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  1. It's perfectly all right to not like things, even when you invested in 'em. No need to invent justifications - the game is finished, its not convoluted or messy ... and why does character size detract from immersion? They're even bigger than in the old Infinity engine games. Don't buy the next game if PoE didn't click with you, that's a perfectly good explanation on its own. Taste is subjective after all. I didn't invent a justification...I stated my opinion. Your trying to tell me my opinion has no justification......
  2. I think it was idiotic for Obsidian to make the expansion a side quest and not a continuation of the story. I started out loving this game but after nearing the end I just didnt care.... With a continuation I could have gone forward if I wanted.. The way it is now its like a part of the game they didn't finish in time for the initial release..and that's probably the truth..... Wont get POE 2 cause the story was a convoluted mess and my characters being this size didn't help my immersion. Just for clarification I bought TWO COPIES of POE , one for me and one for my nephew( who never got into it) .
  3. BTW It not THE dragon, but one of THE dragons. Just for clarification.
  4. I would have preferred less frequent battles per level and had longer more involved ones.... Ideas?
  5. I was really disappointed in the Sagani story.... Thought it would have some great meeting only to...Meh.....
  6. I would hope they move to the DAO engine, as I cant really get into my character from 100 feet up.
  7. If you want a story, people to interact with you HAVE to recruit the pre made characters. I intially made one NPC but when I realized she would be a silent partener, I dropped her for a pre made. Even the main character could have had a back story and a name if done right, with some player choices. Mass Effect has a named character with some input by the player and that doesn't make it any less of an RPG.
  8. rihanna-by-mert-alas-and-marcus-piggott-for-w-september-2014-3.jpg
  9. http://makhosazane.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/rihanna-by-mert-alas-and-marcus-piggott-for-w-september-2014-3.jpg
  10. In actuality just for ****s and giggles spells should be tied to Endurance.
  11. Maybe they could (have) tied magic to endurance someway? The guaranteed per encounter is to easy IMHO, especially since there is a bad guy around every corner.
  12. I would prefer some type of mana for spell casters instead of the per-turn/ per/rest system...... Thoughts?
  13. I didn't have a problem with the frequency at all, just the dialogue with out any visual representation. http://i.imgur.com/nmW0l8e.png
  14. How do I upload a image from paint?
  15. In a perfect world with a bigger budget party interactions would have been DAO style with full cut-scenes. An idea I had would not cost much, just use the party portraits and make them full screen when talking with comic book bubbles coming along with the spoken word. Or the could use the same type of art work used in the swimming, climbing, jumping interactions with the characters drawn while the spoken interactions take place.
  16. Had two instances since last patch in two different areas were Kana will not move. Anyone else?
  17. When I hit TAB my Wurm companion is listed ( there is only one) so it seems smart that my bipedal companions could be listed as well. I'm cool with a option in menu .......
  18. When you press TAB in battle enemy types are highlighted above them,,, why not have your party member names also appear? This would lessen the confusion of whats going on instead of have to move my mouse under their circles to see who's who.
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