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  1. I use a fighter for high endurance tank. Their ability to constantly regenerate endurance makes them a great tank. It would probably make them great DPS too. I use barbarian for DPS and my only complaint is how fast he runs out of HP. My healer's job has became staying on him. A fighter might make a better DPS because they'll regenerate some of that endurance as they fight. I like the different Barbarian traits though, like Frenzy. The Barb is the best DPS I've got.
  2. Good to know I'm not the only one. It's entirely possible to play using only visible circles, but it takes away from the fun and makes it a bit more tedious finding people. Also, it would be nice to see an improved selection notification. As of now, the party member you've selected just has light a green circle that flashes white compared to the normal green circles of everyone else. Hard to spot at times. Something a little more noticeable would be helpful.
  3. Heavy Armor = bad recovery time. Priests need the fastest recovery time of anyone really because sometimes they need to heal fast, fast, fast. I don't put anything on my piest that reduces recovery time. Not like anyone ever gets to him any way. If they did, I would just "Halt" them and move away.
  4. It's funny because some of these things are what I love most about the game. I hate inventory management. To me, it's pointless. I've played 1,0000000 RPGS. I've had all the fun that there is to be had from managing an inventory. I'm old now. I just want to throw junk in an infinite bag and sell it when I get to town. This game lets me do that without anything slowing me down, which is awesome. I like how might works. My healer can also crush skulls with a 2-hd sword. Hell, if he has a strong magic presence, then it's likely he can focus it or use it to improve his physical strength a
  5. I love PoE, but there is one thing that always annoys me. It's the lack of either transparency or camera rotation. There are just too many trees, crates, doors, walls, roofs, explosions, flashing lights, and AoE spells to tell what's going on during battle about 60 percent of the time. I hate fighting beside a long wall that hides everybody. It's not like I can run away and find a better spot because of disengagement attacks. I'm sure camera rotation is probably out of the question, but some sort of auto-transparency that occurs if a piece of scenery is in front of a character would be most ap
  6. Wow. A level cap of only 12? Kind of disappointing. I like leveling up. Let's me know I can always get a wee bit stronger if I'm having trouble somewhere. Plus it gives me more chances to make my character unique in terms of combat. I think level caps in general should always be 999 or 255, but even a cap between 15 - 20 would be better than 12 for a game of this magnitude. Not looking forward to the day I hit 12.
  7. I changed my team around a bit. I dumped my custom priest and the NPC wizard (Aeroth or something). My team is now 1 Wizard, 1 Fighter, 1 Paladin, 1 Barbarian, 1 Hunter, 1 Priest. Seems to be doing much better so far. I just returned to heritage hill where the team was suffering earlier. Barbarian does wicked damage, but seems to take the most damage. Paladin I'm not so sure about. That extra heal is handy since I'm down one priest, bust so far he runs out of HP much faster than the fighter.
  8. Yeah. That's the reason I'm keeping him too. I just rolled my priest at the inn before that, but when I started talking to that dude I just couldn't let him go. Still, my priest has better stats I believe. I know I'll need to let one go though. What I'm gathering is that most people have sort of an off-tank. Sounds like a good idea. My tank can only engage 3 at a time. I think that means the excess melee mobs will find another party member to engage with. (Not entirely sure how that works.) I have no other melee fighters so I get kind of killed.
  9. No. I'm playing on Hard though. I think I need to change the composition of my team. My tank could hold aggro from three of them I believe, but the rest would eventually kill my team of wizards, priests, and ranges.
  10. Interesting. Why ditch the priest? I currently have 2 priests in my party ( 1 is companion ). Does the druid have heals? I've been thinking about replacing someone with a second tank because apparently there's a limit to the number of mobs one tank can hold agrro with at a time. I've got 2 Wizards, 1 Ranger, 2 Priests, 1 Fighter. 1 Wizard is me. I know I've got to change something somewhere because a section of the mobs always rush me and the other squishes and kill us.
  11. I'm slowly learning to love this game. Usually, when I play games like this, I'm the superb douchebag I don't get to be in the real world. I bully everybody, kill everybody, and then teabag them, but this game has really forced me to consider my character and all of his actions. On my first playthrough, I'm doing the intelligent, rational, yet often clever wizard. Not the bully. Most recently (Spoilers Alert) I've been working through the Rogue Knight quest chain. I've proved the documents were faked and as I left the secret police headquarters I was confronted by Pelham who was not too happy
  12. So I've just been playing the game a couple of days. I'm level 3 as it is. I'm wondering what sort of party compositions everyone uses. I'm playing on hard difficulty. Right now I've got 2 Wizards (I'm one of them) 1 Fighter 1 Ranger 2 Healers. 1 of the wizards and 1 of the healers are companions, but the others I made at the tavern. I'm liking this set-up so far, but everyone other than the fighter and the pet are so squishy. On a side note, for the wizards out there, what sort of armor do you wear? Right now my armor gives me 0 bonus because I want 0 recovery penalty. Do you sacrifice recov
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