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  1. The Horsechopper +1 says " If proficient with weapons, the dificulty if increased by 4 ".Shouldn't it say " If NOT proficient with weapons ".
  2. I had a problem when I used Lini's beast form by discarding a Crow, and then used Seoni's Wand of Enervation, after I rolled the amount to decrease it removed all the dice from cards that I played, as usual, because of the old bug, but then it kept my Crow in my discard pile, and then when I ended my turn it appeared in Seoni's discard pile too, even though I never had a Crow with Seoni. I tapped on it and it would let me drag the Crow into Seoni's hand, and then at the end of the scenario I still had the Crow with Lini, but I also had a Crow with Seoni.
  3. I have issues with the Wand of Enervation, where if I play it with a character with the Arcane skill, it still decreases the check by 2d4, as if she did not have the Arcane skill.
  4. I encountered it again because the game did not let me close the location.
  5. I didn't say that there were no Outsiders, I just said that there weren't very many, compared to Wrath of the Righteous, trust me, I played through the physical game.
  6. I don't mean to be mean or rude, butI played through the entire physical AP, and there were no Demons, so why is this card even useful. Are you gonna add cards that have the Demon trait, or am I never gonna use this with Amiri.
  7. Not to be rude, but, why do you need the Guide to The Beyond in Rise of the Runelords, I played through the entire physical adventure path, and there weren't very many Outsiders. Could you use this card in another AP, where there are more Outsiders, like Wrath of the Righteous.
  8. I had Kyra at the Farmhouse and defeated the henchmen, and to close it it summoned a rat swarm, I failed to beat it by 4 or more so it shuffled it into the location deck, but summoned cards can not go anywhere but back into the box unless the card that summoned it says otherwise, according to the Skull and Shackles rule book.
  9. I looked and discovered that Meresiel did not complete Them Ogres Ain't Right.
  10. I had just purchased Harsk in Quest mode after reaching Tier 1 with Kyra and Meresiel, and Harsk leveled up, it said that I got an ally a skill feat and something else but it did not give me the rewards. It just went to the Rebuild decks screen
  11. Yeah, I have seen others report this bug. This is one of the reasons why it is taking so long for them to release AD4,because of role card bugs.
  12. I had Harsk at the Shrine of Lamashtu and Ezren at the Old Light and it was Harsk's turn and the last turn of the game. I knew that the villain was in the Shrine due to the Mayor, but not how far from the top of the deck. I played Augury with Ezren, putting the villain on top of the Shrine, but it switched to Ezren's turn causing me to lose. Has anyone had this bug? Does anyone know any solutions
  13. I own the Ranger class deck for the physical game and in that deck it adds the d8 against undead even if you do not discard it, but in this game it changes the d4 gained from discarding it to a d8 against undead. Is this a bug or did they make it weaker on purpose.
  14. I completed Into the Mountains with Lini, Seoni, Amiri, Meresiel,and Harsk with Seoni dying, and it did not give me my role card with Meresiel or Seoni. It just showed
  15. When I use Wand of enervation, after I roll the amount that the check is decreased by, it removes the extra dice from cards I played.
  16. In Trouble in Sandpoint, I had Seoni at the Glassworks, and Amiri at the Catacombs of Wrath. On Seoni's turn, I encountered Erylium, and attempted to temporarily close the Catacombs, which had me encounter a Wrathful Sinspawn. I beat the Sinspawn, rolled a 1 for the scenario power, and the game asked me " close location? yes/no". I selected Yes and it had me encounter another Sinspawn, I defeated that one too, and it PERMANTELY closed the Catacombs of Wrath.
  17. The location Habe's Sanitorium says "At the start of your turn, attempt a Wisdom 5 check. if you succeed, draw a random card from your discard pile, if you fail bury the top card of your deck." I had Lini at this location and I failed the check, which made me bury the top card of my deck, but on another turn I succeeded and it did not give me a random card from my discard.
  18. Collapsed ceiling says "If undefeated, display this card next to the location deck. Characters at this location encounter this card as their FIRST exploration of the turn. I had Amiri at the Clock tower with this barrier and i failed to defeat it. Then I used my Soldier to explore again because I knew that it would not have me encounter the ceiling, yet it had me encounter the ceiling anyway, even though it was not the first exploration of the turn
  19. No matter how hard I try I can't get past Here Comes The Flood. When I complete the scenario, I get the allies I rescued, but it does not show the scenario as being completed, so I can not move to the next scenario. Can anyone help or tell me the what the problem is.
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