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  1. So, I want to play something and have titles installed. I have games I'm genuinely interested and installed on my machine.... and bunch of games I don't want to remove from account, but somehow won't be playing and those I might just install, but once installed I won't even touch them. Problem? I have really good memory when it comes to games. I know every nook and cranny of Divinity's Fort Joy from third playthrough and I know Pathfinder step by step deep into the game... Partly because I used to rely on guides very much so when I start new game, partly because I'm good at memorizing things. I don't have photographic memory, just somehow got weird sheet in my brain able to memorize useless things. So, basically, I want to play that or that, but get utterly bored the moment I start remembering things. /rant over.... Any suggestion?
  2. I preordered CK3 base edition... I too hope base game is decent, and hope for free patches to sort things out for the better.
  3. Some of games I find pretty: Kynseed, Ghost of a Tale, Bastion, both Ori and the..., witcher 2&3, neverwinter nights series (despite blocks), Deadfire, Tangledeep, Regalia of Men and Monarchs, Trials of Mana, Minoria, Kingdoms of Amalur (early game)... basically there's more, but some games are ugly to me what I do not find pretty Braid, Skyrim without mods, Bloodstained ROTN, Dust (too much old), Noita (too much pixels) what are games that are pretty to you?
  4. I could do more, but consider it done for now. TY
  5. I played Stygian on GOG, and Wolf among us and Shadowrun have little interest... Will give chance to Wolf Among us...
  6. My backlog if you have trouble seeing my backlog, chim in with note https://steam-backlog.com/u/memory-of-saga/library now, I wish to play something relatively thight and short, but have zero idea how to choose game.... Can you help me? It must occupy me till Thurdsay.
  7. Surprisingly I'm hoping Ambition Minuet in Power turn out to be good. It seems more gamey than other visual novels.
  8. Free game called Night of the Full Moon, it was fun, but it has some microtransactions which I'm not paying for Truth to be told, I have taken ****load of screenshots to share, but game art is bit ugly so to speak.
  9. I wish to play ranger/rogue multiclass. What games can you suggest where rogue ranger isn't sucky?
  10. few more about Thystle What is Thystle? Thystle is a pixel art Real Time Strategy game (RTS) that is inspired by the classics I played in my youth - Warcraft 2, Age of Empires, and Starcraft. When did you start working on it? Early 2019. http://thystlegame.com/faq.html it's obviously not out yet, but, do you find this, like good or something? picture: http://thystlegame.com/ThystleGallery/Cathedral.png
  11. http://thystlegame.com/ This may go on kickstarter. What do you think?
  12. Anyone has feeling GOG's dying? I mean 10+ year old game and free demos, abandoning tradition of free games every big sale.
  13. Continuation. This time it's not age restricted.
  14. I refunded and gifted way more stuff than I actually bought The Witcher Adventure game Baldur's Gate the first + portrait pack Hardland (some kind of Zelda adventure/mystery) Heroine Anthem Zero 2 Scars of Memories - probably abandoned SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated - preorder Dragon Star Varnir Probably will leave a review for SpongeBob on my curator page.
  15. What's this thread is and what to post here: your video game recordings/streams other people's good recordings/streams (to note, do not lie about this please) Honest self promotion (maybe?) Please, only one post per day per user, fine? Please, says something about video you're posting. Now, is this dev approved? (I might get a super quick warning) Recording of Kynseed, it's actually second video, but first video is already posted in screenshot threads and this one is longer, shows more stuff and so on. It's no commentary video.
  16. Will post actual screenshots pretty soon, but I messed my last two videos and have no wish fix that anytime soon.
  17. Come on! That's not fair thing to say.... especially since you can say that for many rpg stories.
  18. I don't want any problems, so I made it age restricted.
  19. This is my video, made due to the fact GOG Galaxy don't take screenshots in IWD2. I apologize if video is of bad quality, you should be able to twinkle the settings manually,
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