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  1. Well, simply choose fire godlike and enchant all your weapons with fire lash . The thing about boeroer's build is he mainly uses two handed weapons... Speed penalty really hurts us with those, so we would had to put points into Dex so we had to reduce mental stats... Hey, we just won bronze in Judo in the Olympic... Sure you don't wanna play a monk
  2. @Boeroer about the big edit: while this is excellent advise (I honestly forgot about the chainmail from the wael quest... Dammit what store has it now?), I doubt that late game advise is useful for our favourite noooob . He hasn't even seen defiance bay, weapons like buckler, stormcaller, little savour and so in are to him more abstract than actual weapons... He won't see them for quite some time. I think we should rather get him started ...
  3. Also, wear heavy armour if you feel you lack protection... Speed penalties are ok. For a race... Pale elf (wood elf might be a bit to much ranged) if you want to go elf. For a godlike perhaps death? Really cool ability for a DD. Or fire, but melee dependence (since you go hyprid better not take a pure melee/ranged class) or moon for more defense (if you fear you might lack it). A dwarf can be nice... The accuracy bonus is huge when applied. Human always works.
  4. 1. In the party he will be the reliable damage dealer, he won't do as much damage as some other classes but he will be sturdy. Also if the enemy breaks the tank-line he is a "last row of defense" and can defend the spellcasters/dedicated DPS classes for some time. This isn't a usual build, I tried to fit him to your demands. What you got is a jack of all trades with a focus on Damage Dealing who is easy to play. 2. Open with the blunderbuss and let your tank(s) engage. Switch to stilletos at will and flank the enemy. Or kill anything that gets through the first line, as mentioned before. You
  5. Now, I came up with a simple concept for the hybrid paladin, so I'll post it anyway... It's not a full build, rather a first-levels recommendation and a simple draft... I never tested it. Should work anyway. It is also a good first build since it works rather simple and requires little micro. The cheetah (we will cheat around DR, also we play an yellow Orlan to fit the name ) Heart Orlan M 14 (15 base -1 Orlan) C 8 D 8 P 19 (17 base +2 Orlan) I 14 R 14 (13 base +1 Orlan) With your culture you can add one more point anywhere... Perhaps mig or perception Whatever Order yo
  6. About the hybrid character though... Well, the wizard can summon some quite powerful melee weapons, one of them from lvl 1, and he has some quite potent self buffs. Also he can become very powerful when ranged due to special abilities with wands/scepters/rods as well as an spell called kalakthos (?) minor blights and one which lets you summon a powerful bow (very late). If you want to focus more on physical damage, perhaps a rouge? Weapon focus ruffian seems to be a strong choice... It gives you access to both blunderbuss and sabres which are quite good for a rouge... Backstabbing blunderbu
  7. Are you referring to a paladin or a monk? Because I don't see how taking no damage should hurt a paladin (also I don't see how you are taking no damage, it's more about taking and them regenerating, which makes the race such a strong choice for a monk)
  8. Also @ Boeroer: for the same reason I'm gonna ask you: did you actually use the guy in your portrait as a character? If so, what was his class, background?
  9. @slack83er do you mind posting your character's gender, race and background? It's just that I find characterlore quite interesting.... Does he worship skaen though?
  10. Why, why fighter? No, I love my tank to death, but I wouldn't take a fighter as a main... They are practically predetermined to become tanks, and even when you build a DD fighter it is simply a pretty boring class... don't get me wrong, they are very very potent and every party can benefit greatly from having one, but in comparison also have a pretty passive playstyle. And since you use a party, it won't help with the learning curve past guilded vale, since you then start to pick up new companions with new classes whom you need to understand. Also, the fighter companion is a really nice guy t
  11. I say go skaen monk . Monks behave somewhat weird, you'll need some time to get used to getting hurt without getting damaged... It's an class all about balance. And if you build a moon godlike monk it will forgive mistakes. Choose your role: a 18 18 18 10 7 6 for damage (for monks I value speed higher, there are enough ways to increase accuracy) (high con+that wheel ability with the 5% per wound is a wonderful choice), 18 18 10 7 6 18 for somewhat tankiness. Swap mig and int for cc-tank with true tanking abilities (also put some con and if you are willing even some mig into per then, in which
  12. For the actual gameplay, there are better people to talk to around here, however, I'll try to answer you in the sense of roleplay. Now, the picture of the paladin being a "war-priest" might not be just entirely correct: the paladin is simply a warrior devoted to his order and it's lifestyle. A bleak walker or a shieldbarer (to name opposites) for example have very strict rules of life, however not for religious but rather for political/social reasons. There are certain religious paladin orders in the game, however, you cannot be a member of one of these. The paladin is more of a war priest in
  13. Hm, I guess I can be the first to also post something about my stats and gear M 17 - Well, I am thinking of this more as magical abilities and "might", so for this well-educated fellow it makes sense for it to be high C 6 On one hand, he is old. On the other, dump stat D 14 just to make him better at casting P 16 same as above I valued p over d for rp again... I 18 well, obviously R 6 remember him becoming very unsure? Also dump stat He is a melee wizard, so he is getting out the concealhaut staff And crushes People to death. Being lvl 8 (not 9-no per encounter-staff sadly), in l
  14. Yes, I do know about the blights... However, it takes quite a while till they become per encounter, compared to the staff. My question is aimed specifically at staff vs upgraded implements
  15. 1. Does it make the rod the best implement regardless of its slower "reload"time? 2. Does the dangerous implement + (penetrating) blast make the best "normal" wizard's weapon, especially when compared to a per-encounter-parasitic staff?
  16. The de Daccis always were one of the wealthiest familys in Ozia, one of Vialia's richest and most important cities. With Jaquomo de Dacci starting as an small merchant with a small galeone about 300 years ago, the de Daccis have since been able to increase their wealth, ultimately owning a large trading company including a small fleet of ships. However, at some point the republics began to shatter, and the increasing political instability caused Aloferus de Dacci to sell his trading company but one ship and try to bring his family into safer realms. Never having aquired any sort of geographica
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