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  1. Hello everyone! with the news DLC i decided to have a new full run with a custom party. I played and completed the vanilla game and then waited patiently for all dlc to come out. I think i'm set on the watcher and a couple more adventurers. Watcher is going to be a trickster/paladin retaliation tank, wielding whispers of the endless path. Then i'm going to have a Priest/trobadour, healer/support and a Nalpazca/Devoted built to be an aoe killing machine. I'm unsure about the other 2. Probably i need a debuffer(wizard | cipher/chanter?) and a single target dps guy (rogue/something?), but as i said i don't know what and how to build. If you guys have tips i'm all ears! ps. I'm not a big fan of summons or extreme micromanagement. pps. going for triple crown.
  2. do riposte works with bashing shield? i'm trying to build a tanky rogue with high crit chance and badgrad's barricade, but could be a bad idea :D
  3. I always take apprentice sneak attack in every damage dealer, because it's so easy to trigger and it's a flat +15% damage. Add a priest with painful interdiction and enjoy the damage.
  4. Because MAGIC! Also, i like the idea. Constitution feels lackluster compared to other stats.
  5. i'm running the exact same party as your, but my MC is the fighter. I like paladins for accuracy aura, lay on hand, deprive the unworthy (this ability is broken, really broken), sworn enemy + high lore + scrolls, reviving and liberating exhortation. Also they are quite good at tanking and the very first shield you can buy for a pally (outworn bucker) is like the one you get from the adra dragon. In potd i never leave home without a pally :D
  6. same here. everytime i get back to caed nua pallegina has something to say about how my fortress is awesome.
  7. Ok now i need to test mouring gloves with a barbarian dual wielding we toki and spelltongue. And maybe executioner hood..i foresee something hilarious!
  8. Barbarian is my favourite class in the entire game. In my current playthrought i'm using a hearth orlan barb, with 21 per, 18 int, 15 dex, 12 res, 6 might, 6 con. I'm planning to dual wield weapons that prone on crit to control every crowd with minimal effort. I tried this build in another high level game and it worked extremely well.
  9. I really really like low micro, cc heavy parties. In my current run i 'm using 1 support paladin with abydon's hammer as main character, 1 barbarian with hour of saint rumbald (sp?), max int, high dex and percepiton, 1 rogue with godahdhfhvns (the +1 might hammer) and we toki, 1 cypher in autopilot, 1 priest with painful interdiction, and a ranger with stormcaller, twin arrow and max dex. It's working very well.
  10. after 10 tries finally the mushroom died. this is what i did : i stacked 18 constitution on my pc (rauatai biscuits, resting bonus, etc), inhaled spores and severed the bonds between the mushroom and the vithraks. The main problem however are the tentacles, but if you kill the radiant spore the fight is over. So rush for the big guy, petrify him with aloth and dps him hard, ignoring all the tentacles. the someone will fall, but you should kill him quite easily. potions, scrolls and summons helps a lot. (alacrity, scroll of valor, scroll of defense, shadows)
  11. I found that echoing misery boots triggers even when the dragon crits with the fear aura. The full duration of the effect on a character with average might was enough to deal a couple of pips of damage..so you try to stay out of range, let the fear crit you, buff that character's might and wait!
  12. no restrictions means that YOU can impose yourself all the restrctions you want. Dual sabres wielding rogues have the highest DPS in the game? f**k that, i'm going with a torch in each hand cause for my wilderness rogue fire is sacred.
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