like too far of a cry. Laws can be changed easily. And Poland did build some actual death camps. Tuchola (?) during the Polish-Soviet war comes to mind. I believe a rather large number of Soviet soldiers died there, something around the 16.000. Furthermore, the polish did their fair share of backing the white terror with its anti-Jewish character earlier in the same century. That hap
  19. Today, I literally fell of the chair when it hit me that the Bohemian Rhapsody is a retelling of Camus’ Stranger.
  20. Well it seemed slightly more healthy than getting drunk with the same frequency
  21. the word "leader" is misleading. While he used to be affiliated with the State-Leadership of the AfD in Brandenburh (the state surrounding Berlin), he is now leading the AfD only within a small voting district in the same state. Regardlessly, this is, of course, highly amusing news. Out of curiosity since you're there, are there any 'educated guesses' in Germany as to what his reasons are for the conversion? What I saw was 'personal reasons' with no elaboration. I only saw the same. Though the AfD did say something about freedom of religion, so maybe (if we get a bit conspiratorial) the AfD w
  22. the word "leader" is misleading. While he used to be affiliated with the State-Leadership of the AfD in Brandenburh (the state surrounding Berlin), he is now leading the AfD only within a small voting district in the same state. Regardlessly, this is, of course, highly amusing news.
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