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  1. Incedentally...I took Hiravias along through the final dungeon on that (and subsequent) games and while he is like, super-stoked to meet Wael, there is no additional conversation option/boon receiving. Obviously, I pushed Hiravias towards Wael on that playthrough because: ROLEPLAYING!
  2. I tried for Wael's Boon back in 1.05 (could have been early as 1.04?) with my priest of Wael and no dice. I hid the scroll as requested, accepted no other boon from any other god (though I did complete all their quests~) jumped into the pit, and while Wael did indeed show up there was no way to actually recieve his/her boon through conversation. My guess is that Wael's Boon is probably cut content...?... and that the wiki is wrong. As for your second question: ROLEPLAYING!
  3. So this is what happened... Now, I was using those crazy-dangerous bouncy fireball scrolls and my party itself barely made it out of that fight alive (much less the poor little cat) because of said scrolls...but I will tread more carefully in this room in the future. Edit: I never even found the body...the cat was just gone. Thus the mystery. Sounds a lot like Eothas & the Godhammer bomb, actually; some real symbolism in that fight.
  4. It's only it doesn't do that in my case. I'm still on 1.06.0591. Although I've got automatic updates enabled. I don't see a method to force the client to do a manual update anyway. I'm really looking for a solution there. Try switching out of the beta branch in Steam (if you are currently enrolled in it). That's how I got it to download. Yeah, now it at least says, update scheduled. Although it still doesn't do anything besides that. If you select the update in the scheduled download queue in Steam there should be a "download now" option you can use to force the update.
  5. It's only it doesn't do that in my case. I'm still on 1.06.0591. Although I've got automatic updates enabled. I don't see a method to force the client to do a manual update anyway. I'm really looking for a solution there. Try switching out of the beta branch in Steam (if you are currently enrolled in it). That's how I got it to download.
  6. ...I absolutely love this specific set of Dyrwoodan Clothing: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Dyrwoodan_Clothing. Every playthrough I unhelpfully watch from the sidelines as Egdrang and Tily get murdered by Xaurips at Anslog's Compass just to get 2 sets of it without having to kill anyone myself!! I regret nothing!!!
  7. I have uh... similar game-play-leanings as the OP, and in my case it's not so much as needing to make the perfect build-- you are correct in implying that creating an actual "bad" or unplayable character would be pretty difficult (maybe impossible? Maybe?). It's really more of the annoyance of having the rules of the game as you (the player) understand them change mid-playthrough. Or having the rules being incorrectly stated (like interrupting blows was originally), or opaque (like bloody slaughter still is). There are certainly drawbacks to being a control-freak, so to speak, but there is also a certain enjoyment to be found in optimally managing, well, everything. Would you like to hear about my five-year plan? (This is a Civ 5 reference--not an actual offer, and I am probably only joking about having a five-year plan. Probably). But now I am actually curious about running a party through the game that has been optimized to be perfectly terrible for their specific roles. That could actually be pretty fun, especially from a RP perspective, and the nice thing about this game is that yes, they would probably still be able to handily (or at least semi-handily) beat the game.
  8. Woah, hey, don't get the wrong idea! I was just reorganizing inventory/leveling up player-made recruits etc...those two went right back into my party when I was finished. I would never actually play the game without Eder and Durance.
  9. On my last game (as a priestess) I hired a Death Godlike barbarian scientist from The Living Lands with 3 INT the moment I hit Gilded Vale and he never once left my party. He was naked the entire time, was the only one in my party with any mechanics skill (I think he got it up to 10?) and though he never spoke, I became very attatched to him as a character (probably through the power of imagination or some other such nonsense). In a world where every person who joins your cause also needs you to council and guide them on their own personal journeys, having one or two characters who are just fine with things is its own kind of character developement. But having all player-made characters is totally too sad and for whatever reason, makes me feel disconnected from the world. Any attempts to go this route have always ended rather quickly.
  10. After dismissing all companions at the stronghold I noticed that Durance and Eder not only share a room, but seem to engage in civil discourse with one another (no actual dialogue, but both use gestural body language as opposed to standing statically at attention in their room like all other companions). Am I just projecting, or is this little detail supposed to be super adorable? Either way, it is super adorable.
  11. I loaded up an old save for a game that was started while 1.05 was in beta (I'm not sure which iteration) in Raedric's on the 15th, slept a couple days, and the gloves still spawned there (the locked chest in Raedric's study) on the 17th. But my very first playthrough I found them in the dungeon cell across from that guy (not sure what day because why would I pay attention to that?) and they absolutely did not spawn in that location on my last play through of that area (the one started during 1.05 beta) for any day of the month. So the precedent exists for possible spawn locations changing, this is certain, but as to when and why? It is real mystery. They should probably just take the gloves out of the game (for lulz if nothing else). Or alternatively, add an npc vendor that sells nothing but gloves of manipulation. Either stupid, hyperbolic response would be fine with me.
  12. I've got this on a level 4 rogue right now & it is pretty crazy...did I just not notice how good it was on my last playthrough (Grieving Mother had it equipped for like, ever) or maybe it... got a stealth buff in 1.05? No seriously though, I probably just didn't notice.
  13. You can also hire player-made companions from an inn to get a feel for other classes before actually deciding to reroll. I had a cipher with weapon focus ruffian and the dual-wield ability who sort of sucked after 1.05 (you would probably be a bit better off, since you've got draining whip at least) and I decided to reroll to a dual-wielding rogue (very original, I know). It's a bit more straight-forward and she's still super squishy, but it fit my preferred playstyle more so I'm a happy camper. If you do go ranged, however, wood elves get a decent accuracy bonus for ranged combat that you might want to consider. Having high accuracy can make the game (esp. those beginning levels) much nicer.
  14. This, and the fact that apparently there is no actual way to recieve "Wael's Boon" sort of put a damper on my priestess of Wael playthrough (though the latter is more an issue of the wiki being incorrect--so also not a bug). Being a follower of Wael, however, is its own reward...
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