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  1. Well, I inferred that from the fact that Woedica apparently needs souls to regain lost power. If that's how it's replenished, that tells me something. If nothing else, they are human constructs so the same rules ought to apply. What do they say in the Blood Sands? "You need to give something to gain something"? I thought they ought to be more mysterious when I was in their tower. I thought that hearing their voice directly and having them speak to you directly cheapened them. But then 15 minutes later, their nature was revealed, so it mattered little. Shame about that part, really. The tow
  2. Your character is a watcher who kinda remembers believing her in the past and possibly also remembers seeing enough proof. The party was skeptical enough for my taste. You got rid of the grandmaster of the Leaden Key and fixed the Hollowborn crisis? The question is, what will they do next with their presumed lack of knowledge and what will you do next with your newfound knowledge.
  3. Just a few points. First of all, in the Iovara dialogue in the cave, your character remembers some of what actually happened in the past. Therefore Iovara preaching her "herecy" to you isn't comparable to the atheist vs Christian scenario because you already know (parts of) it. Also, she clearly says "I have no proof, but you can look in that room over there and see for yourself" which also annihilates this analogy. For someone who really wants to keep his knowledge and purpose a secret, Thaos ix Arkannon chose a very interesting name for himself. Kudos to the writers, but the voice ac
  4. Not necessarily. Perhaps they just sought some kind of deeper purpose so badly and sought to bring some order to the "soul realm". Souls just cycle around, moving aimlessly through the world over thousands and thousands of cycles. At some point, an advanced society (high-tech animancy, philosophy etc) either got tired of it or discovered something that upset them too much. Perhaps they thought that it was worth it to sacrifice themselves to make a world in which souls would have a "purpose", an ideal that gives them direction. Thaos also gains a purpose - his entire existence is dedicated to m
  5. Virtually every speaker of ├ćnglisc who lived after the Norman invasion spoke like that, yourself included. Chances are that you would say something like "I eat beef", rather than "I eat cowflesh". So what's with this "beef" business? Are "vampire" and "duke" so much better? Those are just butchered versions of the perfectly fine Serbo-Croat word vampir and the perfectly fine French word duc. I don't see why this disturbs you so much. I think they did a good job of it. It was still clear what the words meant, but they were gibbered enough to make it feel different and exotic (and not reveal
  6. My tactic was straightforward, but it took me at least 10 attempts to do it right, at lvl 12. I put different heal pots on tank, but other fancy stuff is also highly desirable because it helps A LOT - scrolls, crit pots, attack speed pots, traps, food, summoned pets, etc. I had no idea what to expect there so I didn't plan the party composition but I think it should work in general. Here's what I did. - tank starts dialogue alone - straight to fighting, no cheating the dragon - everyone else waits at the very edge of the cliff near the stairs (to the right) - tank runs to the party - pr
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