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  1. I'm in the AD&D 1E camp. Sometimes OSRIC, which is just 1E with the 1.5E bits that I like. I have not taken a good look at 5E, but I get lost in some of the deeper 2E stuff... I'm not sure I'm going to like anything post first edition. Plus there's the whole nostalgia thing. I DM over at Unseen Servant (a PbP forum) and play there as well. I also DM my daughters (13yo, 11yo, and 8yo... the 4yo doesn't play... yet but she likes the dice) and I also am currently DMing some friends through G1 over Skype. The Skype game is only monthly at best, we hope to get on a better schedule, but real life is a killer. Looking forward to seeing what's up here! Be well, --Ron--
  2. The AD&D thread caught my roving google eye! I game at a PbP forum, that's all PnP games: www.unseenservant.us and I help out with & Magazine that's all old school D&D PnP stuff: www.and-mag.com Both are free, and (I think) appropriate for this thread. Be well, --Ron--
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