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  1. Some people are a bit too obssessed with nerfs and balance, IMO. If perfect balance is the goal, they might as well remove the racial bonuses altogether, and let it just be an aesthetic and RP choice. While I don't exactly -oppose- to racial changes, I don't think wood elf's one is such a big deal (not to justify a thread of its own, at least), and there's life beyond powergaming. Besides, say that the bonus gets reduced to +2, for example. Hell, to +1. I doubt anyone would call that overpowered, but technically, it'd still probably be one of the powergamer choices, if you're going for max
  2. Oh, I did check that subforum, but I was looking for topics with "1.05" in their title... Reading about it now, thanks.
  3. I know the IE mod lets you reduce the autosaves, but any workaround for #2 (i.e. replacing the images or something)?
  4. On a first playthrough, yes, but once you're familiar with the game, it's possible to get all the companions at level 3 (Pallegina will be level 4 regardless). You only need to fight in Caed Nua, and most of the enemies in the courtyard can be skipped if you use stealth and stay close to the walls. Once you've recruited everyone, you can go back to Gilded Vale and its surrounding areas and do all the sidequests.
  5. I like low micro parties, but I find that melee characters sometimes obstruct each other if there's too many of them, especially if Itumaak or some other animal is around as well.
  6. Why ? Conan the Barbarian used bows on many occasions. I'm not talking about Arnold the Bodybuilder. Why is a tribal warrior one of the worst classes to use a bow ? To be clear, I don't necessarily consider a tribal warrior and the barbarian -class- the same thing. The former could perfectly have a different class, and the latter is pretty much a berserker (it would actually be a more appropriate name, IMO). Now, my concept of a berserker/raging warrior is that of a melee specialist. With that I don't mean they shouldn't use bows occasionally nor be competent archers; I just don't see ran
  7. Personally, I miss long-term buffs that last through several battles, simply because the actual process of buffing is a chore. In practice, this means that I generally buff a lot less in POE than in other games, where I'm able to run around partially buffed most of the time without having to constantly re-apply the buffs (I'm not counting things like paladin and chanter auras here). The OP has a point I more or less agree with, and playstyle and convenience are probably irrelevant to it. I just wanted to say that, in practice, when no-brainers meet tedium... laziness often prevails.
  8. All right, thanks. I had figured that much about "alpha strike", but I was confused about other uses of the word, such as the aforementioned "alpha weapon". Now I see that the post I linked is referring to "alpha strike" too.
  9. Sorry for derailing the thread, but while we're at it, I've seen some people use the word "alpha" a lot on this forums ("alpha weapon" was mentioned in in this thread, this post has a couple more examples, etc). I know what "alpha" means in general, but not in the context of gaming.
  10. The average barbarian is neither dumb or smart, he is... of average intelligence, just like any other non-barbarian, average person. The point is that being a genius, while is always helpful, shouldn't be one of the main requirements of his profession. Might is compared with Strength because that's how the game interprets it, regardless of what the description says. As others have pointed out, it's used in dialogues to raise people off their feet, to push rocks, break walls, etc. That's raw physical power, plain and simple, and I don't recall any instance where Might can be used in a diffe
  11. Probably about the same amount as those pretending they're completely different. Six attributes, three physical and three mental, with the same application in RP (even though a couple of them have a different name), which range from 3 to 18... Yeah, so not DnD.
  12. I know, but they're big/two handed, so it could be that. But don't take my word for it; it'd need some proper testing. It could be I missed one of the furthest enemies with the small weapon when I tried it or something. Edit: Just tested it a bit. It's hard to say for sure, but I'm not seeing any noticeable difference, and I'm reaching enemies that are relatively far away with a stiletto, so I guess size doesn't matter after all, in this case.
  13. I never ran any extensive tests, but a barbarian I played seemed to reach more enemies with Carnage when using a greatsword than a one-handed weapon.
  14. I do see him as a barbarian, but no kits in BG1 anyway, so the point stands. Having an archer class is fine and I can live with rangers as they are, but I don't envision the concept of a ranger as necessarily married to a bow, that's all. It's not about game balance. On the other hand, I find it harder to envision a raging barbarian pew pew-ing enemies with a magic rod in a murdering rampage, as in b0rsuk's example. Everything's possible, I suppose, but let's just say I'd find it more unusual than a melee ranger.
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