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  1. Oh dude don't go the NWOD (which is now Chronicles of Darkness *pushes glasses up*) it ends badly...Both systems have their pluses and minuses and had different goals in mind. However I better cut myself off there because World of Darkness and Star Wars are tied for #1 things to make me fangirl about like a 12 year old girl does to Justin Bieber.
  2. I'm all for the long game Followers are fun because you get everyone to owe you something and, because your goals are different from the other clan's (especially if you accidentally fall onto the Path of Lilith) you get to tell really interesting stories...and mess with other's plans like nothing else
  3. This sounds more kinky than it probably should... I mean, this was mostly what my get-up is when I'm playing a Follower of Set (which is most of the time). I have other clans I play but Followers is my favorite.
  4. I do Mind's Eye Theatre, usually we're in a bar...in full Vampire gear...so slightly better then just being inside?
  5. Yeah, I've noticed as I switch in and out different characters to try them they do tend to level up pretty fast. It's nice not to be hampered by a new character. I haven't seen a lot of downside, really, other than the less cool cards in the characters' hands. It is based off the highest level character, there's nothing worse then being a new player to a LARP and everyone is an Elder and you're a n00b Neonate and have no way to catch up! Wait...probably should not have admitted I LARP...
  6. Use another email to create another Humble Bundle account, and use a different form of payment. 2 deals per account per form of payment. Is that really ok with the Dev? I don't know that would be fine with them. We're completely okay with you all donating to charity multiple times :D if you happen to get some mad loots in the process that's just a way to say thank you for making the world a better place.
  7. Can confirm, I got friends out in Finland I only get to see them once a year for GDC but, its always a ton of fun when I see them! I shipped a package with some costuming stuff I made for said Finnish friends recently, that was perhaps the weirdest shipping label I have ever printed, I found out about a lot of shortcuts for letters I'm not used to using.
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback, I can't say a lot just due to normal industry hoodoo and voodoo but, you should notice improvements over the coming months with a lot of these issues and new features. Quest mode is kind of its own crazy animal and as we get more and more content and mechanics in it'll get better and better (We even go back and improve old quests if new mechanics and content can be put in them). So keep up the feedback! We may not always comment but we are reading!
  9. I got a box of crayons and draw a mean stick figure! Let's kick this pig! I do believe this is the appropriate time to say "Proof" Or I just really want to see this.
  10. So in Quest mode think of 'Tiers' as Decks, only locations/maps that would appear in a tier/deck or LOWER are used. At lower levels this is less variety, as time goes on expect there to be more variety and awesome in Quest mode
  11. It's a bit less about it being random more trying to keep the boxes in line with story mode but, balancing it out because Quest mode functions differently. I'll go check on the boxes, we're constantly tweaking quest mode in multiple ways so, this maybe another place it needs to be tweaked.
  12. As the person who spends a good portion of her time tweaking, improving, kept up at night, and generally fretting over Quest Mode. This thread gives me warm fuzzies
  13. One of the aspects of Pathfinder is the notion that it is an RPG, which is discovering new items, creatures, and experiences. For some players figuring out the system is an experience they enjoy. I'd rather it be discovered and confirm it then give it away because then those players who prefer that experience can have their own personal 'win' ^^
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