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  1. Nice find I got here. What do you guys think?
  2. May I ask you a favor: may you wishlist this game? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1112890/Calico/ I backed this out during kickstarter and now devs are struggling to get exposure and wishlist entries.... they are not planning a Epic switch?
  3. It's good to play Pathfinder Kingmaker video game:
  4. BTW, can we name next thread with more... sensible name? Like, what are you playing now, The thread of new generations (of console)
  5. 4 hours into steam demo of Trials of Mana So far I played all girls team twice on two difficulties and all male team on one difficulty. Currently doing Angela -> Riesz ->Charlotte run and I done Riesz -> Angela > Charlotte, and on switch I done Charlotte -> Riesz -> Angela run, but if you don't pick Charlotte as support party 2, you don't get three party members in the demo.
  6. Shady is not Sands I'm interested in fantasy games Give me those shares* * Shady, I'm trying to say I'm not interested in that particular game, but wondering what else do you have.
  7. I had tried playing DA2. But servers were offline and my purchase was refunded all square and fair.
  8. Invalid due to several reasons: 1) that's popular opinion 2) that's popular and true opinion due to later games apparently being ****.
  9. I wish someone made another NWN2 type of camera in crpgs. Why complicate things with isometric copy cat camera?
  10. DAO is overrated and slow played it till the Tower of Mages then never came back.
  11. So basically Genshin Impact is 3D non fixed camera fantasy party RPG where I can be cute girl and I would love to play something like that. Already played big chunck of Witcher, Decay of Logos, Neverwinter Nights & Atelier Ryza. What I'm looking for is singleplayer one time pay only game and Genshin Impact will be "free". So I'm looking for: not "free" 3D free roam camera fantasy party RPG
  12. I bought StS second time on steam. Oh well. May I gift Rimworld to my Italian friend? Or at least vauch for him if I direct him this way?
  13. Trials of Mana got sweet little boss gameplay. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/trials-of-mana-playstation-underground-gameplay What a artstyle
  14. Elisia has really nice convo with a bard.
  15. I know. Luckily most of are swimsuits and dresses, so I usually ignore it.
  16. there average level count as in any other platformer, but game is relatively short.
  17. Super Crush KO Slasher brawler platformer - have not have such a good time in months: anyone who says this is easy - lies.
  18. Iris and the Giant Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Tangledeep - Dawn of Dragons Potata Fairy Flower Dead Cells the Bad Seed CK2 Jade Dragon Trials of Mana Atelier Dusk Trilogy Super Crush KO - this one was super fun EDIT: Dark Crystal Age of Resistance GOG and Steam
  19. https://fairytailgame.com/ Upcoming Gust/KoeiTecmo game I plan to get. I would probably be busy with Trials of Mana remake in April, so it's nice it got delayed a bit to June 26. I know nothing about the manga it's based, but it's party based (J)RPG, so I'm pretty committed on this game. I must say, I become Gust/Koei fan. Just waiting my Nioh 2 on PC or Switch Lite. What do you think about this upcoming game? Will probably share some opinions on game once it comes out.
  20. There's bit more to it than just darkest dungeon, but yes, this feels like good dd. I'm yet to play this beyond 4 hours.
  21. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/unannounced-star-wars-project-maverick-playstation-store-listing-leaked
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