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  1. Define “socialism” and “nationalism”
  2. Fun fact: The borderline reactionary Bavarian “wing” of Germany’s christian-conservative CDU (Merkels Party) is actually called the CSU/Christlich Soziale Union, so the Christian social union. Another funny thing: Some years ago, they (CSU) refused to act against (bavarian) schools which didn’t want to take the Christian cross off the wall, regardless of the Supreme Court explicitly saying they had to. Nothing ever happened after that... Until recently, when they in fact made it obligatory for schools to have the cross on the wall. So they went from ignoring Supreme Court ruling to straig
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_induction
  4. I know, its breitbart, but I can't read arabic http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/05/25/shock-poll-81-of-al-jazeera-arabic-poll-respondents-support-isis/ or some of BBC perhaps?: http://www.comresglobal.com/polls/bbc-radio-4-today-muslim-poll/ those two links present extremely different pictures though. I’m more inclined to believe the BBC one, as the AJ is literally just an internet multiple choice; which can’t exactly be considered representative... even I could vote on that. It’s literally pressing two buttons and one “I’m no robot” thingy
  5. My main source here are two works on the development of the heterosexual relationship, mainly a sociological one. I do now realise that may lend itself to a certain definition of “chivalry”, so there is a chance I don’t get the full picture.
  6. Thanks for your effort. I have to admit, it made me a bit unsure it’s been a time since I’ve actually read about this, so I’m writing from memory. Perhaps I ought to look into it before I attempt a response. The idea of chivalry as an instrument of monarchical domination is an interesting one; though I haven’t heard it before. Not sure if we mean the same thing by the word “chivalry”... I always understood it as a certain manner in which a man behaves towards a woman, characterised especially by the romantic idealisation of the woman by the man and actions according to this line of thought.
  7. You said I was lost. I asked wether this was due to me not referring back to the video; which I believe to be an antisemitic one. A point the two of us elaborated. Perhaps we didn’t communicate ideally, but I wouldn’t call it off the rails. Not completely, at least.
  8. Today I “discovered” this. Love it. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/72vyio/the_gods_in_pillars/
  9. No, the “international elites who control our media, finance and banking”, and the allusion to a connection between them and “immigration only to white countries so that every last of you ‘evil white persons’ is destroyed”, is dangerously close to antisemitism. But thank you for your concern
  10. I’m lost, as in, not referring to the video? Do you want to talk about the “international elites who control our media, finance and banking”, and the “immigration only to white countries so that every last of you ‘evil white persons’ is destroyed”? We can go there... just be aware, though you may are, that all of the above is nothing more than todays antisemitism. Which, for the most part, is almost word for word the exact same deal as before.
  11. I wouldn't say guts. There's no bravery involved here. It's not an even remotely grey issue. More like pure ignorance or just being plain evil. even if this were what I was saying, which it is not, why would it be “siding with rapists”? It’s not like the typical rapist chooses to rape exactly those women he believes will become criminals
  12. What you should perhaps consider about medieval gender relations is that women were deprived of any political, or economic, power „in exchange“ for being romanticised into a sort of ideal of love; which could grant them some degree of dignity, at least in all matters love. So chivalry (if indeed originated here) is not (just) criticised for being an asymmetric relationship; but for being a remainder of a societal order that deprived women of their rights.
  13. Like constantly explaining to someone, perhaps even a child, that they’re worthless will result in them actually feeling worthless? Or superior, for that matter? Definitely yes
  14. many museums don’t charge entry; so you can try around, see if any particular one suits you. Many are quite large as well... could spend literal days in the natural history for example, if that’s your thing.
  15. „I’m not racist, [ethnically definded group] just really do commit more crime.“ Facts aren't racist. Covering and hiding [ethnically defined group] crimes and pretending they doesn't exist is racist. I do believe there could be a certain connection between the criminal stigma attached to someone and their following career in crime. Facts aren’t racist. But racists can create facts.
  16. Yes, that's why I treat you guys like crap, to not express my male dominance No kiddo, women are to be treated well because it's a decent thing to treat other people well. And saying thank you verbally or non verbally is a decent thing to do when people are nice to you. I think it’s highly situational. Any such act can be either simple decency or expression of hierarchy... I’m not trying to say it is always one thing, it’s that it can be both. Which is worth remembering.
  17. Yet, I do believe we can agree that chivalry, in general, is indeed an expression of male dominance; that is, women are men‘s responsibility to be treated well. Women however are to smile and to be thankful for this. There’s a certain difference in the worth ascribed to each of the two here.
  18. „I’m not racist, [ethnically definded group] just really do commit more crime.“
  19. Thanks for the responses! In my PoE (one) experience, having two priests was quite a game changer. Used to be tremendously powerful... is that still a thing? If not, i might actually switch to pure martial. Switching to nature godlike also seems like a good idea. I’ll have to think wether i can “justify” that RP-wise
  20. Let me say beforehand that I only just got deadfire a few days ago; and I’ve spend all my time trying around with lvl 1-2 characters to figure out what suits me. I therefore have not yet experienced the game to an extent where I can actually judge wether this is a viable build. Still, I feel this is a promising build. And because of this, and because of my noobiness in this game, I am presenting it as a concept; in hopes of receiving some helpful comments. I know I may asking for a bit of a lot; but if possible, please try to avoid (story-related) spoilers. So; what’s the deal?
  21. At 0:37/38, that’s definitely Karl Marx hanging there on the wall.
  22. I don't dream I make my dreams come true. I don't dream of being someone else nor I envy someone else success. And what do you contribute? If I remember correctly you are on welfare and uneducated. I may confuse you with someone else though. So only working people should pay taxes and unemployed collecting welfare? Great idea, doesn't work.People decide the taxes are to high and it's more profitable to collect welfare -> more people on welfare -> taxes rises -> People decide the taxes are to high and it's more profitable to collect welfare and so on. At some point country colla
  23. Nothing stopping you now. Let's see some pics and hear some stories. all in good time.
  24. Isn’t the issue less the racism in and of itself and more the racism directed at an officer?
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