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  1. I'm a mod on two other boards, and approving posts is the most effective spam measure I've seen for sure.
  2. Do battlemaps and such work for 5E? Sometimes seeing stuff helps, at least when I am DMing. I've used monster pictures as well as drawn maps, or drawn marching orders. But if she's playing with friends, then I'm sure it will all go well. They can support her as she grows and learns. Have fun!!!
  3. I prefer futzing around with and riffing off published stuff, I'm just not that creative to make something from nothing. But I play 1e and OD&D so I like the real classics. I love the TSR and Judges Guild modules, and a bunch of the newer stuff as well. Good times!
  4. I've been DMing a game, and playing a game on Skype. Low tech and gets the job done! I've played on Roll20, and it's fun. But futzing around with the map (fog of war, battle mat, etc) is fun as well. I've created maps and stuff on Roll20 to use in Play-by-Post games. I think if you do maps by hand, that's half the battle right there. Likely only because I'm not so hot with the maps. What edition you playing? For AD&D, OD&D and OSRIC there's a crapton of tools here (highly recommend all the goodies in the Wizardawn application) and it's all free: https://osricrpg.com/tools/
  5. I'm in the AD&D 1E camp. Sometimes OSRIC, which is just 1E with the 1.5E bits that I like. I have not taken a good look at 5E, but I get lost in some of the deeper 2E stuff... I'm not sure I'm going to like anything post first edition. Plus there's the whole nostalgia thing. I DM over at Unseen Servant (a PbP forum) and play there as well. I also DM my daughters (13yo, 11yo, and 8yo... the 4yo doesn't play... yet but she likes the dice) and I also am currently DMing some friends through G1 over Skype. The Skype game is only monthly at best, we hope to get on a better schedule, but
  6. The AD&D thread caught my roving google eye! I game at a PbP forum, that's all PnP games: www.unseenservant.us and I help out with & Magazine that's all old school D&D PnP stuff: www.and-mag.com Both are free, and (I think) appropriate for this thread. Be well, --Ron--
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