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  1. Yes i had same issue. Fight in the hall, screen goes blank for a second all the mess cleaned up, no loot. Not that I'm lacking loot in this game...almost to much.
  2. Maybe if they made the highlight button (TAB) actually show the names of the character appear under or over them?
  3. Off topic , but does anyone know why my main character doesn't respond when I hit the 1 key? It used to, what did I screw up? 2 - 6 work fine.....
  4. Not a biggie... But inventory and class screens could have been all one page.
  5. So far no one has reacted to me being a 4 foot tall with huge ears Orlan. IMHO Race choices should have had more of an effect as far as interactions and what type of powers you could utilize. The devs seem to let you do as you wish as there are no restrictions class or race wise but that just means all the tough choices just don't matter. If I'm 4 feet tall I SHOULD get my ass kicked at melee, maybe some races SHOULDNT be able to cast spells... Love the game but what race/class you are SHOULD be more restrictive as that what Rplaying is all about. Monks that punch? If you go into a fight with just fists you should get murdered for even trying. In a way the devs seem to want to appease all types of playing styles, but my Druid Orlan seems to be able to do everything with really NO restrictions. Melee, magic, shapeshifter, light or heavy amour. Choices should matter...I was told at creation screen that I was a slave race, yet know one has told me anything otherwise. Now back to regular scheduled programming ...lol
  6. Yeah kind of is a spoiler. Post in the right sections please.
  7. Another thing that could be done is when I level up as a Druid I get six more spells, they could have cut that in half to extend the level cap and give you something to strive for. DAO did leveling great..never felt like I had to slow up leveling before I reached my end game.
  8. Yes hidden items should have a GIANT red arrow pointing at them. Seriously.. Maybe the higher intelligence or some other passive stat would have been good. But I have no problem with it the way it is.
  9. If I had one complaint against this great game and it probably an engine limitation, is the "squareness" of the maps. I know I can only go so far up/down left/right before I get to the "end". A truly free roam map where I could get lost would have been awesome.
  10. If my main character has enough does it make sense outside scrolls to invest heavily into Lore for my other members of party?
  11. The Infinity engine from the old DAO would be nice, plus close ups of your companions while interacting with them would be nice.
  12. The ST lore is already in place they would just have to focus on story,mechanics etc.
  13. Since update, now when I hit map I can see the whole board... Is this working as intended? I'm at Cobblestone currently....
  14. Imagine the response Obisidian would get if they announced something like this? Between RPG people, Trek nerds, it would be way more exciting than a FTP tank game.... I could see the dynamic lighting of phasers already...lol
  15. How great it would be to have a ST universe game with the POE type gameplay? The Stronghold would be your ship... Away missions would be maps.... Judgement Rites 2015!
  16. How great it would be to have a ST universe game with the POE type gameplay? The Stronghold would be your ship... Away missions would be maps.... Judgement Rites 2015!
  17. Is there a way to slow down the log? I know I can make it larger.
  18. I just found myself at level 5 of Endless paths on very low heath with no way to get back up quickly, and I had to restart cause I didn't know when you got down to very low health there is NO recovery. Even on hard without permadeath clicked. " Didn't want to lose a main character.""
  19. Thought once you learned the spells you could access them via the UI. I'm at level 4.
  20. I consider myself a old gamer , but this game at hard is kicking my ass. Not enough supplies are being dropped to help me,,,, HELP ME! LOL
  21. I only see 1 and 2 level spells..how do i get access to the third and above levels from my grimore?
  22. I refuse to hit TAB. I refuse to hit TAB. I refuse to hit TAB. (Trying to convince myself.....)
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