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  1. You lost me at the end of the quote
  2. Most probably Twitch wanted to trow somebody under the buss for social credit.
  3. The new Humble Choice has arrived. The available games are: The Beast Inside Children of Morta The Corridor (Humble Original) Frog Dective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game (Also DRM-Free) Indivisible One Step From Eden Overcooked! 2 + Too May Cooks + Surf 'N' Turf Pack Path of Giants Shining Resonance Refrain Still There Struggling Tabletop Playground Zwei: The Arges Adventure Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
  4. gosh this thread and loading pictures and time and takes forever to load and off topic.
  5. https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/ I'm told offer is steam, itcho and epic keys.... maybe this doesn't belong here, since it's not giveaway, but it's christmas theme jingle jam
  6. https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/ Jingle Jam outside Humble
  7. I for starter play Genshin Impact, but that's other can of worms. I like how game can enjoyed as it is, without paying, but gacha elements are so mobile it's obviously a mobile game. It's game I miss playing for a long time, and it's a hit. I personally not feeling Fortnite game, seems too toxic and competitive. I also enjoyed Heroine's Quest the Herald of Ragnarok. It's point and click Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory type game, and it was amazing. Haven't found anything similar in quality for ages that is free. So anything to recommend? My friend is playing Online board game, but I have to ask him what's the game name and hope it's free. I'm pennieless now.
  8. Early Access is beta, but I'm not very familiar with updates.... I have to admit I failed to remember it's on my wishlist, but it looked decent based on videos I seen on youtube. It takes it sweet time to left EA though.
  9. https://imgur.com/cTQvpO3 Tell me if you fail to see link/image I'll probably have around 60€ and you can see my wishlist with prices. What do you think should get removed from my wishlist? Not counting unreleased games, since I think they should stay.
  10. My issue with Epic store is that they show no respect to potential customers during early days of drama. I can't say no to free games, but I wish to keep truthful to my no epic purchase ever pledge.
  11. Nah, these who are angry are paying customers who are OK with mct.
  12. Ignore different nickname than in previous screenshot, you can change that.
  13. My suggestion for you/other forum members to grab: Mages of Mystralia - still buggy, but so enjoyable Driftland - haven't played much, but nice gem there... but more good than great King's Bird - only if you love challenge
  14. Genshin Impact - it is really good as predicted, sadly plagued with mobile mechanics. It's playable without paying a dime, but painfully slow even if you pay. For me, honeymoon phase is over.
  15. I feel nothing for BG3 but couriosity. Besides utterly gross and dark opening movie, I never felt for BG as much as NWN series. They would have my money if they went with cheerful style DOS series have, but choosing to go dark, I only wish them luck. Realms Beyond - I could get on board. Wrath of the Righteous I backed, but so far its been too dark...
  16. I'm deep into Crusader Kings 3. Trying to make my character die as fast as possible.
  17. I'm looking to play some games, but I feel awfully confused I'm looking for unique game that has concept that differs from other in the genre and short, and fun to play, under 40€/40-45$ I played many games that I loved and liked but I ultimately loved the most: Atelier Ayesha Thea2 The Shattering Pathfinder Kingmaker Crusaders Kings 2 Kynseed Mages of Mystralia Ghost of a Tale Trine franchise with Nine Parchments and Shadwen Divinity OS2 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and of course I like RPGs, but I also love turn based, real time, strategy, casual, platformers and many more tags........ it's difficult to pinpoint what I wish to play now, but I wish to play indie game.
  18. Nah, I participated and shared my stats.
  19. What do you think of giveaway that caused lots of controversies on GOG? Apparently sharing your gaming stats is intrusion of privacy, but I think GOG users wants to hide their pirate side.
  20. Nah, although this notion is slightly funny I'm asking for other users to share their tactics how they deal with backlog.
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