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  1. I did Raedric’s Keep but hilfazer beat me to it, and for Gilded Vale I had already looted the Black Hound Inn’s 2nd floor chest and the Eothas Temple lower level trapped chest before I realized things had changed (no saves). Gilded Vale Eothas Temple 1st floor trapped box near the bell room 01 Spellward Amulet 02 Amulet of Health 03 Minor Ring of Protection 04 Minor Ring of Protection 05 Cape of Withdrawal 06 Cape of Withdrawal 07 Rymgrand’s Mantle 08 Ring of Overseeing 09 Ring of Overseeing 10 Minor Ring of Protection 11 Ring of Overseeing 12 Minor Cloak of Protection 13 Cape of Withdrawal 14 Cape of Withdrawal 15 Amulet of Health 15 Cape of Deflection +5 17 Ring of Overseeing 18 Minor Ring of Deflection 19 Minor Ring of Protection 20 Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes Easternwood graveyard hidden mausoleum paver 01 Ring of Overseeing 02 Minor Ring of Protection 03 Cape of Withdrawal 04 Minor Ring of Deflection 05 Spellward Amulet 06 Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes 07 Minor Ring of Protection 08 Minor Ring of Protection 09 Spellward Amulet 10 Cape of Deflection +5 11 Cape of Withdrawal 12 Minor Ring of Deflection 13 Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes 14 Stalker’s Torc 15 Rotward Amulet 16 Ring of Overseeing 17 Ring of Overseeing 18 Amulet of Health 19 Minor Ring of Deflection 20 Spellward Amulet
  2. I just did a quick check on the cache guarded by wolves in Valewood and the loot still seems to repeat via day-of-the-month (although I only repeated the first 5 days or so rather than all 20). There are some differences. If I repeat this with other locations I’ll be sure to share. Valewood 01 Cape of Deflection (+5) 02 Minor Ring of Deflection 03 Minor Ring of Protection 04 Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes 05 Cape of Deflection (+5) 06 Minor Cloak of Protection 07 Spellward Amulet 08 Minor Ring of Deflection 09 Rymgrand’s Mantle 10 Minor Ring of Deflection 11 Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes 12 Minor Ring of Deflection 13 Minor Cloak of Protection 14 Amulet of Health 15 Spellward Amulet 16 Minor Ring of Protection 17 Minor Ring of Deflection 18 Minor Ring of Defelciton 19 Ring of Overseeing 20 Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes Edit: Took out an extra space
  3. You can look on Aloth's armor to find a description of overseeing, iirc it increases spell area. I found the torc of falcon's eyes in the trapped box in the Gilded Vale Temple of Eothas on the 20th of the month, fwiw.
  4. I like the DA games but they are what they are, which is not POE. I wouldn't change the look of POE (except maybe the hat = bald phenomena). I'm not married to any specific type of aesthetic, just a consistent one. The artwork in POE, especially the landscapes, is imo really, really, lovely. It's like navigating your characters through semi-3D watercolor or gouache paintings. They're, well, lovely. Edit: And, the interiors, which end up with weirdo giant scale problems (because you actually need to be able to move your party) is totally offset with tons of charming and often individualized detail.
  5. No. They have very high health. IIRC, they have high endurance and very high everything else.
  6. Ah, so it is a bug. I couldn't quite make my way to song = item rather than ability, but you never know. (It could count as a consumable, so I suppose it's not that far of a leap to wearable?) Thank you for responding. Edit: sorry I meant chant.
  7. I think the problem here is that the player is left to intuit that a Chanter's buffs count as "equipment" rather than "active / modal" when applied to stacking.
  8. And I probably wasn't clear enough. Marking gives +10 accuracy to a single random party member for as long as the weapon is in use, rather than just for a single attack as it used to. Its usefulness is I suppose a matter of employment -- but probably not "the ultimate sword reforged from legendary lost broken blades."
  9. The marking enhancement I think is fixed (1.06). It was a while ago I checked so I can't remember which weapon, but it was giving a consistent +10 accuracy bonus to a (different random) party member over several encounters. I did, however, assume that this meant that the mod would then therefore work on all weapons and so didn't pay it any more mind. Alas, the speed mod is a different story -- from all I can tell it is still broken.
  10. This is what I recall - the icon looks like a bag of ground velune stone. I never sold it thinking I might want it for something like, maybe, pantaloons. (I have delete all old saves, tho.)
  11. I recently did Endless Paths L1 and exited via the giant hand. When I went to return to L1 via the exterior entrance, I got a map that also looked blank. The problem was that the map was positioned at the very bottom where it was blank. I had to move it a few times to get it to show Level 1. FWIW. (The last time I did the Endless Paths the map always opened at the top where, you know, the map is. )
  12. Have you noticed whether your stronghold events's durations (say you had a companion escort Gafol the Drunkard) are changed by this?
  13. Two words: Where from? Oh, you're right to ask this. I thought the level for +2 attributes (level 5) was the same as for Exceptional quality (level 8 ) . And that's a big difference, isn't it? But I have to say it doesn't change my opinion about crafting. I still find it somewhat effortless to instantly bake exotic cookies, brew complex potions, or perform powerful weapon enchantments whilst knee-deep in sewage in Raederic's dungeon - without, mind you, ever having had to learn or practice how to do any of these things. I do get that this stuff is hard to balance. Freedom in one area often means restriction in another. And I definitely get why people want lots of customization and also why they don't want an overly-burdensome crafting system. And It's too much (perhaps even insulting) to ask for a start-of-the-game on/off option for something so complex to implement. So a pared down system seems the best solution. It's just that imo this systems seems to be rather heavily weighted on the get-a-lot-for-minimal-effort side of the scale. Edited for unintentional smiley.
  14. This happened to me as well. I didn't want him to turn hostile during the next attack so I fired him - but he stayed on and defended the stronghold, forever it seems (but without the defense/prestige bonuses). Then I got a notice he'd returned to the stronghold once again looking for work (even though he was at the time in the bailey next to the hedge maze leaning against the wall of Brighthollow). So I rehired him. Next time he was marked as "unpaid" I ignored it (thus keeping the defense/prestige bonuses). He is still there and has not turned hostile during any subsequent attack. ​He is the only unpaid hireling I have, though. Money is so readily available I prefer rehiring everyone to seeing the unpaid status.
  15. I also have my stronghold hirelings marked as unpaid every time I restart the game. I have patch 1.05 but am continuing a game I started on patch 1.03, if this matters. I've decided to keep my hirelings even though this means every time I play I have to rehire them as I've seen other players warn that otherwise they will turn on you during an attack. The reason I like to keep them is because trying to keep them all alive makes defending the stronghold more interesting. Often they kill each other ... with unnecessary last second spells ... stupid Warden of the Wilds.
  16. @taeves: Yes, much/most of the money you make from quests is from the loot you get during the quest. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. Loot is also where you'll find most of your wizard spells. @abaris: I started getting diamonds before I was at a level to be able use them. I have an excess of everything, though, since I've really only been adding some enchantments here and there to items that already have a super-special-deluxe enchantment. Of course nearly all of the enchanting I did early on ended up being wrong (duplicate) after the first (of many) loot shuffle/reshuffles.
  17. Oh, I'm reformed. A changed man now. I barely kill anyone who isn't hostile! Except for the people on the top floor of the first inn. For some reason I had to kill them again. Beyond that I think I've handled myself pretty well. I'm nearly into Act 3, but I have to say, the money everyone else mentioned from doing quests really isn't all that high. I've done a lot of quests, including the main quests, and I've made less money than I had on my previous murdering playthrough. I loot everything, use stealth mode as much as I can, etc. That being said I noticed I had in fact killed some npcs that were part of the main questline, in my previous game. I'm assuming the cash comes flowing in once I get further in. That is what I keep telling myself to keep from killing annoying npcs. But in the same amount of time to hit this particular point, the mass murders definitely brought in more coin and satisfaction, at the cost of being unable to do future quests. On an unrelated note, did anyone else play for a long time and realize they hate their main character? I made a Druid this time around, instead of my traditional Warrior tank and while I love psycho bear mode, he seems pretty squishy. It might be the difference is in play style - the part I emphasized in your quote above. I'm some way into Act III (first time through) and have an enormous amount of excess currency. But I did every quest that came along. And because of how I timed my stronghold (a fluke) I had a regular income before getting to Defiance Bay. Also, the Endless Paths is a loot-fest and the Warden's Lodge gives you bounties which are fun fights that pay hefty sums. To tell you the truth, I bought a bunch of stuff while in Defiance Bay (before I'd done more than a few levels of the stronghold dungeon) and by the time I got to Act III felt rather silly - even having sold anything with +movement, +endurance, or summoning. (I'm playing on hard because while I'm not as dedicated as some I also like to think I'm not overly-lame.) I'm happy with how the approach to combat and item balance is turning out with the patches and think that abundant loot translates into difficulty / class / multiple play through flexibility. About loot, though - I remember how rare and exciting it was to get a +1 item in BG-I and that when you finally got a +2 item, you felt you earned it. That was a great feeling, but that was the first rp game I ever played and nostalgia isn't repeatable. But what are great repeatable game elements are story, pacing, art, music, combat mechanics, item balance, etc. I suppose that's why we quibble so much about them. Which brings me to: I really wish crafting weren't so ridiculously easy. We have the option to turn off the portable stash, and, arguably, an abundance of loot gives us the choice to customize the level of our pc - on an as is basis (meaning loot is not customizable). But to be able to so easily make potions and completely customize weapons and armor anywhere, well, I guess it seems like there's no work involved, no earning it. I did read about how the system ended up this way and for people like me who feel this way I suspect it's c'est la vie. But I thought I'd at least say my piece. Whoops. I've digressed somewhat, which I'll stop now.
  18. And there's the rub. You make significantly more doing quests. Killing random NPC's just isn't worth the time or effort unless you find it entertaining or part of an rp.
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