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  1. I am not sure if the paladin aura stacks with the priest buff, but generaly talents and weapons stack with everything, body gear does not stack with itself, and buffs don't stack.
  2. I don't think there should be a Ranger in the party, considering the lack of animal companions. The role Aragorn actualy plays would be better covered by a Paladin. Gandalf does not have to be a wizard. He could be a priest. He is not a scholar of the arcane, but a wandering semi-holy guardian of middle earth, and the "wizards" of Arda are actualy celestial beings. Plus, priests have nice enough fire spells. If you want him to be wizard consider building him as a melee wizard, seeing how often he goes into the fray with sword and staff.
  3. I cannot edit my post (maybe because I created this account today?), but I also want to know if having only 10 resolve is not a problem when casting, considering the very low speed of this build.
  4. Awesome build as always . Althought I must say, I never make any stat lower than seven. Which stats would this build miss the least if I wished four more DEX?
  5. Was that meant to be a joke? Yes... Zenbane was using sarchasm to convey how ridiculous it would be to equal Dark Souls, a praticaly classless game, with PoEt, a game where classes are very differenciated by their base attributes and their complex skillset, instead of a meaningless equipament restriction. The only thing acomplished by forcibly restricting equipament from the beggining, instead of forcing especialization later in order to be effective, is limiting the players options, in both gameplay and roleplaying. Why can't my barbarian be a pious prince with knightly training that channels his fanatical fervour into a cold rage as he cuts his foes apart? Why shouldn't a wizard be able to aim straight with a pistol? Why can't my flagellant monk be an avatar of holy retribution wearing armor and crushing skulls with a mace like a templar knight? Either you code all possibilities that can be imagined within the lore, or let the players build the characters they want and imagine the story behind they. And the first option is almost impossible, unfortunately.
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