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  1. I downloaded the patch today at got it was 1.8 gigs and it will not install for me, after 20 mins I went into task manager to find it had stopped responding. After I stopped it in task manager I got a patch log with errors all through it where it tried to install. I do not / will not use galaxy (it doesn't like my internet which is satellite and will not download games to it besides I really do not like using clients unless I have to)
  2. I have all the Might and Magic games, one was like Wizardry sparse graphics a lot of text, Might and Magic II however had for the time some real good graphics and was in color. "Old is a relative term" Atheosis it is indeed, but I have been playing RPGs for the better part of 30 years and D&D even longer......
  3. When I said most RPGS I was not talking about BG or older ones, in the past five years the RPGs I have played and love have between 20-40 levels. The issue of level cap will not make me lose interest in the game and I half way through chapter 2, haven't done a lot of Od Nua nor did all the quests main or side and I am level 6 with a party of 6. I do not base a game on how many levels a character can get, Like I said I figure there will be expansions and level will go up as we get them.
  4. You really can not compare this game to NWN because in NWN you got the tool set to create your own worlds and stories with the added edition of being a DM in a world whether you played network or online. I had a create world which I hosted online for a few years. This gave players more to work with and a lot of modules to play just like expansions not to mention the custom content via CEP. I still play and create mods for it. I loved DA I, II and III and just recently started playing Mass Effect. Mass effect is almost like an upgrade for Knights of the old republic games for me. However when people talk about old games all of these to me are not old especially when compared to SSI Gold box RPGS for Dungeons and Dragons (Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades, Savage Frontier and even Kyrnn Series. As I said before old games can include Bards Tale I, II and Might and Magic series. In the end old or new each game has its ups and downs, bottom line if your having fun then its the game for you. (I can name a lot more old rpgs than that which I have and still play). Old games are not 1998 but closer to 1985 which is when Bards Tale came out. Talk about dating ones self!
  5. Old style D&D games for computers started with pool of radiance back around 1989/1990 but not the first rpg. My first Rpg was Bards Tale 2 and Might & Magic 2 followed by SSI Gold Box D&D Games. Compared to this style which is based off BG and IWD I & II its a great game. The only real complaints I have is no stat point every 4 levels which with 12 levels that would only be 3 points. I think we should have had 5 more points in the pool for stats but I am an old time gamer that likes dice rolling vs a set amount. I would like to have seen a setting to turn off hats from showing up and still getting the advantages, and a way to turn off friendly fire which is in most RPGs these days. Over all the graphics are better, and there are tons of quests and more styles of play with Pillars. I love having the party of 6 again and love the ability to create those we hire to what ever we want. It brings the IWD party back in a sense so I can create my party my way or mix and match with the NPCs we find along the way. I have a mixed view on being able to use all weapons and armor regardless of class but that comes with playing D&D for 30+ years. I still find my wizards using staffs, rods or wands and using Robes or clothing (which I have been upgrading) ;p Bottom line I find myself looking forward to Pillars 2, 3 and so on... I just hope we can move characters up and we get more levels. Only 12 levels seems like a downgrade in this time and age with most rpgs grant at least 20 levels for the first game.
  6. For those who bought this at Origin the patch is here and its 1.87 gigs.
  7. Some of us do not have fast internet like me, I have to rely on satellite and I am limited to 250 megs per day unless I stay up till 2am when we get free time (not limited on how many megs we use) and even then doing large files can take more than one day to do. On a good night if I stay up from 2am-7am I can download 3 gigs, and that depends on the server I am getting the files from as well. Thankfully Origin and Gog allow me to pause and restart else I would never get my games or patches. (My download speed is 250-300 kbs which is why it takes so long.) When you live out in the middle of no where you use what you can I have only 2 channels on my TV and there is no cable out here. For those of you that have gotten the patch and hotfix be lucky thus far Origin has not gotten and or released it yet so I am still stuck at the hold.
  8. I would have also liked to see a larger level cap, most RPGS at least let you have 20 levels (some have more) and raise it when the sequel comes up. I agree that 12 levels was to small a cap on the game esp since we do not get stat points on level up or even get 1 for every 3 of 4 levels of advancement. There are a lot of nice choices on level up but with only 12 levels we do not really get a good chance to customize the characters with them. Hopefully if they do a sequel they will take these things into account. One more thing I would like to see is better and more pictures for the females and better hairstyles....
  9. I hope the 1.03 and this hot fix comes out soon for Origin, I have yet to get it and my game is stuck in Raedric's Hold....
  10. I can not believe people got upset at a harmless saying on a tombstone. I read them, not one offended me some were funny, some didn't make sense and some seemed half done, but they were for backers that paid good money to put whatever they wanted on them. If the backer was ok with changing it as stated then I fail to see where it is censorship. As for changing it to begin with...I would not have and if someone wished not to play a very great game after reading such then I" say so sad for them" The tombstones DO NOT represent the game nor have any baring on storyline or game play. For those that posted they will not buy the game now because of a tombstone saying....Really? Tells me they had no plans to buy it in the first place. I have been playing RPGs on computers for 31 years and I can tell you this one is great one and I am looking forward to DLC and or a part II. This takes me back to NWN, Baulders, Icewind Dale to name a few and just with the what I have played thus far its a great game.
  11. Anyone gotten it from Orgin yet?? So far nothing for me there.
  12. "Wow... just chill. There is no reason to be aggressive here, we're having a calm discussion over the pros and cons of wizards in the early game, and whether they're "weak" or not" As to the statement above: My wizard is lvl 4, she only died twice thus far but I dont put her in the front of the party. I also have a bow equiped so when she runs out of spells. Wizards would be more effective if thier spells did not hit the party and I would use a better varity if I had that option(Ability to turn freindly fire off so the spells didnt hurt the party) but over all I find them fun.
  13. Just waiting on the Orgain updated patch so I can contiune....
  14. When will the patch be available for those that purchased it at Orgin?? I would really like to get out of the keep
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