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  1. To sum op this troll post: I picked a traditional melee class and it isnt an archer this game sucks. I picked a shapeshifter class but i dont like shapeshifting skill this game sucks I have a party with 6 characterslots but somehow still need multiclassing cause i can't cover every role, this game sucks. I played for a few hours and didn't finish any of the companion storyline quests but companions suck in this game.
  2. I don't understand how u can give out a patch, but don't have an actual list of things u changed? How does this even work?
  3. I let my party draw sticks, and Pallegina draw the short one, though she got away with the diving helm. This is pretty interesting, cause as a godlike, how could she even use a helmet? Later in act 3 while talking to ondra there also was a inconsistence relating to the final of wmp2. I was able to blame ondra for sacrificing one of my companions even with Pallagina surviving the final.
  4. Endgame ranger too good, pet alone critting for 100+ (also very high acc, itumaak with pala aura and no other buffs that i was aware off had about 111 acc, that was actually the highest acc. of anyone in my party if i remember correctly), ranger with stormcaller twin arrow + stunning shot + talent that makes arrows bounce = most off the time 2-3 enemys perma stunned and sick damage. U want another character that uses either drawn in spring dagger or persistence bow to enable the damage boost for the ranger pet on targets with an active dot effect. I recommend a persistence cipher.
  5. Sadly potd scaled act3 is no challenge anymore if u completed wmp2 (hit lvl 16 before the audience at the duc in defiance bay), for me the ai alone wins every battle, only in the skytemple dragon fight i had to cast crown, devotion buff and defensive mindweb and then let the ai finish. Btw. anyone noticed how strong the ranger pet gets on max level, saganis itumaak just goes berserk mode with 100dmg crits left and right. This on top of twinarrow stormcaller.
  6. You recommend double drawn in spring, do u actually get 2 dots or just 1 that overwrites itself?
  7. I think a good order is sanitarium -> heritage hill -> ruins
  8. This ability seems a bit broken in my opinion, is it intended to generate focus? I'm level 4 and it hits for up to 60-70, and as long as u dont miss u generate way more focus than u spent, so u can just spam this ability as soon as u have 20 focus. Atm no other dmg dealer in my party comes even close to this output and all other cipher abilities on this level seem to be a complete waste to use, cause another huge advantage is this ability checks agains deflection instead of will/fort like most other spells which are much higher on the potd on most enemys and there are a lot of ways to redu
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