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  1. Using 1 weapon already gives you a bonus without even needing a talent; higher accuracy. Thus a better crit chance.
  2. Why is that at all clear? The talent says it works when using a single one-handed weapon. It says nothing about ONLY using a single one-handed weapon. Why shouldn't it work with a shield? Because there's a sword&board talent? That's not a good enough reason.
  3. Some of the spots have a semi-randomized drop. A ranged weapon spot could be any ranged weapon. The spot at the Adra columns where you get Durance I've seen with 3 different two-handed weapons. Three is not a great baseline, but probably that spot will pick a random 2-H fine weapon to spawn there when you enter the zone for the first time each game.
  4. Your HP don't regenerate, and traps inflict HUGE damage. I've had 2/3rds of my party get maimed from a single trap outside of combat.
  5. Unless you start as a rogue, there's really not much of a reason why Durance is any worse than your main character at Mechanics.
  6. I also find it really annoying that party members with move orders will stop and start attacking for no discernable reason. Just as bad is when you order someone to move a couple selection circle diameters to the right (with an open route there) and they immediately bolt to the left and try to circle around the entire melee scrum to get there. I'd also like it if my front line people would not run forward into my own AOE effects when an enemy dies. If I have you standing in a place, STAND IN THAT PLACE. Don't go running off! I'm not sure why basic movement AI has gone so far downhill since 1998.
  7. I find Wall of Fire to be extremely good. Combine it with a chokepoint and it melts stuff. It's especially nice against ogres and their caster variants.
  8. No. Tax revenue from the stronghold is based on completing quests, not time passed. The only thing that really seems affected by the passage of time is construction of improvements to the stronghold. So, once you run out of quests to do, the stronghold stops being any kind of source of income (or anything else). This also encourages you to metagame the stronghold - don't do ANY quests until you've acquired it, so you can increment the stronghold progression by doing as many quests as possible after getting it. In my most recent playthrough, I basically walked into GIlded Vale, and then walked straight out the other side after gathering up a couple companions to go the Caed Nua. It wasn't until after the stronghold was underway that I went back and played the game "legit". This also served to get me companions early so I didn't have to deal with their horrendous talent picks by getting them later.
  9. The only time you really need to carefully budget is prior to doing Raedric's hold. If you wipe out all of the guards there, you'll typically walk out with about 20k worth of saleable junk. This more or less sets you up permenantly.
  10. I'm nearly (I think) at the end of Act II, and currently have just under 90k copper. I've bought very little, stronghold upgrades mostly. Have not bothered to do any enchanting. This is on Hard.
  11. I found them in a hidden (mechanics) compartment in the room with the Nridek during the Bronze Of The Lake quest for the Dozens. If they aren't there every time, well that's highly annoying. It also means you need to sign up with the Dozens, which some may not want to do.
  12. There is a pair of +2 mechanics gloves available, so you can hit everything with an investment of 10.
  13. Yes, that fight is pretty bad, if for no other reason than the guy who drops the Sanguine Plate is well, WEARING the Sanguine Plate, and thus benefits from its retaliation ability. Need to split them up a bit, and have a way to stun that guy so he can't keep hitting you back.
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