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  1. I liked it except for the second story. That couple acted far to crazy for me to enjoy the story, but Chivo's story I think is the best.
  2. Vertigo great movie I have to give it 12 out of 10.
  3. Drunken Master I and II It made me think Lu in the Forbidden Kingdom is supposed to be Lu the drunken god of inner strength mentioned in Drunken Master.
  4. What about in sports games don't you think that it should be impossible to kick a 70 yard field goal. Or take a hairpin turn at 300km/hr.
  5. The hydrogen in their bellies, used for fire breath, gives then some extra lift I hate those fetch quest. half the time I've all ready sold what I was supposed to fetch when i receive the quest. the only action game i know of that has no inventory is Bard's Tale. the bard turns all items and inferior equipment into silver. But he can carry one set of armor, one shield, 1 2handed sword, 1 longsword, 1 flail, a bow, two legendary weapons. a dirk, infant silver & rune stones, one instrument and a small collection of trinkets. it's about one or two weapons too much for me. I personally think the flail and one of the legendary weapons should go but you can complete the game without buying a dirk or a flail. The other weapons are forced on you to acquire.
  6. so in K3 we can expect to see a good GOTO that sacrafices himself to save the PC.
  7. What's bothering me is in videogames how can you carry all the junk you find. How could someone possibly carry a dozen sets of armor a gross of potions, a dozen enciclapidias. and a pantries worth of rations, with roam left over for pilalaging a caravan of traders?
  8. As long as you don't drop your weapons immediately the glitch should not occur but if you drop your weapons immediately the glitch will likely occur.
  9. there's a mod some where that makes Sion look more bloody but it pretty much just adds a little more red in between his scars.
  10. In kI it's a forced stand in KII is an atomatic win
  11. High charisma and high/low influence+ dark side corruption/light side enlightenment = wacky companion alignment
  12. there is a pool of dried blood by the trash heap outside of the Onderon cantina. Also Sion has some red poking through his scars. A game's rating is based on it's most mature feature not on the frequency of that feature. A lot of fantasy violance razes the game's rating less than one mature refferance. This is because the raters are shown the least amount of the game possible but contain the most mature content.
  13. try adjusting your graphic settings but the problem sounds like the Dantoine bug witch can be fixed in the game options wordpad, but I don't remember the code or ware to put. Try searching
  14. Have you tried playing on only one of the processors? I know some people have had problems running tsl with both processors. I think if you star tsl then open the task manager you can change tsl to run on one processor instead of both. Your graphics card might not support tsl
  15. Apacalypse now redux 10-10 bet movie iv'e sean in years great use of ironic music to give the fill an offsetting feeling. This quality i find is the best way any otherway would be too much an audience to take
  16. No you git bled out if your red cell count is to high. Meat is filled with iorn so if you have high iorn then eating meat is bad. Asprin is a blood thinner so try taking some.
  17. I wasn't shure because I allways seam to meat the jedi in the same order, plus vrook knowing Juyo seamed out of place to me.
  18. The only difference is that a dvd can hold more information. The best of star wars dvd collection contains 5 games on 2 dvds. I think Kotor and empire at war are on one disk and Acadamy, batlefront, and cammando are on another. plus it comes with a galaxies demo on it's own dvd.
  19. The forms are based of your starting class otherwise if you didn't git a prestege class or you changed proficentcy the game would git to conflicting messages as to what form to learn. the game says it sometimes on load screens. something like "thier are 11 light saber forms sentinals and gardians learn many of them. The diference in the forms is that gardian's git Juyo, sentinals git niman and counclers git force forms. everyone gits forms 1-3 through levals. Shii-Cho , Makashi ,Soresu Vrook will teach you either the foce form that increase damage and point cost. or lightsaber form 5 shien, Zar a kie (sp) will teach you the agresive form 4 i think Ataru and Kavar will taech either nimman of Juyo.
  20. Also the quality of the random loot is scalled to your leval, so it's near impossible to git good equipment early on.
  21. I pretty much don't care who wins anymore, I just want to watch House afterwards. I'm glad the Packers lost because instead of focusing on Sunday I'll be focusing on Tuesday.
  22. that's true but the individual stories don't git as much attention as they do in the book but that's because movies have an exponentially shorter time frame then a book has.
  23. It's in the dune sea ware every time you renter the area 4 wades are spawned but they bottom out at 15exp. also I think sometimes you can git some sand people to ambush you. also if you happen to git the galaxy droid you can go back to taris and complete any quest you missed for exp. pre completed quest will give no exp but I think you git to keep exp from fights.
  24. Or a councilor, they git repair as a class skill but sentinels git more skill points and feets.
  25. You might have set off the dialogue bug. That is if you immediately drop your weapons when you enter the academy then the game may bug i think the line is 'we mean no harm'. If you say something other first, and then drop your weppons then the game shouldn't bug. but your problem may be something else.
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