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  1. Considering editing my ranger/monk into a geomancer. Seems more fun? I don't see any geomancer builds on the build list here, and was wondering if anyone is aware of a strong geomancer build. Or if it is even strong at all. If not I may swap to ranger/rogue. Monk just seems a bit boring, I just active my swift strikes or whatever and shoot.
  2. I think the story is good, not as good as the baldurs gate saga, but its good enough. For me I just love being in the world of deadfire and the story is just an excuse for that. I like the characters a lot to be honest. All of it on par with bg2 for me. Probably prefer bg2 characters just a little, but idk something about deadfire is just so great. So much to do, so much content, so man things I wanna buy. I play on potd and gorecci street was certainly tough but I’ve ran into a lot of other really tough fights I’ve had to return to. Anyway this game is amazing!
  3. Just wanted to say that this game is seriously incredible. I've played all the crpgs, thousands of hours probably. And I think PoE2 is right up there with BG2 for me. Just unbelievable. Well done Obsidian!
  4. I am at trying to click on the ship wreck to pick up Lord Darryn's Voulge, and nothing happens. Anyone know what is going on? Thanks!
  5. I have a GTX 1080, i7-7700k, 32 gigs of ram and a SSD. I still have to play the game on low settings to 60 fps. If I play on high I am around 30. Is this normal? I can play any game out there on ultra settings easily and get excellent FPS, but I have to play this on low? Not sure how much stronger of a computer I can get. Are there computers out there that can run POE2 on high settings with a good fps? Seems strange to me.
  6. Found the issue: I have unity console installed, which had been running fine it appears until the most recent patch. It causes stuttering now.
  7. Anyone know why my game is suddenly running choppy? Every 10 seconds as I'm running around the game freezes for like half a second. I have a gtx 1080 and an i7700k. Normally run the game flawlessly on constant 60fps. I didn't notice this issue until yesterday, had been playing fine. Restarted game and computer still doing this.
  8. Anyone know why my game is suddenly running choppy? Every 5-10 seconds as I'm running around the game freezes for like half a second. I have a gtx 1080 and an i7700k. Normally run the game flawlessly.
  9. Yeah I honestly felt it was going to be too powerful to permanently be able to summon those shades, especially when I was only level 5. Good change.
  10. After I rest, it still says "no uses left". 1 per rest. I just tried resting like 5 times and swapping it into different characters inventories. Any ideas?
  11. Not sure what mode you are on, but I am on turn based POTD upscaled and my pet has only died once. Granted I am only level 8, but I am able to keep him alive very well. I invested points into buffing his armor (and attacks) I generally cast a buff on him to give him the +5 con bonus and I use him to tank. I heal him when he is hurt etc. I put as many armor buffs on him as I can and more often then not the enemies I face can't penetrate his armor and do little damage. I am sure this will change if I get to a higher level, but so far the whole "pet is a liability" thing has not proven to be true what so ever for me on turn based at least. He does a solid 20-35 damage a round as well, which to add onto my consistent 40-55ish makes my ranger by far the highest single target dps dealer in the party thus far.
  12. Yeah I did it again and it didn't trigger but 15 minutes into the fight the guard walked through my wall of fire and stood in it taking damage (lol). This still didn't trigger her hostile but she stood there for long enough while my party and enemies party were trading blows and after toasting in my wall of fire for many rounds and maybe falling victim to some other AoE's she eventually turned hostile along with the rest of the city's guards
  13. I have noticed that confused enemies in turn based never attack each other. Anyone else noticed this? I have casted bewildering spectable and confusion many times and I never see them fighting each other.
  14. Same here, when I did the Admiral Imp bounty in Queens Berth, all the guards swarm in and attack me.
  15. Yes turn based. Is there anything I can do to not trigger this?
  16. I encountered the Lord Admiral Imp in Neketaka, and talked to him and initiated combat. Instantly all the Neketaka guards start swarming in on me. Any reason for this?
  17. I just wanted to say that turn based mode is so amazing. I really hope that you guys continue to develop it! That is all, you are all amazing Obsidian, I am so grateful for you all! Keep up the incredible work!
  18. Yes, running into this now. I just 1 shotted a whole group of enemies and they never initiated combat.
  19. nah, I still play all the bg games and icewind dale. I just feel like the combination of such a small amount of spells per encounter and being on turn based and the spells lasting such a short time seems a little underwhelming. But I am only level 4 so that might change.
  20. Hi, Playing right now on TB on veteran and I feel like Xoti is so weak. I have her as a pure priest, level 4. The problem is she can only cast 2 level 1 spells and 1 level 2 spell. Most these spells last 1 our 2 rounds and then she just kinda sits there missing all her attacks. Are priests supposed to have so little amount of spells? Feel like they should some more spells per encounter.
  21. Great, thanks! Will I still be able to get Berath's blessings with unity console?
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