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  1. I am a bit confused and need your help. I have a Bleak Walker, level 5 who has 3 points in Aggressive and 1 in Cruel disposition. I do not want to play with the option that states which disposition each dialog gives, but I do use common sense to gain more points in the above dispositions. However, even if I clearly pick dialog options which are Aggressive, the number seems stuck at 3. I mean if punching an aristocrat is not Aggressive, then what is it? Or maybe you have to pick dialog options correctly several times to make the disposition go up by one point?
  2. I have the same bug, but I experienced something else on this exact point. I tried to pull the Eyeless which is surrounded by tentacles towards my group, away from the tentacles, so I could kill him. I failed a few times as the AI seems to "resist" pulling and the Eyeless returns to his initial position. However, at one point, he did move towards me. We fought normally and suddenly he returned back to his initial position. I sent Eder, my only standing group member there, he hit the vessel but he did not receive any damage. Animations had stopped showing by the way. I decided to find out how far this would go. So, I scratched the Eyeless towards its death. Each time it reached "near death" status, it healed itself. The tentacles did nothing all the time. Just stood still. So I attacked those instead. They eventually fell, as these don't have an ability to outheal the damage. In the end I moved Eder towards the cave, where there are 2 more Eyeless who also did not attack. At that point my entire group was resurrected. I walked back, met my group, and combat ended. Rested, saved and the Eyeless are unbugged now.
  3. Another completely different way to classify spells, at least offensive ones, is the defense type these "attack" (reflex, fortitude, deflection, will). At least this is what mostly helps me. Druid for example has more spells that attack fortitude, while wizard has more spells that attack reflex and cipher more that attack will. If I want to CC a group of enemies, primarily I decide to which character this group will be vulnerable. For example a construct, will probably have higher fortitude, because...well it's a construct, so I will not look for a spell in the druid repertoire. Even if you face an enemy for the 1st time, with a little experience in the fantasy pop culture you already have an idea of the vulnerabilities enemies have.
  4. I'm so going to hate gaming when this is the case. When this gonna be the case (considering I will be able to afford it and most games will support that), I'm afraid I will stop leaving my house/basement or whatever and probly die in first session =) I don't clearly understand... have you spent 122 hours in single playthrough? According to GOG. To be honest I have tried another class for about 2-3 hours, but yes it is 120 hours approximately as a druid, doing every side quest and reading everything except for the baker NPC texts. Also, as I do not emjoy reloading, I usually "live with the consequences" of my actions, meaning this is clear gametime, I do not try to get a perfect character sheet without deaths and things like that.
  5. I am beginning to think this is the first time the length of the game affects immersion for me. When I left the Burial Isle, I completed White March 1 and now I am towards the end of part 2, reaching 122 hours of gameplay. If you asked me 10 years ago, I would say that the more the better, but at this point the game feels like a chore, not because it is not interesting (it really is), but because I had too much of it. I really want to see what will happen in the end both in the main story and in White March 2, but I now feel exhausted. I have reached a level where I wonder constantly "Are we there yet" on every new map I unlock. And yes, I have tried taking breaks from the game from time to time, after all my life is so demanding that breaks happen even if I don't choose it. This renews my interest on the game but destroys immersion even more. Obviously I am not blaming Obsidian for this, I suppose I am just getting older.
  6. I have been thinking as well of logging in for a big Thank You to all developers. I feel really spoiled after PoE and to be honest I am afraid I will not enjoy Siege of Dragonspear because of the high quality level of PoE.
  7. Thank you all mates. It is clear to me now how stealth works and how it is differentiated from sneak. I am thinking of a group with a paladin tank, a priest for the heals, the main character (monk with sneak) and cipher for the synergies. Dam, I completely understand what you are saying about sneak efficiency compared to other skills, but it is an RP thing as well. A character flavor thing so to speak. My current main character is a Wolf druid with the Outlander's Frenzy, so you get the idea. Again, thank you all.
  8. To be honest the "first 2 seconds in combat" sound intimidating. I have never used a rogue at all, my opening moves combat routine usually is: Wards + traps --> ranger pulls enemies --> wizard uses walls --> move on with the rest of the battle adjusting to what is happening. But I guess a lot can happen in 2 seconds. I shall definitely try it out following your tips.
  9. I am flirting with the idea for my second playthrough. How much Stealth would be sufficient? Has anyone tried this combination? Any tips are welcomed.
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