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  1. Why would you avoid using droids? Thats lame. HK-47 can kick ass and take names.
  2. Thats some good artwork you guys have done. Keep it up.
  3. I like Atton, he will make a fine sith apprentice.
  4. I will teach handmaiden on how to dish out pain to my enemies.
  5. Force choke. Choke the life out of them, or choke them into submission! Haha!
  6. Jedi Guardian. I like a good tank who can dish out physical injury.
  7. Nah I played K1 first, since I bought it when it came out.
  8. K1. It felt complete, had a better story, and you were able to kill some of your characters when they turned on you.
  9. I hate rushed games. I paid a decent sum of money and expect to recieve a finished product. I know it will have bugs, it's the nature of all games, but at least complete it.
  10. The pet crystal was the best thing I found in the game thus far.
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